"The doctor called while you were in the shower," Kurt stated as Hunter stepped out of the bathroom. "He said everything looks great. He was wondering if we'd like to set up an ultrasound something in the next few months so we could find out the gender of our baby."

 Hunter shook his head, his wet hair brushing across his shoulders. "I don't want to know until the baby's born. Call me old fashioned, but I'd rather wait and be surprised."

 Kurt grinned, nodding his dark head. "Ok then. We'll wait. I don't think that's old fashioned, I just think it's sweet." He made room for Hunter on the bed where he was sitting, patting the mattress beside him. "Wanna watch a movie together?" he asked hopefully, grabbing the remote and the tv guide off the nightstand.

 "Sure. What's on?" Hunter asked, hesitating only a moment before settling down beside the Olympian.

 "Mostly crap." Kurt shrugged, setting down the tv guide. "Maybe we could just talk instead?"

 "I guess." Hunter squirmed a bit, well aware of how close Kurt was. "Vince said I could have this coming weekend off from houseshows so I could help you move into my house," he stated. "I've cleared out some rooms for you; we'll have to look over them to figure out which one would be better for the baby."

 "Good." Kurt smiled, moving closer to Hunter and laying his head on the other man's shoulder, his arm wrapping around Hunter's back. "I can't wait to move, I love your house. It'll be plenty big for the three of us."

 "It would be big enough for five," Hunter sighed, a frown taking over his features.

 Kurt frowned as well, snuggling up a bit more to the tall blonde. "I'm really sorry about Chris," he said softly. "I know how hard these last few weeks have been for you. But, who knows, maybe he'll come around yet."

 "I wish." Hunter sighed again. "At least I know he's been well taken care of. But dammit, it's my baby he's carrying! He has to know that I'm not gonna let him cut me off from my child, no matter what."

 "Hunter, can we not talk about him?" Kurt interrupted, looking far less than happy. "Whether he comes around or not, you ranting on and on about it's not going to help anything! I'm not exactly in the best of situations here, and I really need your attention! I'm not feeling particularly self-confident right now, you know?"

 "I know. I'm sorry." Hunter shook his head. "I still can't believe my luck. No offense, Kurt, you know I like you like a friend, but having a baby with you was not something I ever wanted."

 "I know," Kurt whispered, quickly blinking back the tears that momentarily filled his eyes. He sat up, looking into Hunter's face. "Things could change between us if we let them, Hunter," he said softly, reaching out a hand to caress the tall blonde's cheek. "Maybe if you just let go of - of Chris, you could fall in love with me."

 Hunter frowned, about to open his mouth to speak when Kurt moved forward, catching him in a kiss. Hunter stiffened a little, but didn't pull back, allowing Kurt to keep kissing him. Kurt wrapped his arms around Hunter's neck, shifting so he was straddling Hunter's lap. A little thrill passed through the brunette as Hunter finally began to respond, setting his hands on Kurt's hips and returning his kisses.

 Kurt was a little out of breath when he drew back, a smile creeping across his face. "We need to make the best out of this," he whispered, staying very close to the tall blonde. "I'm having your baby; that means we're tied together for life. I think we'd both be a lot happier if we were, you know, intimate with each other." He swallowed, gazing hopefully into the other man's eyes.

 Hunter was silent for a moment. When he finally spoke, his words were slow and uncertain. "I don't know Kurt. I'm in love with Chris, and I can't let him go because of the baby he's carrying."

 "But that doesn't mean you couldn't be with me," Kurt replied softly. "It's been so long for both of us. I think we'd feel a lot better if we were intimate. I'd feel more attractive and less afraid. I am you know - I'm scared." He took a deep breath, momentarily closing his eyes. "I'm gonna get really big and go through a lot of really stressful stuff. How would you like to have your belly swell to the size of a giant beach ball when you've had perfect abs for years? I don't know how I'm gonna handle it." Kurt swallowed hard, taking another deep breath. "Maybe it seems stupid, but I really need you to reassure me Hunter. I just need to know that someone could still want me."

 "Hey," Hunter said, his voice soothing, "any guy would be crazy not to want you Kurt."

 "Then you do?" Kurt pushed. "I know it's been a while for you too, it would be better for us both. And it really wouldn't hurt the baby."

 Hunter closed his eyes. "I can't Kurt. Chris - "

 "Chris won't even know!" Kurt exclaimed, his voice harsh enough that Hunter's eyes snapped open. Kurt cleared his throat and began again in a softer tone. "Hunter, I need to be with you. You're the father of my baby, and I need to know that it means more to you than just following me around and making sure I don't collapse. Besides," he raised his eyebrows, "I remember your - *ahem* - sexual prowess from our time together a few months ago. This much time without getting any must be killing you."

 Hunter actually blushed a bit, both from the truth in the words and from hearing such a statement from the usually conservative Olympian. "To be honest with you, Kurt, I do want to," he said slowly. "I'd just feel like I was betraying Chris all over again!"

 "I'm sick of hearing about Chris!" Kurt yelled, his expression darkening. "Look Hunter, I'm here, and he's not, ok? It makes me feel like shit when all you ever talk about is Chris! Hunter, just, please, just be intimate with me, for both of us. Maybe it would make you feel a bit better about all of this, and it would sure as hell make me feel a lot better!"

 Hunter hesitated for a moment, then he grinned, allowing himself to slip into the playful mood he loved to adopt. "Why Kurt, I am *shocked* by your language!" he exclaimed, keeping a firm grip on Kurt's waist and rolling the Olympian over, covering the brunette's body with his own.

 Kurt beamed, excitement sketched plainly across his face. "I get snippy sometimes when I'm neglected and horny," he replied with a bit of a pout.

 Hunter chuckled, his lips tracing across the other man's collar bone. "Well I hope this cheers you up," he murmured.

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