Part One

It was the cutest outfit," Jay was telling Jeff as they approached his room. "I have a picture of it in my album. Come in, I'll show it to you." He unlocked the door and led Jeff inside, guiding him to a seat on the couch and pulling a photo album out of his bag. "It might seem weird to carry something like this around all the time, but I like to have it with me," Jay continued. He flipped
through a few pages until he found the one he wanted. "There we go." He set the album on Jeff's lap and pointed to a picture.

Jeff smiled. "That's a great suit, Jay," he stated. Jay was looking over his shoulder, his head right beside Jeff's. Jeff could feel Jay's breath on his neck. Feeling a little awkward, Jeff turned to the next page of the album. "Oh, there's young Adam," he commented, indicating a picture he found interesting. He could tell Jay's eyes were no longer on the book, but on him. He turned the page again to try and break the tension.

"You're so beautiful, Jeff," Jay murmured, brushing his lips against Jeff's neck.

"Um - thank you," Jeff replied. He wasn't sure quite how to respond, so he pointed to another interesting picture. "When was this?" he inquired.

"Put that thing away." Jay took the edge of the album and moved it onto the coffee table. He shifted positions so he was sitting in front of Jeff on the couch, looking directly into his eyes. He leaned forward to meet Jeff's lips with his. Jeff felt a touch of fear as Jay's hand ran down his side, the kisses growing more insistent.

Jeff flinched as Jay kissed up his neck to his ear, nipping the soft skin gently. "Jay - " he started to say.

"Shh." Jay held a finger up to Jeff's lips. He moved his hand from Jeff's side to his chest, stroking Jeff's strong muscles. "You smell so good," Jay whispered into Jeff's ear.

"I don't know why." Jeff shrugged, hoping Jay would notice that he was not exactly comfortable.

"I don't wear cologne or anything."

"You don't need any." Jay moved his body closer to Jeff's, wrapping his arm around Jeff's back and pressing their warm chests together. He continued to kiss the side of Jeff's neck.

"Jay, I - I think you should stop," Jeff requested.

Jay drew back a little, just enough so he could look Jeff in the eyes. "Come on, Jeff. We've been together for a month now. Don't you think it's time we were - lovers?" Jay ran his hands over Jeff's chest as he said the word, then returned to kissing him.

"Jay, I just don't think I'm ready," Jeff stuttered.

"You're ready, baby," Jay said between kisses. His hands were undoing to buttons on Jeff's shirt as he spoke. "The way you flirt with me, the way you play with me - how you move, those looks I've seen you give me - aren't those all designed to lead us here? It all makes me want you, baby. I want you so bad." He slid his hands across Jeff's bare chest as he undid the last button, slipping the shirt back off Jeff's shoulders. Jeff gasped from the new sensations this touch brought.

"You see, baby?" Jay ran his hands across Jeff's chest again, receiving the same reaction. "This isn't something scary. It's something wonderful. Something that'll bring you joy - and pleasure."

Jay leaned down to press his lips against Jeff's chest. Jeff closed his eyes, fighting to keep his breathing level. He felt excitement growing in his body, but another part of him was terrified. He let out a small gasp as Jay's lips touched one of his rapidly hardening nipples.

Jeff made a quiet noise in his throat, almost a moan, as he felt Jay's tongue reach out to caress his nipple. He moved his hands up to the back of Jay's head, stroking Jay's hair as Jay continued to massage his chest with his mouth. He found himself sticking his chest out for more of Jay's wet kisses.

"Come on." Jay backed off for a minute, pulling Jeff up and guiding him over to the room's large bed. Jeff didn't struggle as Jay gently helped lay him down on the mattress, but his breathing had grown heavier than before. Jay smiled, crawling onto the bed and on top of Jeff. He chuckled when he felt the tension in Jeff's muscles. "Relax, baby. Trust me," Jay breathed, resuming his efforts on Jeff's chest.

"I do trust you," Jeff whispered, closing his eyes again as a wave of pleasure ran through him. He was quiet for a moment, although he still felt scared. Jay's continued efforts on his nipples finally pushed a moan out of him.

