Booker T Fic

Attention to Affection
Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash
Characters: Hunter, Booker
Summery: A quest to earn the attention of his object of affection
Note: My first full fic with one of my new favorite couples! Takes play in April 2003 during the Booker/Hunter feud.

Comfort, Aisle Nine
Rating: R
Content: implied m/m slash
Characters: Christian and Booker T
Summery: Backstage politics get Booker all riled up, and his lover presents a brighter perspective
Note: Takes place after SD 12/13/01. This is short, but I was really pissed off by that disgusting, degrading supermarket skit, so I wrote this to set it right.

Damn Skippy, Hippy!
Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash
Characters: Chris Jericho, Booker
Summery: A rendezvous after a stimulating show
Note: Takes place after RAW 9/30/02 (not terribly important to the story, but just for reference)/ Jericho/Booker had some fabulous chemistry in their clips together, and they looked a little hot and bothered, IMO

Rating: R
Content: m/m slash, language, bit of angst, comedy
Characters: Christian, Lance Storm, Hunter, Booker
Summery: Christian struggles to deal with being dumped
Note: Mostly written in April 2003, and recently finished, when I dug into my unfinished fics file. I was crazy about the Hunter/Booker pairing at the time, thus their appearance here.
Note II: This fic may have an odd feel to it, since it turns right from heavy to light
Written: 4/30/03; finished 2/3/06

He's Here! (An Action Figure Adventure)
Rating: PG
Content: implied m/m slash (sort of), humor
Characters: Rico, B&C, Eddie, Booker, Jeff, mention of Jericho and Matt
Summery: This is what would happen if action figures could talk!
Note: This is very very silly, but I was in a fluffy mood this afternoon since I just got the brand new first-time-ever-made figure of my favorite guy, and I decided to write this. It's just for fun, so enjoy.
Note II: I know there have been action figure-related fics before, not copying any of them here, hopefully no one will feel I'm stepping on any toes, I basically just wrote this while looking around at my action figures and thinking about what they'd say

It's Only Love
Rating: PG13
Content: implied m/m slash
Characters: Test, Booker T, Jeff Hardy
Summery: Has Test found the love of his life?
Note: My first official story of 2002!

Let Me Show You Love
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash
Characters: Shane O'Mac and Booker T
Summery: Booker T shares his doubts and Shane tries to reassure him.
Note: Takes place after Smackdown 7-26-01, in which Booker T lost his WCW title to Kurt Angle.

Miles High
Rating: PG13
Content: m/m and f/f slash, implied incest; all pretty mild, this is a light and fun fic, really
Characters: Matt/Jeff, Booker/HHH, Victoria/Torrie
Summery: Three couples on an airplane
Note: Response to a challenge by Soy Moquito. The song mentioned belongs to Britney Spears (...Baby One More Time), and was part of the challenge.

Pleasantly Askew
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash and shmoop
Characters: Booker, Chris Jericho, Hunter, appearance by Trish
Summery: Hunter exposes a secret to break Chris and Booker up. It doesn't go exactly as planned.
Note: This one gets off to an odd start, and is mostly just for fun, so don't take it too seriously. Also the beginning of what may turn into a series.

Title Shot
Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash
Characters: Taker and Booker T
Summery: Taker persuades Booker to give him a title shot
Note: Takes place during Smackdown 8/2/01. The only thing important to know is that on that show Taker was facing Booker T in what was at first a non title match. (Booker was the WCW Champion at the time.)
Note II: Written before Taker cut his lovely long hair

Tuning In (Series)
Rating: PG13-R
Content: m/m slash, humor
Characters: various
Series Summery: Someone's bugged the WWE locker rooms! And they'd captured all the coversations that were never supposed to get out from behind closed doors...

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