Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash, humor
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: One last Punk/Lij Moment for 2009!
Written 12/31/09

“Oh my god! You have to buy these!”

Elijah looked at the tiny thong Punk was holding up, raising his eyebrow. “That’s not the style I usually wear, baby,” he stated.

“Yeah, but these are so sexy!” Punk grinned, holding them up in front of his lover.

Elijah shook his head, slapping Punk’s hands away. “Don’t do that in public!”

“Come on baby,” Punk urged, tossing the tiny garment into the basket Elijah was holding. “You know when you’re in a relationship, your underwear purchases aren’t just for you, but for your lover too!”

“You already bought me that Christmas thong,” Elijah pointed out.

“Yeah, but that was last week, tonight’s New Years!” Punk insisted. “I wanna see you in nothing but that thing on our leather couch, baby.”

“Why don’t we get one for you?” Elijah teased, grabbing the smallest thong he could see and holding it up to Punk.

Punk rolled his eyes. “You know thongs are not my thing, unless I’m taking them off you with my teeth.” He grinned wickedly, his eyes moving down to Elijah’s hips for a moment before rising to connect with his lover’s gaze again. “You don’t wanna be one of those couples that dresses alike, you do?”

“I gotta say, I really like what you wear.” Elijah leaned in closer to Punk, clearly trying to resist the urge to pull his sexy lover into his arms. “It may have more fabric than mine, but damn does it show off a lot,” he growled.

“I think we should finish our purchases,” Punk murmured, looking Elijah up and down, “and hurry up and get home, so we can do our own ringing in of the new year before we go to Randy’s party.”

“Randy and Kofi’s party,” Elijah corrected, taking the thong out of their basket and putting it back on the rack.

“Yeah, I can’t believe they’re co-hosting after only dating for a few months!” Punk took Eljiah’s arm and led him toward the checkout counter, sneakily dropping the thong back into the basket when Elijah wasn’t looking. “Do we have time for a quick wash before the party?”

“A wash? I don’t think we need to do one,” Elijah replied, shooting his lover a puzzled look as he set their basket on the checkout counter.

“Oh, we do.” Punk snatched out the thong before Elijah noticed it, swiftly handing it to the cashier. He grinned wickedly. “We definitely do!”


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