"Sean," Hunter whispered.

 The pretty brunette looked up, seeing his friend lurking in the door to his room. "Hey Hunt. Come on in," he invited. "What can I do ya for?"

 Hunter grinned. "Free?"

 Sean just rolled his eyes. "Funny. Almost as funny as when you and the rest of the guys first did it to me eight years ago!"

 "Yeah, well ya gotta keep traditions going!" Hunter stated.

 "Right. Just don't let my husband hear you say that to me, 'cos you know just how friendly he is to people who try and hit on me," Sean replied.

 "Speaking of that, you didn't tell him about what Kurt and Chris said, did you?" Hunter asked, a hint of nervousness in his voice.

 "Of course not," Sean replied. "Do you think I want your twinks dead before they even give birth?"

 Hunter chuckled. "Good. Thanks. But, um, speaking of those two, that's what I wanted to talk to you about." He glanced around, lowering his voice to a conspirital whisper. "I think they're planning something evil," he whispered.

 Sean raised on eyebrow. "Those two sweet hearts? Nah. When have they ever concocted crazy schemes?"

 "This is serious, Sean!" Hunter insisted. "They've been acting really suspicious lately! Ever since that night when you busted their little plan, they've been acting really chummy, even being friendly with each other! They'll be laughing and giggling, and then they'll stop talking when I come into the room. I swear they're talking about me."

 "Maybe." Sean shrugged. "If you really want to hear what I think about that, I'll tell you in a moment. But first, how's your relationship with them been recently? Good?"

 "Yeah. Great actually. We've been doing a lot of stuff as a group and having a lot of fun, and every now and then I'll go out with just one, and the other'll spend time with his friends."

 "And what about sex?" Sean asked plainly. "Been working ok."

 "Well yeah it's been working ok!" Hunter exclaimed.

 Sean chuckled. "You know, you are such a man Hunter. I *meant* the arrangement, not any part of your body! Geez, you big macho guys are all single minded, aren't you?"

 "I am not," Hunter insisted. "And yes, it has been working. The way we're doing it right now is that one of them will go take a shower or bath, or something that'll get them out of the bedroom for long enough, and I'll be with the other. Then they'll switch so I can be with them both. I like to go twice a night anyway, and Kurt and Chris never did. And after that, since I know you're going to ask, I sleep with one on either side of me, so I can cuddle them both."

 "Sounds cool," Sean commented. "That's not really so bad. And they like this setup?"

 "Well, yeah, as much as they like sharing," Hunter replied with a shrug. "But that's the thing. They seem really comfortable with each other, and they're always talking and giggling over something. A lot of the time they won't tell me what, and then sometimes they'll keep whispering to each other like they're telling secrets."

 "So? They're just acting like friends, Hunter," Sean told his older friend.

 "But still, how do I know they're not planning on doing something to me? Or that they're making fun of me?" Hunter insisted.

 "Hunt, you are getting way too worked up about this," Sean informed his friend. "They're probably just talking about twink stuff!"

 Hunter frowned. "Like what?"

 "You wouldn't understand," Sean told him.

 "No, tell me! I could!" Hunter objected.

 Sean sighed, but gave in. "Well for one thing, they probably talk about being pregnant, which you happen to know nothing about. I noticed that they're both starting to show, just a little bit, and they're probably teasing each other about it. Other than that, they could be talking about lots of stuff. Clothes, movies, books, jokes, hot guys. Funny things their husband does in bed."

 "What!" Hunter exclaimed. "You mean they would actually talk about - about sex with me? Like swap notes on it?"

 Sean chuckled. "Oh come on Hunter, you know you've swapped notes with some of our friends on guys you've both been with. You expect them not to talk about it?"

 "Well, I don't know." Hunter frowned. "I just thought it might gross them out or something, or upset them."

 "Obviously it did at first, but I guess they've learned to deal with it," Sean replied, shrugged his shoulders. "It's not like they're acting weird, Hunter. They're just not fighting it any more, and that's something you should be very happy about."

 "I guess." Hunter sighed. "I guess it's gonna take me a while to get used to this! It's hard enough to manage a relationship with one guy, especially one like Chris, but now I've got two of them to deal with! And the worst thing is that they're a heck of a lot more likely to team up against me than to side with me against the other. And they've both got a partner in crime now, too."

 Sean patted his friend on the back. "They might not be the easiest guys to live with, Hunter, but take it from a guy who knows, it'll all be worth it! Having a family is a wonderful thing. There's nothing better than having a loving husband, or husbands in your case, and greats kids. And your kids are going to be extra lucky, since they'll have three parents instead of just two! That's a whole 'nother person to love and support them unconditionally."

 Hunter couldn't help but smile. "That's such a nice way to look at it," he breathed. "I'm gonna be a good daddy, Sean."

 "I know you will," Sean replied, slinging his arm around the larger man's shoulders and resting his dark head against Hunter's bicep. "I always thought that of all my buddies, and including me, you'd be the best daddy. You'll do a great job. And don't worry about Chris and Kurt, 'cos they'll be great daddies too. They might not seem like the most parental guys in the world, but having a baby can really change a person." He chuckled. "Remember me before I got pregnant? I was just a stupid kid who did nothing but party and fuck around. But what you have a baby, you don't have any choice but to grow up, and I did. And in a lot of ways, my husband did too."

 "Yeah, I remember that." Hunter wrapped his arms around Sean's shoulders. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be bitching to you. You had it worse than I ever did. You were so young, and he was such a jackass about it when you told him."

 Sean just shrugged. "It's in the past. He's apologized a million times. I can't blame him for it, 'cos he really was an asshole back then. But now, well, he's my baby." The brunette grinned. "Convincing him to marry me is still one of my proudest accomplishments!"

 Hunter chuckled. "You were determined that your baby would be a bastard only over your dead body."

 "Yep," Sean agreed. He smiled up at Hunter, gazing at him with adoration. "That's why I think it's so great what you did Hunter. You got two guys pregnant, and you did the right thing by not leaving either of them. And you can bitch to me any time you want. It's good to get this shit out in the open."

 "Thanks," Hunter chuckled, holding his friend close and smiling happily. "I just hope you don't mind taking on the roll of relationship councilor sometimes."

 "Not at all," Sean replied. "I've got plenty of experience in making a marriage work. Any time you need some advice, you just come to me."

 "I'll probably take you up on that offer a lot," Hunter commented, exchanging a smile with his long time friend.

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