"What did you say to Kurt?" Hunter demanded the second he and Chris set foot in their hotel room.

 "Nothing." Chris shrugged. "We talked a bit about random crap. It was a bit awkward, but it was ok."

 Hunter frowned at his lover. "Then why did he look about to cry, Chris?"

 "Don't ask me." Chris flipped a lock of golden hair over his shoulder, flopping down on the bed and grabbing a magazine from the nightstand. "Maybe he just felt out of place," he suggested, flipping through the magazine's glossy pages. "I was with you in the first place, after all."

 Hunter sighed, sitting down on the bed and plucking the magazine from Chris' grasp. He looked right into Chris eyes, setting his hand on the other man's shoulders. "Chris, you know I love you, but you have to not do this," Hunter said quietly. "Kurt's a part of our lives now. He's carrying my baby and he's living at my house. You can't try to drive him away."

 Chris scowled, snatching back the magazine. "I'm not doing that! I just think he needs to understand that you and I were together in the first place!"

 "Chris," Hunter growled. "You said last night that you'd try and get along with him!"

 "I am trying," Chris murmured, burying his nose back in the magazine.

 "No, you're not! You're trying to alienate him and scare him away!" Hunter counted, grabbing the magazine again and tossing it onto the floor.

 "Hey!" Chris exclaimed, glaring at his lover.

 "Chris," Hunter stated, putting his hand under Chris' chin and making the pretty blonde look him in the eyes. "You have to at least try. I'm trying to be gentle with you, because I know how hard this is going to be on all of us, but I can't let you treat Kurt like an outsider!"

 "He IS an outsider," Chris hissed. "He doesn't deserve to be with you, Hunter! He's just some slut you knocked up!"

 Hunter sighed, climbing off of the bed and heading for the door. "He's not Chris," the tall blonde stated, turning briefly and looking back at the other man. "He's carrying my baby, he's my friend, and I love him."

 "Hey!" Chris shouted, seething as Hunter turned to leave "Where the hell are you going?"

 Hunter turned back again. "I'm going to help Kurt collect his stuff. He'll be staying here with us tonight."

 "WHAT?" Chris' face was a mask of anger. "You're kidding me! Not only is he living in our house, but now I'm expected to share a hotel room with him????"

 "No, I'm not." Hunter frowned, his face stern. "He's going to be with us a lot Chris, you're going to have to get used to it. Could you please, please try to get along with him today?"

 "Hunter, wait," Chris whined, his eyes pleading with his tall lover.

 Hunter sighed, stepping back into the room. "What?" he demanded.

 "Couldn't we just be alone for a while first?" Chris pleaded. "Just for a few days?"

 Hunter shook his head. "You had me all to yourself last night, Chris. We need to start building our family."

 Chris swallowed. It was quiet for a moment, then Chris cleared his throat, his eyes growing wide and pleading. "Would you make love to me, Hunter?" he whispered.

 Hunter hesitated. "Now?" Chris nodded. "I have to help Kurt get his stuff," Hunter objected.

 "Can't you do that later?" Chris pleaded.

 "I - I really don't think this is the time for that," Hunter stated.

 Chris' eyes clouded over with tears. He sniffed, wiping at his eyes. It was quiet for a moment more, then Chris' voice exploded into the room. "Do you want him more than me?" he stuttered.

 Hunter's eyes widened. "What?" he asked, clearly surprised.

 "You do, don't you?" Chris accused. "You want him to be here because he's better in bed than I am!"

 "Chris, no." Hunter walked swiftly over to the bed, pulling the distraught blonde into his arms. "Baby, it's not at all like that," he whispered, his hands gently massaging his partner's back. "I love you. Nothing is more wonderful than being intimate with you, don't ever think that."

 "It is," Chris sobbed, finding himself completely unable to control the tears which spilled from his eyes. "You bastard! You - you just couldn't wait to get rid of me so you could get him into bed! And - and now that I've come back, you'd still rather have him! You don't want me because I - I've already started to get fat, and you know I'm just gonna get fatter, and you don't want me anymore!"

 "Chris, baby, that's not true, not a word of it," Hunter whispered, holding his lover tightly. "I love you, and I think you're one of the most desirable men on the planet! I never stopped wanting you, and I never will. You're not fat, baby, you're barely even showing! In a few months time, I'll love you all the more because I know that's my baby you're carrying in your belly."

 Chris sniffled, his arms wrapped tightly around Hunter's neck. "You really will?" he whispered.

 "I definitely will," Hunter assured him. "I love you Chris. I promise I'm not going anywhere. And I would love you the same whether Kurt is with us or not."

 "But you'll give half your time to him," Chris whispered. "Half you attention. Half - half the nights in your bed."

 "Maybe." Hunter kept his arms wrapped around his lover. "I don't know how exactly we'll work this out, but we have to Chris. Not just for ourselves, but for those two little babies which are on the way."

 Chris took a deep breath, then pulled back, wiping at his damp cheeks. "I know," he whispered, gazing longingly at his tall lover. "I just wish I could have you all to myself," he said quietly, sighing and shaking his head. "I will try to get along with Kurt," he promised. "I don't know if I'll be very good at it, but I'll try."

 "That's all I can ask you for, I guess," Hunter said softly, pulling Chris back into his arms and holding him tight. "Thank you."

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