Christian felt like he'd had tears in his eyes for a solid day. He wasn't angry, and he wasn't sad; he was upset. It wasn't really Edge that he was upset with, it was their situation. They were so in love, it wasn't fair that they had to be apart so much. They had agreed it was ok for them to sleep with other people, because they had cheated before and they didn't want it to happen again. They had to be realistic, and both of them had physical needs.

Edge, especially, had always been a highly sexual person. Whenever he was upset, or hurting, or feeling weak, sex helped him cope. Christian viewed sex differently. He could never forget the intimacy of the act, and he had never slept with someone who he didn't feel mentally intimate with. It was why he had never slept around, even when he was single and had every opportunity to do so.

When they ok'ed sleeping with other people, Christian knew Edge would going to use it. Edge might not want to, but he needed to. It was a waiting game, wondering when and who it would be. He tried not to think about it, because the idea of another man's hands on Edge made every possessive instinct in his body flare. It was almost a relief when the call came, but it upset him just as much. What especially frustrated him was that it would be few days yet before he saw Edge, a few days before he could reclaim what was his, and sooth away that other man's touch.

"Hey, why so down?"

Christian looked up as Tomko set a steaming plate of food before him. His good friend had arrived at his apartment an hour ago, making good on his promise to cook him dinner. "It's complicated." He sighed, picking up his fork. "You didn't have to cook, Ty. This looks great."

"I wanted to prove that I picked up some culinary skills." Tyson reached across the small table, cupping Christian's cheek. "What's wrong, baby?" he cooed.

Christian smiled slightly, putting his hand over Tyson's and closing his eyes. Tyson had been a great comfort to him when his relationship with Edge was falling apart. Tyson was a strong, honest friend. It had almost been Tyson who he'd had his affair with. Tyson had been kind and attentive, and Christian would've been willing to accept the comfort of his bed. But Tyson knew how much he loved Edge, and had never let anything happen between them. Instead, Christian had fallen into Matt's long-willing arms.

In retrospect, Christian was glad nothing had happened between them then. It would have ruined their friendship, which he valued greatly. He needed Tyson, especially since his friendship with Rhino had been, if not destroyed, damaged for the moment. He knew Edge could never truly forgive Matt, just like he could never forgive the man Edge had had his affair with. Of course, he had considerably more reason to dislike that particular individual.


Christian blinked, realizing he had been staring off into space, lost in his thoughts. "I miss Edge," he sighed. "After all the mess we had breaking up, I just wanna be happy, Ty!"

"You will be," Tyson assured him, squeezing his cheek, then withdrawing his hand and picking up his fork. "When are you moving back in?"

"I don't know." Christian worried his lip between his teeth. "The lease on this place doesn't expire for a few months."

"You could sublet." Tyson munched down a piece of broccoli, looking up at Christian questioningly. "Don't you wanna move back in?"

"Yes." Christian pushed his food around his plate. "But - I don't know. This place is mine, you know? And we bought that house together, but it's been his for years now. He's had other guys there."

"You've had other lovers here," Tyson pointed out.

"I know." Christian sighed. "I'm there whenever he's here. But I just don't know if I want to be there alone. It's just - I don't know. I haven't quite figured it out yet." He still had yet to touch his food. "I don't wanna talk about it."

"Fair enough." Tyson reached out, stilling Christian's restless fork. "Christian, would you eat before I have to put it in the microwave?"

Christian looked startled. "Right. Sorry," he murmured. He took a few bites, looking up at Tyson in surprise. "This is really good! Who taught you this?"

"An old boyfriend." Tyson grinned. "Glad you like it."

"I do!" Christian munched down a few more bites. Then, he started glancing up at Tyson, just quick little testing glances, which Tyson knew meant he wanted to talk about something.

"Yes?" the big man drawled.

"What?" Christian swallowed another bite.

"You've got something you wanna talk about, so spit it out," Tyson stated.

Christian sighed, putting down his fork. "Edge slept with someone."

"Ah." Tyson nodded slowly. "So he took you up on the non-monogamy."

"Yeah." Christian nibbled on his lip. "I mean, I knew he would. He's such a sexual guy, and this has been so hard on us. He could really use some - some stress relief." He rubbed the bridge of his nose, sighing deeply. "Hell, so could I. I shouldn't even be upset about this! I just need to deal!"

"Don't be so hard on yourself, this is tough." Tyson walked around the table, pulling Christian up into his arms. Christian sighed again, wrapping his arms around Ty and resting his head against the big man's chest. Tyson held him close, stroking his back comfortingly.

Christian's mind was working fast. He was thinking that if Edge got some physical comfort when they were apart, it was only fair that he should too. And he was definitely intimate with Tyson. They had been so close to having an close. Now, though, it wouldn't be an affair. It would be ok, with him and his lover.

Christian drew back momentarily. He put his hand on the back of Tyson's neck, pulling him down into a kiss. He could feel the surprise in Ty's body, but the big man didn't pull away. As the kiss deepened, Tyson's arms slid around Christian's waist, closing any distance between their bodies. Christian's arms wound around Tyson's neck, his kisses hot and demanding.

Christian hated to pull back, but there were a few words he needed to get out. "Make love to me, Ty," he pleaded, his hands cupping the bald man's neck.

Tyson licked his lips, hesitating a moment. Then, his lips descended on Christian's, and they were kissing furiously. After making out for several minutes, Tyson picked Christian up, Christian wrapping his legs around Tyson's waist as he was carried into the bedroom. They fell onto the bed, still kissing. Christian's heart was pounding, the tightness in his groin growing evermore. The feeling of Tyson's body on top of him was thrilling, the promised hardness against his hip making him tremble in anticipation.

Tyson unbuttoned Christian's shirt as they continued to kiss. He slid his hands down Christian's chest, delighting in the well sculpted muscle. He had wanted to do this for years, and even though he probably shouldn't be doing it now, he just couldn't say no to Christian. Not this time. His lips moved down Christian's neck, laying hot kisses along his throat and chest.

Christian groaned as Tyson's tongue lapped at his nipples. "Oh, baby," he moaned, pulling Ty up to him and sliding his shirt off over his head. Their arms wrapped around each other's bodies again, their kisses intense. Christian closed his eyes, overwhelmed by the sensation of Ty's hot body against his. This was so hot, and he wanted relief so badly...but Ty wasn't Edge. Edge, whose mere touch could set him on fire. The man who he loved with all his heart and soul.

Christian had stopped responding to the kisses. Tyson drew back, looking at him questioningly. The blonde sighed. "I'm sorry, Ty, I can't," Christian whispered sadly. "I want to. I wish I could. I - I just can't sleep with someone else when I love him so much."

Tyson nodded. He looked disappointed, but not upset. "I understand," he murmured, buttoning Christian's shirt back up and reaching for his own.

"I'm really sorry," Christian said again, biting his lip as he watched Tyson slip his shirt over his head. "I - I know it'd be practical and logical, and probably healthy too to be with you when I'm away from him, but I just don't work that way."

"You don't have to explain." Tyson gave him a little smile as he climbed off the bed. "Do you mind if I take a cold shower?"

"No. Please do." Christian opened his mouth, about to apologize again, but a look from Tyson stilled him. The big man strode into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Christian sighed, putting his hands over his face. His body really was going crazy without Edge, and there was apparently nothing he could do about it. He sighed again, reaching for the phone.


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