Hunter took a deep breath. He wasn't at all sure that he was doing the right thing, but he felt it was something he should do. Once he had let himself start to care about Kurt, just Kurt in himself rather that Kurt as the bearer of his child, he had found that there was an undeniable connection between them. Now, he was going to make their bond official, sort of.

 "Are you ready to go, Hunter?" Kurt asked, coming out of the bathroom and walking towards the door, picking up his coat.

 "Just a second Kurt." Hunter walked over to the brunette, taking Kurt's coat and setting it back down, then leading Kurt over to the bed.

 Kurt raised his eyebrows, a smile coming across his face. "Hunter, we really don't have time," he scolded.

 Hunter blushed a bit, taking a seat beside Kurt and keeping ahold of his hand. "It's not that. I wanted to ask you something....give you something...well, both, really."

 "Like what?" Kurt frowned a little, looking a bit apprehensive.

 "Well, you know that I'm still in love with Chris, and he'll always be a part of my life, but I really, well, I really have feelings for you too." Hunter swallowed, quickly summoning up a burst of courage and sinking to his knees before Kurt. "Anyway, we are going to have a baby together, and I thought it would be best if, well, if you'd marry me," he stumbled out.

 Kurt just stared for a moment, then let out a shriek of joy, leaping into Hunter's arms and hugging him tightly. "Oh, Hunter, yes! Oh god I never thought you'd ask me something like that!" he exclaimed, laughing and crying at the same time.

 "It, um, well if wouldn't really be official, you know, like not legally, just for us really. Really it would just be us giving pledges to each other," Hunter fumbled.

 "It doesn't matter." Kurt's smile was as bright as the sun. "It only matters what we think anyway. Ohhh, you make me so happy Hunter! I love you so much."

 "I love you too." Hunter smiled, shrugging out of Kurt's grip to reach into his pocket. He pulled out a little gray case, opening it and showing Kurt the ring inside.

 Kurt squealed again. "It's gorgeous!" he exclaimed. "Oh Hunter, wow!" He offered his hand, allowing Hunter to slip the gold band onto his finger.

 "That's so everyone can see that you're with me," Hunter stated. "I don't want anything taking you away from me."

 "No one could." Kurt grinned, leaning in to give Hunter a passionate kiss. He was smiling even more brightly as he drew back. He looped his arms around his lover's neck. "You are gonna make the best daddy, you know that?" he breathed.

 "I hope so." Hunter let his hand rest on Kurt's belly, rubbing the flesh gently. "Did you decide what color you want the nursery?"

 "I'm not sure." Kurt pursed his lips in thought, then shrugged. "I'll decide eventually. Not like we're in any rush, this baby won't be here for months."

 "Yep." Hunter smiled, his hand still pressing gently against Kurt's belly. "Are you sure it's ok with the doctor if we keep fu - "

 "Hunter," Kurt said sharply.

 The tall blonde rolled his eyes. "I mean, if we keep 'being intimate'?"

 "Yes, he said it's fine." Kurt set his hands on his hips. "You'd better get that language under control now mister, 'cos there is no way I'm gonna have you swearing around my baby!"

 "Our baby," Hunter corrected.

 Kurt chuckled. "Yes, our baby." He covered Hunter's hand with his own, sighing happily. "You are such a wonderful guy, you know that Hunter? I hardly even feel scared anymore. I know you'll be here for me no matter what, especially now." He grinned, wiggling his finger and gazing at the pretty golden band upon it. He frowned when he heard Hunter's sigh, looking up to find the smile gone from his lover's face. "You're thinking about Chris again, aren't you?" he asked, his voice bearing a bit of a sharp edge.

 Hunter shrugged. "I can't help it. I still love him, and it hurts me to think about what he's going through. I know he's got Adam and Jay, but in a lot of ways he's alone in this. I wish I could be there for him."

 "You *could* be, but he won't let you," Kurt replied. "He's doing this is himself, Hunter, stop feeling guilty!"

 Hunter sighed again. "What would you feel like if you were in his place, Kurt?"

 "Well, I sure as hell wouldn't let you go, I can tell you that!" Kurt replied. "I guess I'd just grudgingly accept that you had a responsibility to him too. Ending up without you would be the dumbest thing I could possibly do!"

 "He's just hurting, Kurt. He's angry and he feels rejected," Hunter replied defensively.

 "It's still his own fault. If he came to you and wanted to be with you again, you wouldn't deny him, and all three of us know that," Kurt replied.

 Hunter was silent for a moment. "What if that happened, Kurt?" he asked at last, his words hesitant. "How would you feel if I was committed to, well, both of you?"

 Kurt frowned. "Well I can't say I'd like having to share your time, but at least then you'd stop worrying about him. It's not like I'd have a choice about it anyway. I'm not leaving you, and if you insisted on being with him too, I couldn't do anything about it."

 Hunter shook his blonde head, snorting bitterly. "There just isn't any good way out of this, is there? No matter what we do, there's no way we can all be happy."

 Kurt shrugged, cuddling up to his lover and laying his head on Hunter's strong shoulder. "If you'd be happier having him around too, baby, then I wouldn't fight it," he whispered. "I want you to be happy Hunter, and having half of you is more than I had before anyway."

 "Good to know." Hunter wrapped his arms protectively around Kurt, sighing yet again. "We'll just have to see what happens," he whispered.

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