Jay smiled, showing no sign of stopping. "That's it, baby." His hands moved below his lips, caressing Jeff's hard stomach as they ran down his torso, stopping at his belt. Slowly, while still kissing Jeff's chest, Jay undid the buckle of the belt and reached for the clasp of Jeff's pants.

"Jay - Jay, wait," Jeff pleaded, feeling more afraid as his belt came off.

Jay paused, looking up to meet Jeff's eyes. There was confusion in his gaze. "What's wrong?" he asked, sounding a little hurt.

"Nothing's wrong," Jeff assured the upset looking blonde, "It's just, I think I'd rather wait."

Jay frowned, looking a little cross. "We've been waiting, Jeff. I've waited a whole damn month for you!" he snapped. Seeing Jeff's upset expression, he cleared his throat and spoke again in a softer voice. "I know you've never done this before," he said, giving Jeff an understanding look. "And I know the first time can be scary. But you don't have to worry. I won't hurt you, I promise. You're perfectly safe with me."

"I know I am. I just want to wait a little longer. I'll be ready soon, Jay. I'm sure I will be," Jeff stated.

Jay sighed. He began to stroke Jeff's chest in a way that made Jeff feel uncomfortable again. "You are ready, Jeff. As ready as you'll be a few days from now. And I'm more than ready." He laid a kiss in the center of Jeff's chest. "I really want you, Jeff, and now, not in a few days. I'm hungry for you, I desire you!" He set his hands on Jeff's shoulders and pulled himself up so his face was only inches from Jeff's. "Let me make love to you," he breathed, gazing deep into Jeff's eyes. "I want to be with you." He began to kiss Jeff's face, running his lips tenderly over the sensitive skin.

"I'm not ready," Jeff repeated, his fear still growing. "I told you I'm not, Jay."

"Oh come on!" Jay exclaimed, not ceasing in his kisses. "You're in my bed, Jeff! Would you really have come here if you didn't want this?" He reached for the clasp on Jeff's pants again.

"Jay - please, stop." Jeff swallowed, trying to keep control of his fear. "I'm - I'm saying no, alright? Stop it!"

Jay had succeeded in undoing the clasp, and had been about to go for the zipper on the pants. He finally stopped when he heard Jeff's last statement. He sighed and rolled off to the side, sitting up and raising his hand to push his golden hair out of his face. He did not look happy.

"Jay, you're not angry with me, are you?" Jeff asked with concern, sitting up and looking into Jay's face. "I'm sorry, I'm just - I'm not ready."

Jay didn't say anything. He stood up and retrieved Jeff's shirt from the couch, tossing it to the Hardy Boy. He crossed his arms and turned away from Jeff. "Just go, Jeff," he said gruffly. "Go back to your own room."

"Jay - " Jeff began, slipping his shirt back on.

"I said go! You've already ruined my night, go play with someone else." Jay refused to look at Jeff as the Hardy stood.

"But - "

"There's the door, Jeff." Jay pointed without turning even his head. Jeff felt tears in his eyes, but he pushed them down. He walked to the door and pulled it open, stepping partway into the hall.

"Goodnight, Jay," he whispered as he left, "I'm sorry." He practically ran to his room after the door closed behind him, his lip trembling. He hadn't bothered to button up his shirt, so it flapped behind him as he ran. Much to his distress, he bumped into Dave on the way to his room. Dave stopped him, concern in his eyes.

"Are you ok, Jeff?" Dave inquired.

"I'm fine," Jeff choked out, trying to command his lip to stop trembling. "I just have to get to my room and get some sleep." A tear ran down his cheek as he looked both ways down the hall. "But I don't even know where the hell it is," he stammered, his voice choked by a sob. "I can't even remember the stupid number now." He put his hand up to his face to hide his tears.

"Well, my room's right here." Dave indicated the door they were standing in front of. He opened it with the key and held it open invitingly. "Come in and calm down." Jeff nodded, following his friend into the room. He sat down on the couch, still fighting his tears. Dave sat next to him, putting a comforting arm around his shoulders. "What happened?" Dave asked sympathetically.

"Nothing." Jeff shook his head. "I can't talk about it."

"I swear I won't tell anyone, Jeff," Dave assured him. "I'm the quiet type, I'm good at listening. Try me, maybe I can help."

