Slashy Bits & Bobs

RAW 1/13/03

Before the Regal vs Lawler match, the refs decide to cop a nice feel on both Regal and Storm under the pretense of "searching for brass knucks".

After the Dudleys interfere in Storm's match against Booker, Regal heroically saves his partner from a 3D and gives him some comfort cuddling.

Steiner, tired of waiting for HHH, decides to simply rip HHH's clothes off in the ring. Nice panties, Hunter!

RAW 11/11/02

Ric Flair/Batista clip
Flair stop Batista as he's walking down the hall, saying "Hey, big man," to catch his attention. Flair tells Batista that he's ben watching him since his debut. While they talk, Flair's eyes continually dart up and down Batista's body, and his keeps licking his lips, his tongue barely protruding from his lips. He goes on to tell Batista that he's an incredible physical specimen, and speculates that "you may even be *bigger* than the champ". He wishes Batista good luck, and Batista tells him thanks, then walks on. Flair looks after him, commenting "Not that you need it," and licking his lips again.


SD 11/7/02

Edge/Rey Mysterio post-match
After winning the tag titles from Benoit & Angle, Edge and Rey are all over each other, hugging, cuddling, and touching like crazy.


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