"Here's to us, baby." Hunter grinned, tapping his wine glass lightly against Chris'. Chris had chosen to go with a non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider rather than campaign, since he couldn't drink because of the baby. Although Chris had insisted that Hunter was free to drink whatever he liked, Hunter had opted to have the cider as well. Their evening had been lovely so far. They had decided to go dancing first, and, true to his promise, Hunter had avoided stepping on any toes the entire night. It had been sweet and romantic, just like the dinner they were just finishing up. The restaurant they had picked well elegant and very classy, the atmosphere perfect for their celebration.

 "To us." Chris raised his glass to his lips, taking a sip of his cider.

 Hunter was silent for a few moments, just gazing at his newly returned lover as he sipped his drink. "Do you want anything more to eat, baby?" he asked after a few minutes of pleasant silence.

 "Are you kidding?" Chris laughed, patting his stomach. "I'm stuffed!"

 "Well you are eating for two." Hunter couldn't keep the smile off his face. In the time they had been apart, he had sorely missed having Chris as a part of his life. Nothing made him happier than seeing the healthy glow which had risen in his lover's cheeks.

 Chris stuck his tongue out at the taller blonde. "That doesn't mean I need to eat like a pig!" he exclaimed, chuckling as he finished off the rest of his cider. He set his glass down, wiggling his eyebrows at Hunter. "Let's get out of here, baby," he murmured, licking his lips as his gaze flicked over Hunter's body. "What do you say we go back to the hotel and make our reunion complete?"

 "If you insist." Hunter couldn't help the little shiver of excitement that passed through him as Chris' hungry eyes surveyed his body. He quickly summoned their waiter and paid the check, taking Chris' arm and walking him out to their car.

 "I've missed you so much," Chris whispered in Hunter's ear, his lips brushing lightly across his lover's skin.

 "And I've missed you," Hunter growled, his hand snaking down to caress Chris' ass.

 Chris chuckled, breaking apart from his lover momentarily to climb into the passenger side of the car. His eyes were glued to Hunter as the taller blonde climbed into the car. Chris licked his lips, his body alive with anticipation. Hunter drove quickly to the hotel, a ride which only took about 10 minutes, but to both men felt many times longer. As soon as they found a parking spot, they hustled up to their room, Chris rapidly closing and locking the door behind them.

 They stood for a moment, just gazing into each other's eyes, then Chris lunged, throwing his arms around Hunter's neck and kissing him hungrily. Hunter kissed back with no less vigor, the two men backing towards the bed. Hunter's knees hit the frame and he fell back onto the mattress, Chris tumbling down on top of him. The smaller blonde was so starved for his lover that he couldn't help letting his aggressiveness take over, surpassing extended foreplay in favor of more instant gratification.

 Chris had a bottle of lube stashed in his pocket, pulling it out and pressing it into Hunter's hand before he went to work on their clothes, pulling off first his own shirt, then Hunter's. After taking a moment to worship his lover's chest with his mouth, he quickly unfastened his belt and slid off both his pants and boxers, then did the same to Hunter.

 Hunter chuckled, moaning in the same breath as Chris' lips traced over his chest and down to his stomach. "Man, has being pregnant made you this horny?" he commented, running his fingers through Chris' silky hair as Chris' tongue teased his belly button.

 "Try not getting any for more than a month," Chris replied. "God you have such a gorgeous body! I just want to worship every part of you!"

 "Are you sure it's good for - " Hunter began.

 Chris raised his head, scowling at his lover. "Don't give me that 'good for the baby' crap! That was like the first damn thing I asked my doctor when I found out, and yes, it's fine! So don't bring it up again! I'm not just a walking baby carrier, you know, I'm still a guy!"

 "Sorry," Hunter murmured, his breath growing a little heavier as Chris slid lower down, the smaller man's gaze falling upon Hunter's waiting erection. Chris licked his lips, then moved forward, swiping his tongue across the slightly wet head. Hunter moaned, his fingers tightening in Chris' hair was the other man took just the head into his mouth, sucking on it hungrily before taking in more. Chris moaned along with his lover as he began to bob his head, loving the feeling of Hunter inside his mouth.

 Chris only let it continue for a moment, sitting up and licking his lips happily. "Damn, you taste so freaking good!" he commented, giving Hunter a lustful grin. He clicked his tongue when Hunter opened his mouth to protest. "Uh uh uh baby, I'll finish you that way some other time. For now, I want you inside me, and I want you bad." He turned so that his backside was facing Hunter, positioning himself on his hands and knees. Hunter quickly flipped open the bottle in his hand, coating his fingers thoroughly with lube. He rapidly prepared his lover, hardly having a chance to insert a third finger before Chris pulled away, turning around and pushing him back against the headboard.

 "I'm ready enough," the pretty blonde murmured, straddling Hunter's lap and bracing his hands against the headboard for support. He took a deep breath, then lowered himself down onto his lover's cock, gasping as it slid into him. "Ohhhh god, I've missed this," he breathed, closing his eyes in pleasure. He still for a moment to let his body adjust to the sensation, then began to bounce up and down, his pace starting off quick and grow quicker.

 Both men were moaning, their lips meeting and their hands exploring while their bodies were reacquainted. Hunter's back was pressed firmly against the headboard by his eager lover, who was moved excitedly and allowing himself to moan loudly. Hunter followed suit, bathing in the pleasure which rippled through his body. When he felt himself growing near to climax, he took ahold of Chris' waist and spun them around, pinning Chris' body beneath him and thrusting into the smaller man with renewed vigor. Chris moaned and writhed, a loud scream being drawn from his lips as the constant stimulation tore his orgasm from him. Hunter groaned as Chris' muscles tightened around him, tossing his head back and crying out as he came.

 Hunter fell onto the mattress, careful not to land on Chris. They lay beside each other, panting and sweaty, but wonderfully sated. After a few minutes Chris stood and retrieved a wet washcloth from the bathroom, quickly cleaning both of them up, then cuddling up with Hunter and pulled the covers over them both.

 "I love you," Chris whispered.

 "I love you too," Hunter murmured, smiling as Chris rested his head on his strong chest, his arm winding around Chris' still fairly slim waist. "I'm so glad you came back to me, baby," the taller blonde whispered. "I love you so much." On that note, both men closed their eyes and let themselves drift off to sleep.

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