Jeff sniffed, shedding a final tear before he got control of himself again. He looked up at Dave, feeling warmed by the friendly sympathy he saw in his eyes. "It's Jay; my relationship with Jay," he began, managing to keep his voice steady. "You know about that, right?" Dave nodded. Jeff swallowed before continuing. "I wanted to go out with him. I thought I could handle it. But, maybe I was wrong." Jeff looked down at his lap, no longer able to look his friend in the eyes.

"Go on, Jeff," Dave urged.

"I'm scared, Dave," Jeff continued. "So many things are new to me, they scare me, and I don't know why. They shouldn't, but they do. Jay's been really nice about it, because he knows I've never tried this before, but he can only be so patient." Jeff was staring completely at his lap now. "Tonight, everything just blew up in my face. I looked like a stupid afraid baby!" Jeff glanced up at Dave, his eyes pleading. "I don't want to lose him, Dave. I really don't. But he doesn't want to be like a baby-sitter with some stupid child, and I don't think he's gonna wait forever for me to grow up."

"Jay is a very nice person, Jeff," Dave stated. "I'm sure he understands that this is your first gay relationship and you don't quite know the ropes. I know he cares a lot about you. What happened that made you think any different?"

Jeff chewed his lip uncertainly. "I really don't know if I should tell you."

Dave shrugged. "If you're not comfortable telling me, then don't. But I'm willing to listen, and I really think it would be good if you got it out."

"Ok." Jeff nodded. "Ok, I'll tell you. But don't tell anyone, ok? I don't want everyone to think I'm a stupid baby."

"I won't spread anything you tell me around, I promise," Dave assured him.

"Alright." Jeff had to swallow again. "Jay and I went out tonight, and we had a great time. Then he brought me into his room to look at this one picture, and he started kissing me. He said he wanted me. I don't know why, but I was just so afraid, I wanted him to stop. I said that I wanted to wait, and he told me that he'd already been waiting a month for it. He sounded really fed up, so I guess I started going along with it. We got onto his bed, and he was starting to undress me. But - I was so scared - I just couldn't do it, and I told him no and said stop it. Then he did, but he was angry with me. He told me to just go back to my room, and he wouldn't look at me." Jeff looked into Dave's eyes, his gaze pleading again. "Was I wrong to do that? I mean, he has waited, and been patient, and I just ran away like a scared little child!" There were tears in Jeff's eyes, but he was able to hold them back.

Dave took Jeff's hand and held it supportively. "You didn't do anything wrong, Jeff. That's a big step you're talking about, and if you're not ready for it you should wait until you are. You shouldn't feel obliged to have sex with him, and he shouldn't try to push you into it. You wait until you're ready."

Jeff blinked back his tears, feeling only slightly better. "But what if he doesn't want to be with me then, Dave? I don't want to lose him."

Dave smiled sympathetically. "You're going through the same thing thousands of girls do every day. A lot of people feel pressured to put out in order to keep their boyfriends from leaving them. But the truth is, if he would leave you just because you won't sleep with him, then he isn't really someone you want to be with, and he doesn't really care much about you. Jay's a good guy, he wouldn't do that to you, Jeff."

Jeff's eyes were still watery. "But, he's been so patient - "

"A relationship isn't just about the needs of one person Jeff, it's about both of you. If you're not ready and he cares about you, he'll respect that and wait for you. Talk to him about it so he understands, and try to work through it together. That's the best way to go. Do you really think Jay would leave you over this?"

"Well, he seemed really mad."

"Anger will pass." Dave looked into Jeff's eyes, which were no longer filled with tears. "Feel better now?" Jeff nodded. "Good. You want to stay here for the night?"

"Could I? I'll just sleep on the couch, I'll try not to bother you."

"You won't bother me. Go ahead and take the bed, you need a good night's sleep. The couch is fine with me," Dave told the Hardy understandingly. "I'll just steal a blanket or two." He smiled at Jeff as he stood. "You're very concerned with other people's needs Jeff, and that's good, but you shouldn't be overly concerned." He patted Jeff on the back reassuringly, and the Hardy smiled back at him.

