"Ooh, I like that!" Trish fingered a slim cut black tank top, smiling as she pictured herself in it.

 Trish's shopping companion, Chyna, glanced at the garment with little interest. "Yeah, it's ok. Why don't you look on this rack?" She pulled Trish over to a rock of sparkly, low-cut tops.

 Trish made a face as Chyna picked one up, holding it in front of the smaller woman's form. "I don't know. That'll be really tight and REALLY low cut."

 "Exactly." Chyna grinned, grabbing a few different styles from the rack and pushing Trish towards the dressing room. "Come on, go try these on."

 "Now wait a minute." Trish put her hands on her hips. "I'm not trying these on unless you try on something too!"

 Chyna rolled her eyes, but gave in. "Fine. I'll try on..." she quickly snatched a random shirt, "this."

 Trish eyes the bright pink halter top, which seemed to consist of less material than the average bikiki, and was half see through. "You know, you have an incredible talent for picking the ugliest clothes in the store," the blonde commented.

 "It's not so bad," Chyna replied defensively, looking over the top.

 Trish sighed. "Fine. Come on." She grabbed the tops Chyna had selected for her to try on, heading for the dressing room. She was about to walk into one of the small cubicles when Chyna called out to her.

 "Let's use the big one," Chyna suggested, gesturing the larger room, which was maybe one of a half times the size of the others.

 Trish rolled her eyes, peering into the ‘big one'. "Yeah, real big. Why exactly should we use that one?"

 Chyna smirked, gesturing to the tops Trish was carrying. "You really want to come out here wearing those, where anyone could see you? This way we can share, and you can model them for me in private."

 Trish chuckled and shook her blonde head, giving a loud, over exaggerated sigh. "Fine, fine. Come on, let's get this over with." She walked into the small cubicle, followed by the grinning Chyna. There was enough room inside for them both to stand, but it was a bit of a tight fit. Trish picked up a tight, shiny golden top with short sleeves and a large amount of fabric missing from the chest area. She sighed as she looked at it. "I can't believe you're making me try this on. This looks like something I'd wear on camera!"

 Chyna laughed. "And that's so bad? You always look sexy as hell on camera."

 Trish glared at the other woman. "I look like a cheap slut who'd crawl around on her knees barking like a dog ‘cos the boss told her to. I'd rather look respectable."

 Chyna smiled. "And in public, I want you to look respectable. But in private - " she paused, a wicked smile creeping across her lips, "I want you to look like a sexy slut."

 Trish just rolled her eyes. "Are you gonna turn away so I can try this on?" she demanded.

 "Sure, I'll turn my back," Chyna agreed.

 "And you have to put yours on too!" Trish insisted.

 "Fine, fine, I will," Chyna agreed, picking up the pink halter top with an amused look on her face.

 They both changed, both women laughing at themselves as they pulled on the sexy shirts. "I feel ridiculous," Trish stated. "This is even worse than the crap I wear on camera, if that's possible. I'm nearly falling out!"

 Chyna laughed. "Does it show your bra? I know it's a low one, but that shirt's REALLY low cut."

 "I had to take it off. The shirt's got a built in bra anyway," Trish muttered.

 "Sexy." Chyna grinned, licking her lips. "Mine too. And I shows LOTS of cleavage."

 "Yay." A small smile came across Trish's face. "Bet you look worse than I do."

 "In your dreams."

 "Well we'll see. Ready to turn around?"

 "Yep. I'll count to three, then we'll both turn," Chyna stated. "One...two...three!"

 Both women spun around, their eyes widening as they took in the other's appearance. "Nice," Trish breathed, looking over the other woman's extremely revealing top.

 Chyna nodded in agreement, her eyes raking over the mountains of cleavage Trish's shirt exposed. "Very nice. But something's missing."

 "What?" Trish looked down at herself, frowning.

 A wide grin spread across Chyna's face. "Miniskirts! You can't wear jeans with these tops, girl."

 Trish groaned. "I HATE miniskirts," she complained. "You can barely even walk in those damn things!"

 "But they're sexy," Chyna stated, quickly pulling her regular shirt over the halter top. "Be right back!"

