I sit on the couch, a bottle of nail polish resting on my stomach. I wiggle my nails, looking at the shade. It's bright pink, a color I almost never wear. It's her favorite shade, though, and she likes seeing me in it. I smile as I run the brush over the last nail to be painted, picturing her reaction when she sees it. I chuckle to myself, closing up the bottle and taking a minute to shake out my wet nails. It doesn't take long, since it's quick dry polish.

 I drop the polish into my bag once my nails are dry enough, zipping it up and reaching for my coat. She said she would be late tonight, working out her future plot angles, so she told me to wait for her back at the hotel. I slip my coat over my black t-shirt and blue jeans, my usual backstage attire. Considering some of the things I wear on camera, you might think I'd be decked out in low-cut tops and leather all the time, but really I'm a simple girl at heart. Besides that, she likes me like this, relaxed and casual. One of our favorite things to do at night is to wash the makeup from each other's faces and just lounge around the room, completely natural and open to each other. It's not a side of me that I show to anyone else, and it's the same way for her. Around each other, we're nothing but ourselves, no masks, no makeup, no false images, just each other.

 I smile as I remember some of the nights we've spent together. It can be a stressful life, being on the road all the time. But with her to cuddle up with at night, it never feels that way. I pick my bag up, considering whether I really want to go back to the hotel. I decide I should, feeling that I could use a nice hot bath. I'm not going anywhere before I say goodnight to her, though.

 I walk through the halls, checking first her dressing room, then the catering room. She's in neither, so I stop someone and ask if he's seen her. He points me towards the Helmsley locker room. I smile and head in that direction, not surprised in the least. I know softly on the door when I arrive, waiting patiently. for the door to open. Her beautiful face appears as the door slides open. She smiles upon seeing me, telling Hunter and Steve she'll be back in a moment and stepping out into the hall.

 "Thought I told you not to wait for me?" she asks, raising her eyebrows. Her voice is light and amused, but I can tell she's pleased.

 I give her a devastating smile. "I'm not. But I wouldn't leave without saying goodbye to my girlfriend."

 She beams, her eyes glowing. She still loves it when I call her that. "Thank you," she whispers, brushing her fingers over my cheek.

 I gaze into her eyes for a moment, wrapping my arms around her slim waist. "Love you," I whisper as I lean in to steal a sweet kiss. She wraps her arms around my neck, gladly meeting my lips. When she draws back, her whole face is practically glowing, her eyes shining pools of light.

 "Love you too," she whispers back.

 I hear an ‘aw' from the doorway, glancing behind her to see Hunter and Steve watching us, big grins on their faces. "You two are so cute," Steve tells us.

 I just roll my eyes at him, giving her a kiss on the cheek then stepping back and picking up my bag again. "Wake me up when you get back, ok?" I tell her.

 She nods. "I will. I'll try not to be too late. Night Joanie."

 "Night." I smile at her once more, then turn and walk down the hall. I can't wait to get back to our room and to bed. The sooner I fall asleep, the sooner I'll see her again, and to me there's nothing more wonderful than waking up in my beautiful Debra's arms.


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