A figure had watched Jeff run down the hall with interest. He had seen Jeff and Jay go into the room, so he could piece together what had happened. He followed Jeff unnoticed until Jeff went into Dave's room. "What a bitch," the man muttered angrily. "Poor Jay." He considered paying a visit to the former Brood member, but he doubted Jay would be in a very receptive mood. He felt frustrated and annoyed as he walked back down the hall to his room.

Part Two

The next morning Dave gently shook Jeff awake. "Morning, sleepyhead," Dave said cheerily. "Rise and shine! You'd better get up now if you want breakfast, because I'm leaving pretty soon."

Jeff blinked and sat up, looking down at his rumpled clothing. "I need to go to my room and change - and brush my hair," he commented, grimacing as he ran his fingers through his rainbow locks and found several snarls.

Dave nodded. "I figured that. Why don't I go down and get a table while you do that?"

"Ok." Jeff nodded, climbing out of the bed. A little while later, in fresh clothes with his hair pulled back into a neat ponytail, Jeff entered the hotel's cafe. Dave smiled and waved to him. Jeff took a seat at the table his friend was occupying. Looking around, he saw two other tables occupied by people he knew, one by Andrew and Sean and another by Joanie and Brian.

"So what's your fancy this morning?" Dave inquired. "Pancakes sound good to you?"

"That sounds delicious," Jeff agreed.

"Great. Let's see if we can find a waitress." Dave waved over one of the cafe workers and placed their order, with orange juice. "How're you feeling?" Dave asked Jeff as they waited for their food to arrive.

Jeff smiled. "I feel pretty good. Thanks for that great pep talk last night."

"You're very welcome. Feel free to come to me any time you have a problem. I have lots of handy advice for all sorts of life's little snarls." Dave was confused when he saw Jeff's smile fade. "What?" he questioned.

"It's Jay." Jeff gestured toward the entrance to the cafe. Jay looked like he spotted them and headed in their direction. "Oh no." Jeff looked scared. "What if he's still mad, Dave?"

"He doesn't look angry," Dave pointed out. Jay knelt down beside Jeff's chair as he reached them.

"Listen, Jeff, I'm really sorry about last night," Jay began, speaking in an apologetic manner. "I was wrong, and I shouldn't have yelled at you. Are you ok?" He searched Jeff's eyes.

"You're not angry anymore?" Jeff asked.

"No, I'm not. I went too far, and I shouldn't have pressured you like that." Jay patted Jeff's hand tenderly. "Are we still ok?"

"So you still want to be with me?" Jeff asked, feeling a little surprised.

"Of course I do!" Jay gave Jeff a wide smile. "I'd be crazy to dump you over something like that."

Jeff's smile grew brighter. "I'm so glad you're not angry," he stated. Jay smiled back and pulled Jeff into his embrace.

"We'll talk about it more when we're alone," Jay whispered to him before drawing back. Jeff nodded, his eyes twinkling happily.

"Why don't you join us, Jay?" Dave invited, pulling a chair off another table for his former Brood associate.

"Thanks." Jay moved the chair right next to Jeff's and sat down. He took the Hardy Boy's hand and held it, smiling at Jeff affectionately.

From a table on the other side of the cafe, out of view from Dave's table, Chris Benoit was sitting broodily. He was watching their table with a frown set on his face. "I can't believe he apologized," he muttered. His tablemate rolled his eyes, saying nothing.

"I mean, why should he apologize?" Benoit continued. "Did he do anything wrong? All he wanted was to sleep with his boyfriend! How the hell could that be considered wrong? It's a normal part of a relationship! I hate that little bitch." Benoit scowled, shaking his head. "If he's going to keep Jay away from me, he should at least start putting out and make him happy."

Benoit thought back to the night he had spent with Jay. It had been several months ago, and Jay hadn't given him a second glance since. He couldn't for the life of him understand why. "I just don't get it," he went on. "I gave him one hell of a night. Why didn't he want more? Instead, he goes for a wussy first-timer like Jeff. Jeff's such a baby, what does Jay see in him? If they were fucking I guess I could understand it, but their not! Jeff's too scared to give Jay what he should."