 Trish just sighed, sitting down to wait. Chyna was back almost as soon as she left, holding up two short, short miniskirts, one black and the other sparkly silver. "Oh no way." Trish shook her head adamantly. "No WAY I'm squeezing into that thing."

 "Yes you are baby, and so am I." Chyna grinned, handing Trish the silver skirt and turning away. Trish reluctantly took the slip of fabric, scowling as she pulled off her jeans and stepped into the tiny skirt. "Ready?" she asked, looking herself over and noting that, while she looked utterly ridiculous, she also looked incredibly sexy.

 "Yep. One...Two...Three." Both women turned again, their eyes widening as they took in the other. "Hot damn girl, you look fine!" Chyna exclaimed.

 "You too," Trish breathed, licking her lips as her eyes ran down Chyna's long, smooth legs.

 "You look so fabulous." Chyna's eyes lingered on Trish's jutting cleavage. She took a step forward, surprising Trish and causing her to jump back, her back hitting the wall of the dressing room. The smaller woman swallowed as Chyna took another step forward, pinning their bodies together. "You look so good, baby, it'd be a shame to let this so to waste," the taller woman growled.

 "Chyna," Trish hissed, flushing with both embarrassment and excitement, "we're in a dressing room!"

 "So don't make any loud noises." Chyna's eyes were still glued to the smaller blonde's cleavage. She raised both hands, setting each on one of the mounds on Trish's chest. Her thumbs flicked around the nipples while her fingers massaged both exposed and covered flesh. Trish's chest began to move faster, the blonde having to bight her tongue to suppress the little whimpers of pleasure rising from her throat. "Like that?" Chyna breathed.

 "Mmm." Trish ran her hands up Chyna's sides, stopping on the other woman's chest and returning the actions with her hands.

 Chyna closed her eyes, just enjoying the sensation of Trish massaging her for a moment. When her eyes opened again, they held a wicked gleam which made Trish shudder. Grinning at the smaller blonde, Chyna slid her fingers under the fabric of Trish's shirt, cupping the other woman's breast in her palm. Her mouth decided on Trish's neck as she pushed down the fabric of the blonde's shirt, revealing both her breasts to the air. Trish gasped, moaning and wrapping her arms around Chyna's neck as the brunette kissed down her chest.

 Chyna continued to massage one of Trish's breasts with her fingers, teasing and plucking the nipple to erectness. The other breast she lowered her mouth to, licking around the reddened nipple then taking it into her mouth.

 "Oh god." Trish rested her head back against the wall, her breath coming in gasp. "That feels so good." Chyna just chuckled and made an approving noise, her free hand slowly sliding up Trish's thigh. Trish shivered in anticipation, moving her own hands from around Chyna's neck to her chest and beginning to sensually knead the other woman's breasts. Chyna moaned around Trish's breast, the little puffs of breath from her noise growing quicker. The sensation of her lover's breath hitting her skin made Trish shiver, the excitement of her body growing still more as Chyna's hand slipped beneath her skirt.

 "Oh Chy...oh," Trish softly moaned, her body tensing with pleasure as the other woman began to stroke her through her panties. She maneuvered her legs between Chyna's, pushing the other woman's skirt up a bit and beginning to massage the area between her legs with her thigh. Chyna gasped, rocking her hips into the sensation. She sucked at the swollen bud between her lips voraciously, the moans from her throat sending delicious vibrations through Trish's body.

 "Oh." Trish bit her lip, feeling her body begin to tremble in that familiar way. "Chy...more...yes...oh...oh." She threw her head back as her orgasm hit her, her body trembling and rocking. As the waves of tingling pleasure began to recede, she increased the efforts of her legs, sighing contentedly as she felt Chyna fall over the edge soon after her.

 Chyna released Trish's moist breath from her mouth, taking a deep breath. She gave Trish a sated smile as they drew apart, quickly changing back into their street clothes. "I think we should get these," she commented, peering at the skirt and top after she had hung them up.

 Trish giggled. "If they knew what we did in them, they'd make us buy them."

 Chyna laughed. "They probably would. We're gonna buy them anyway. Maybe you can model that cute little outfit for me at home something, hmm?"

 Trish smiled, gazing adoringly at her lover. "You bet I will. Now let's get out of here before someone gets suspicious." Chyna laughed and shook her head, following her lover out of the dressing room.


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