"I can't believe they're even considering this stupid angle!" Hunter ranted. "I told them I'm against it, and they know you're against it, but they're still considering it! I don't get why I couldn't just work a nice program with Kurt. Kurt is very much in favor of being a part of this angle, he knows how well we work together! Dammit! Why the hell can't Vince listen to anything I say? It's in one ear and out with other with that man!"

 Chris Jericho rolled his eyes. He was lying in bed, wrapped protectively in his lover's arms, and being treated to yet another work-related rant. "Hunter, just relax," he murmured, cuddling up to the bigger man.

 "I'm not gonna relax until I got through Vince's think skull!" Hunter raged. "How could they even consider putting you with Steph? I mean, geez, you've only been mocking and harassing her for over a year! Putting you with her would destroy your character! It would be a disaster! It would take away all your character's credibility. It would - "


 The tall blonde paused in his rant, looking a little surprised by his lover's sharp tone. "What babe?" he asked.

 Chris sighed, a little smile tickling his lips. He reached out a finger to trace his lover's jaw. "They're not gonna put me with Steph honey."

 Hunter frowned. "How do you know that? I've talked to Vince, and - "

 "It doesn't matter what Vince wants." Chris shrugged. "They're not gonna be putting me in an angle with Steph."

 "But how do you know?" Hunter insisted.

 Chris continued to trail his fingers over his lover's jaw, his expression turning a bit more serious. "Because I'm gonna have to take a few months off from wrestling," he stated.

 "What?" Hunter sat bolt upright, concern plain on his face.

 Chris shrugged again. "I went to see the doctor today."

 "The doctor? Oh god, baby, are you hurt? What's wrong?" Hunter insisted.

 "Relax, Hunter, it's nothing bad." Chris smiled up into his lover's worried face. "It's something good actually. Something very good."

 "Something good?" Hunter looked puzzled. "But, you have to take time off? What could possibly - "

 "Simple," Chris interrupted, taking Hunter's hand and placing it on his abdomen. "I'm gonna have a baby, Hunter."

 Hunter just stared. "No."

 Chris' smile widened. "Yes."

 "Really? You're serious?" Excitement was slowly growing in the Game's eyes.

 Chris nodded. "100 percent. I'm pregnant, baby."

 It was silent for a moment, then a huge grin broke out across Hunter's face. "Oh my god!" he exclaimed, pulling Chris into his arms and hugging his tightly. "Oh my god I'm gonna be a daddy! Chris this is the best news ever! I can't believe it!" He lowered his head a little, nuzzling against Chris' middle. "There's really a little baby in there?"

 Chris nodded, beaming proudly from his lover's attention. "You better believe there is! It's our baby Hunter."

 Hunter raised his head, tears of joy in his eyes. "We'll talk to Vince first thing tomorrow!" he exclaimed. "We'll get you all the time off you need, then we'll send you home, and as soon as possible I'll take you shopping so we can decorate the baby's room, and - "

 Chris laughed and shook his head. "Hold on a sec there, baby!" he exclaimed, shaking his head. "It's gonna be a long time ‘til I'm gonna let myself be shipped off home! And before I get time off I have to drop the title to Austin."

 Hunter frowned. "No way you're wrestling and putting that baby at risk!" he stated.

 Chris raised his eyebrows. "What, so you think the Unified Title should just take a vacation with me? It's only one match, baby. We'll make sure I don't take too many bumps in it. Just relax, ok?" He smiled, stroking Hunter's arm reassuringly. "I'm pregnant, not handicapped! Don't you dare treat me like I am."

 "You're right." Hunter took a deep breath. "I'll try not to, babe, but you know me. I like to protect the things I love. And now that we're gonna have another member of our family..." He sighed happily, caressing Chris' stomach.

 Chris smiled happily, pulling Hunter back down onto the mattress and laying his head on the other man's chest. "Remember," he stated as he cuddled up to his lover, "this does not mean you can or should stop having sex with me! I just want to get that out of the way right now. I asked the doctor, and it's perfectly ok for us to keep being intimate. Now wipe that silly grin off your face and go to sleep, you big lug."

 Hunter kept grinning, giving Chris an affectionate peck on the cheek. "I love you Chris," he whispered.

 "Love you too," Chris murmured before drifting off to sleep.

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