Benoit's tablemate sighed. "Would you just shut up about it? So he doesn't want you. He snubbed me from the start, and I did the smart thing. I gave up. You should just move on. You're not irresistible, you know."

"I am irresistible." Benoit smiled briefly. "Remember how I showed you that?"

"Well, I'm very different from Jay Reso. He's a heel now, and I'm the most popular wrestlers in the sport," Dwaine bragged. "Why do you want him anyway? How can you stand that mat on his head? It looks horrible. If I were with him I'd make him shave it off."

Benoit shook his head. "You just don't understand beauty. His hair is incredibly sexy, especially when you're running your fingers through it in bed."

"Think what you want." Dwaine shrugged. "He still has no place in the GHP." He smiled as he thought of something else. "Speaking of my great club, isn't it great that Mick finally wizened up and shaved off all that scraggly hair? It's about time he joined. He should've joined years ago, but he was so convinced he was going to win the Game." Dwaine shook his head. "I told him he had no chance, but of course he never listened to me. He's finally where he should be."

"I don't give a crap about Foley," Benoit said grumpily.

"Oh really?" Dwaine raised his eyebrows. "Should I tell him you're not interested then?"

"No, I'm in." Benoit sighed. "I'm not giving up on Jay, though. I'll get that stupid Hardy away from him and he'll come running back to me."

"Implying he was ever with you?" Dwaine put in unhelpfully. "One night doesn't count as much, Chris."

Benoit growled, glaring at the Rock. "He will come back," he insisted. "He'll come back because I know how to treat him right, and that little bitch doesn't have a clue." He crossed his arms and glared angrily at Dave's table, ignoring the Rock's doubtful look.

Later that day, Dave was out with Adam, Jay, Chris Irvine and Sean Morely. He pulled Jay aside as the others searched through a bookstore.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" Dave asked.

"Um, sure." Jay stopped walking and turned to look at Dave.

"Jay, you're my friend, but so are the Hardyz." Dave searched Jay's eyes, his face serious. "I just wanted to make sure you understand that no means no."

Jay sighed and glanced at the floor. "Jeff told you what happened last night, didn't he?"

Dave nodded. "He was really upset, Jay. He was crying about how he thought you wouldn't want him anymore if he wouldn't sleep with you."

Jay's face softened, and he looked a little upset. "He was crying?"

"For a while."

Jay swallowed, looking a little guilty. "I was wrong last night. I know I was. That's why I apologized this morning. I do understand what no means, Dave. I did stop when he said it."

"I wasn't implying anything, I'm just looking out for my friend," Dave stated.

"Well, you don't have to worry." Jay smiled and patted Dave's arm reassuringly. "I know I went too far, and I won't try it again until he tells me he's ready. I shouldn't have done it at all, since it is his first relationship with a guy. I remember how shy I was with my first boyfriend." Jay shook his head and chuckled. "It was exciting, but definitely scary. But hey, how can you learn if you don't make mistakes? I made a mistake, and I learned from it."

"I'm glad to hear that. Be patient with him. He's young, you know," Dave pointed out.

Jay nodded in agreement. "I will be," he promised.

"Hey party poopers, we're trying to shop," Adam interrupted, coming up to stand by Jay's side. "Don't you two read? There are a lot of great books here, you should pick some up. What are you two talking about, anyway? You looked pretty serious."

"Nothing. I see you've found some interesting literature," Jay commented, glancing at the book on menstrual cramps Adam had in his hand.

Adam turned a little red and hid the book behind his back. "It's not for me," he said with embarrassment.

Jay laughed. "I'd be very curious if it was. Ready to move on?"

"You haven't had a chance to look yet," Adam protested.

"That's ok, I've got a few books to read before I need more," Jay informed his friend.

"Ok. I'll go find Sean and Chris. Meet you at the next store." Adam walked off to find the others.

Dave glanced at Jay as they headed into the next store. "What are Matt and Jeff doing today?" he wondered.

Jay shrugged. "I have no idea."

Meanwhile, Jeff was in the middle of a lecture from his best friend and brother. "I knew I shouldn't have told you," he muttered.

Matt looked cross upon hearing that. "We tell each other everything, Jeff, especially serious things. I don't want the fact that you have a boyfriend to change that."

