"It's Sean, isn't it?" Kurt whispered.

 Chris glimpsed at the brunette, then back at Hunter, who was sitting in catering, talking to Sean Waltman and laughing a suspicious amount. Matt's advice had gotten to them, but unfortunately the effect had worn off rather quickly. However, the two pregnant men had decided to team up and find out where Hunter was getting it, since they knew it wasn't from them.

 "I think so," Chris whispered back. They were in the middle of a very important covert operation, in which they had left Hunter's presence under the pretense of seeing Matt about some more clothes, but had really been tailing the tall blonde all night.

 "That little slut!" Kurt muttered. "How can he do this to us where we're both pregnant? I mean, I never would've slept with Hunter if you'd been pregnant at the time! That's just not right!"

 "Don't worry, we'll get Hunter back," Chris promised the brunette. "Once he finds us in bed together, he'll realize how stupid he's been, and he'll ditch that little skank and pay attention to us again!"

 "Hopefully," Kurt agreed. He sighed, turning away from Hunter, who had been doing pretty much the same thing for the past 20 minutes. "But what're we gonna do about Sean? I mean, we can't just let him get away with this!"

 "I don't know." Chris mulled it over for a moment. "We should definitely teach him a lesson! Something that'll really make him keep his claws off our man!"

 "Yeah." Kurt grinned, rubbing his hands together. "And after he's gone, then Hunter will have to start getting it from us again!"

 "Oh, I can't wait!" Chris breathed dreamily.

 "Me neither!" Kurt agreed. He frowned, casting a chastising look at Chris. "Not that that's all I want, of course, because there are more important things than sex. I want him to hold me and tell me he loves me and cuddle me all night!"

 "Excuse me!" Chris interrupted. "Why the hell should he hold YOU? Why not me?"

 "I don't know." Kurt frowned. "We'll switch nights, ok? I mean, we have to do something like that, 'cos all of us being together at the same time is so not an option."

 "Well, I don't know," Chris replied. "Maybe if you were on side and I was on the other. Only when we're sleeping, though! One of us will have to leave when we do other things."

 "Right," Kurt agreed. "But we'll work that out after we get rid of Sean, that slut."

 "Yes. I still can't believe him!" Chris growled. "He's gonna be sorry for trying to steal our man! Hunter's so dumb sometimes, flash a pair of perky pecs and an ass clad in booty shorts in his face and he jumps right into bed!"

 Kurt frowned at the blonde. "I certainly hope that wasn't directed at me!" he sniffed, his eyes narrowing.

 Chris feigned innocence. "Oh, of course not! I was talking about the Waltman slut."

 "Right." Kurt just rolled his eyes. "Ok, so what are we gonna do about him?"

 "Well, I think we should try letting Hunter find us in bed together first," Chris stated. "If that doesn't wake him up to how badly we need him to give us attention, then we'll think of some way to get rid of Sean."

 Kurt made a face. "I am still not crazy about this idea Chris. I mean, what if he thinks we've been sleeping together all along and we knocked each other up? Or if he just leaves us all together? Or - "

 "Oh stop being such a worry wart!" Chris chastised. "Geez Kurt, he may be a dumb prick-controlled man, but he's not that dumb!"

 "Sorry." Kurt sighed. "Fine. You win. Let's find out what he's doing tonight. Probably going out with the slut again." Kurt made a face. "But if he is, that'll give us an awesome opportunity to set it up! He'll come back to the room, and find us together. And if this goes wrong Chris, I am blaming you totally, and I'm telling Hunter it was all your idea!" the pouting brunette finished.

 Chris glared at the other man. "Good to know I've got such a great friend in you!" he hissed.

 "Oh shut up," Kurt muttered.

Meanwhile, another brunette had been listening in on their conversation, his eyes narrowed. He turned abruptly once he was confident that he had heard all there was to hear, walking swiftly to the locker room which Hunter had just retired too. He barged into the room, marching over to his friend and standing with his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed.

 Hunter glanced up, frowning slightly. "Sean?" he questioned.

 "You've been neglecting your twinks, haven't you?" the dark-haired vixen accused.

 Hunter sighed. "I guess," he muttered. "But you don't know what they're like, Sean! They're always either fighting or hanging all over me trying to suck up, and I can't stand it! It was never like this before these fucking pregnancies."

 "Well if you knew how to use a condom, this wouldn't have happened," Sean told him harshly. "But since it did, you have to live with it, and you have to handle it a hell of a lot better than you are! Do you have any idea what I just overheard your twinks saying?"

 "That I'm an insensitive prick?" Hunter guessed.

 "Yes, but beyond that," Sean stated. "They think that you're cheating on them, and guess with you?"

 "Uh..." Hunter shrugged. "I don't know. Jeff Hardy."

 Sean rolled his eyes. "Me!" he exclaimed. "They think you're fucking me, and that's why you're not fucking them. And personally, I really do not appreciate having my reputation smeared because you can't handle the consequences of your actions!"

 "Geez, get off your bitchmobile," Hunter muttered. He winced when he looked about at Sean, knowing he was about two seconds from getting slapped. "Sorry. I'll handle it, ok? When we get back to the hotel tonight, I'll have a nice long talk with them both, and I'll make sure they know I'm not screwing around with anybody, ok?"

 "Fine. You better." Sean turned, hesitating a moment as he considered whether to let Hunter in on the little surprise Chris and Kurt had planned for him, but decided that it would serve Hunter right for being such a bastard to his two lovers. Sean left the room without saying another word.

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