"It won't," Jeff insisted. "But I don't need a lecture whenever something not good happens. You're acting like our mother."

"Uh!" Matt objected, looking highly insulted.

Jeff laughed, giving his brother a cheeky smile. "Well, you are."

"I'm just trying to look out for you," Matt insisted.

"I know." Jeff set a hand on his brother's shoulder and looked right into his eyes. "I know about safe sex, ok? I don't see why you're so worried, I'm not even sleeping with him."

"But that's not what he wants, is it?" Matt raised his eyebrows inquiringly. "Hmm?"

Jeff sighed. "Last night was just - just a miscommunication. He thought I was sending out signals that I didn't mean to be. I guess that's why it's good that it's Jay, a guy I know I can trust. Last night is not going to happen again. He even apologized."

"Well, that's good. I guess he really is the best person for you to learn all this stuff with. Still, you can't blame me for being worried about you." Matt was frowning thoughtfully. He was silent for a moment. He looked back up at Jeff before speaking again. "Honestly, Jeff, are you going to sleep with him?"

"I guess so, eventually." Jeff shrugged. "I'm taking it one step at a time, and right now I am nowhere near ready for that."

"So what step are you on?" Matt inquired.

"I don't know." Jeff shrugged again. "We really haven't done much physical stuff. I'm still trying to figure out the social part of it. It's really different going on a date with a guy, you know."

"I'll take your word on that."

"So no more lectures, ok?" Jeff requested. "I promise I'll keep you up to date as long as you don't give me stupid lectures."

Matt smiled and nodded. "Deal." He shook Jeff's hand to seal it. "I'm just worried about you, little brother." Jeff just smiled and laughed.


Part Three

A month later Jeff and Jay were sitting in Jay's room watching tv. They were sharing a chair, Jeff occupying Jay's lap. Jeff sighed happily. "I'm so glad we started cuddling, Jay," he commented, cozying back into Jay's arms. He leaned his head back against Jay's shoulder. "I really like cuddling."

"Me too." Jay briefly tightened the arms he had wrapped around Jeff's chest, squeezing the Hardy affectionately. He couldn't help being painfully aware of the well defined muscles beneath his fingers. He really wanted to run his hands across those muscles, and to kiss Jeff's perfect skin with his lips. He was doing a good job of suppressing those desires. He and Jeff had discuss it in length, and he understood that Jeff wasn't ready for much of a physical relationship. That didn't mean his need for physical contact got any less, though. He still wanted Jeff just as badly as he had four weeks ago. Still, he really did care about the young high flyer, and he was willing to wait.

"I love you, Jeff." It came out before Jay realized what he was saying. It was something of a shock to him. I love you? Did he?

Jeff sat up straight. He turned around, his eyes soft and wide. "You love me?" he breathed, staring at Jay with a surprised gaze.

"Yes, I - I guess I do," Jay stammered. He hadn't been aware of it himself, but...yes, he did love Jeff.

"Oh, Jay." Jeff's face was full of emotion as he gazed into Jay's sky blue eyes. "I don't know what to say."

Jay smiled reassuringly. "You don't have to say anything," he told the emotional Hardy.

Indeed, Jeff did not respond with words. He leaned forward to meet Jay's lips in a passionate kiss. His eyes were twinkling with a light Jay had never seen before. He wrapped his arm around Jeff's back and pulled their chests together as Jeff kissed him again. It was a lot closer than they were used to getting, and Jay was thrilled with it. He figured it was over for the moment when Jeff pulled back.

Jeff sat looking at Jay for a moment, then moved his hands up to the base of his shirt. He paused a moment, his hands clenching the fabric, an almost taunting look about him. Then, he slowly drew his shirt up over his head, tossing the discarded garment onto another chair. Jay ran his eyes over Jeff's torso with pleasure. He was pleased when Jeff moved closer to him, pressing their chests together again.

Jay wrapped his arms around Jeff's back, running his hands down Jeff's silky skin. Jeff did not object. He leaned forward to meet Jay's lips again. To his surprise, Jay felt Jeff's grip close about the hem of his shirt. He allowed the Hardy Boy to remove the garment, enjoying immensely the feel of their now bare chests pressed together as they continued kissing.

Jay felt a hint of disappointment, but just a hint, when Jeff pulled back again. He hadn't expected it to go even that far, so he was plenty happy with it. "This isn't very comfortable, is it?" Jeff mused, tracing along the muscle lines in Jay's chest with his finger. Jay was paying more attention to the actions of Jeff's hand on his chest than Jeff's words, so he just shrugged. Jeff leaned in close to whisper in Jay's ear. "Let's move to the bed."

Jeff's statement instantly commanded Jay's attention. "Really?" he stammered, staring at the suddenly forward Hardy. Jeff smiled and nodded, taking his arm and pulling him out of the chair. He glanced a little shyly at the amply sized hotel bed, then sat down in the middle of it, beckoning for Jay to join him. Jay did so, taking the Hardy in his arms again once they were settled.

Jeff returned several kisses, hesitating before their lips could meet again. "Jay, could you do that thing again?" Jeff requested, his eyes taking on a puppy dog-like look, but with a more seductive quality. "That thing with my chest?" He lay back on the pillows, scooting around until he found a comfortable reclining position.

Jay was still feeling surprised. "You want me to?"

"Yes." Jeff nodded, sounding completely positive. He spread his arms out and stuck out his chest invitingly. Jay felt excitement running through his veins as he pulled himself over Jeff, running his hands tenderly down Jeff's sides. He repeated the type of kisses he had given Jeff's nipples once before. Jeff moaned happily. The sound was like music to Jay's ears.

Jay wanted badly to go for Jeff's belt; to see the young athlete in his full, naked glory, but he remembered what had happened last time he had tried that. He pulled back the hand that had been about to undo the clasp. "Go on, Jay," Jeff whispered, meeting the golden blonde's eyes squarely. Jay hesitated a moment, then undid the clasp and pulled off the belt.

Jeff fidgeted, as if he wanted to get up. Jay allowed him to slide out from under him and stand by the side of the bed. Slowly, Jeff slid off his pants. He stepped out of the discarded clothing, standing there in the middle of the floor and letting Jay look at his almost naked body. Only his deep red boxers remained.

Jay's eyes ran over Jeff's body excitedly. "God, you're beautiful," he murmured. Jeff smiled, climbing back into the bed. Instead of resuming his previous position, he rolled Jay over onto his back and straddled Jay's hips, sending still more excitement running through the golden blonde.

Jeff leaned over so that his face for less than an inch from Jay's. "We're not really even, are we?" Jeff observed. Jay felt confused for a moment, but he understood as he felt Jeff's hands run along the waist of his pants. Chuckling, he helped Jeff remove the loose black jeans he was wearing. He thought his jet black boxers perfectly matched Jeff's crimson ones. Jay smiled up at Jeff, his eyes glowing. He wasn't sure exactly how far the young Hardy wanted to go, but he was prepared to stop at any time if Jeff requested it. He was perfectly fine with letting Jeff take the lead. That would make sure they wouldn't go too far for the young athlete - although they couldn't get much further than this without going all the way.

Jay kissed Jeff hungrily, but he tried not to make it seem too eager. He didn't want Jeff to feel pressured. However, an increasing amount of his thoughts were focused on the sensations running through his body as Jeff shifted on top of him. Their skin was touching nearly all over their bodies, and they were both enjoying it. Jay found the thought of someone as young and innocent as Jeff being seductive slightly amusing, but he knew he couldn't have resisted Jeff for the world.

Jay was beginning to think that this was going to be it - they were finally going to spend the night together. He wasn't thinking about the reservations Jeff might have anymore, only about how strong his desire was. His kisses grew fiercer as he rolled over so that Jeff was beneath him again. Gently, he lifted his weight for a moment to turn Jeff onto his stomach. The Hardy didn't object at all. Jay stroked Jeff's sides repeatedly, each time moving lower, getting closer to the top of Jeff's boxers. Just as he was about to reach the fabric and slide them off Jeff's hips, Jeff spoke.

"Jay," Jeff said.

Jay sighed and rolled onto the mattress next to Jeff. He felt extremely disappointed. He had known Jeff might ask him to stop at any time, but he felt disappointed to have gotten so close and been stopped. "I know, I sorry. It's ok, I can still wait for you," he said in resignation, trying to keep his disappointment out of his voice.

Jeff turned to look at him. "I didn't mean stop," he whispered quietly. "I just wanted to ask if you  could use protection."

Jay's eyebrows rose. "What, you mean - "

"It's just how I was taught." Jeff shrugged sheepishly. "I guess we don't really need it, but it would make me more comfortable."

Jay shook his head, trying to correct the Hardy's misunderstanding of his question. "Well, sure we can. But, you mean you're ready? Tonight?"

"Yes." Jeff nodded, not flinching one bit from Jay's shocked stare. "I'm ready, Jay. I want to be with you tonight."

"I can't believe this!" Benoit exclaimed. "That bitch is still in there with Jay, and look at the time! If he was going to leave, he would've already. You know what that means!"

Rock looked unconcerned. "I seem to recall you telling me you thought Jeff should start putting out, Chris. So what are you objecting to now that he apparently has?"

"I was just talking before." Benoit scowled. "I meant that someone like Jay should get it when he wants it. He shouldn't have to wait for when his picky little scared boyfriend is ready. It just pisses me off! If I was with him, I'd never make him wait. I know I can do him way better than Jeff ever could, too." Benoit smiled maliciously. "Maybe it'll be bad and Jay'll dump his sorry ass!"

"Even if it was, you know Jay would never sleep with him then dump him," Rock pointed out.

"Why?" Benoit demanded. "He did it to me, didn't he? One night, and he never shows any interest in me again!"

"Yeah, but you have to consider that he never showed any interest in you before, either," Rock stated.

"He did!" Benoit insisted. "He wanted me so much, he practically seduced me! Not that I would've even turned him down."

Dwaine snorted. "I think you're telling a slightly altered version of what happened, Chris. As I recall, Jay was still pining away for his last boyfriend when he slept with you."

"Not true," Benoit denied. "Jay wanted me, and if that pretty little Hardy wouldn't have started flaunting himself shamelessly before Jay then he'd be with me now! When they break up, Jay will come crawling right back into my arms, and I'll welcome him gladly. He'll never leave me after he sees how right I'll treat him!"

Dwaine sighed and rolled his eyes. "Are you done ranting yet? Because, as I recall, you're not staying in my room tonight so we can talk. If your would-be lover's getting some tonight, well I have a perfect way for you to pay him back." Rock smiled invitingly. "How 'bout it?"

"I guess I'm done," Benoit announced, still scowling. "But they are going to break up. I'll make sure of that!"

Part Four

Matt noticed Jeff and Jay sitting together at a table the next morning. They were smiling at each other and looked a little too lovey-dovey for Matt to want to sit with them. However, all the other tables were full and Matt didn't see anyone else that he knew. He reluctantly walked up to his brother's table and asked if he could join them.

"Sure, pull up a chair," Jeff told him, giving him a bright smile.

"Thanks." Matt looked curiously between the two of them. "Did I miss something?"

"Hmm?" Jeff looked a little confused.

"Is there a reason you're so happy?" Matt inquired.

"Of course there is." Jeff smiled at Jay. "We're together. What could make me happier?"

"I can think of what would make me happier," Matt replied, "Having the tag team championship belt around my waist. But thanks to your dear boyfriend, I don't!"

"Oh, it's not Jay's fault he's so talented." Jeff took Jay's hand and stroked the back lovingly. "Is it dearest? It's just inborn."

Matt wanted to roll his eyes, but he suppressed that urge. He cleared his throat to try and get Jeff's attention. The action failed, as Jeff continued to gaze at Jay, his smile still as bright as the sun. Matt cleared his throat again. Jeff finally looked back at him, but only briefly. His eyes soon returned to Jay. Matt sighed.

"I think we're making your brother uncomfortable, Jeff," Jay said, gently pulling his hand out of Jeff's grasp. "Do you want some attention too, Matt?" Jay grinned and chuckled. Matt made a face at him.

"Are you gonna let him talk to me that way, Jeff?" Matt demanded in mock insult.

"You bet I am." Jeff scooted his chair closer to Jay's. "You're my brother, you're stuck with me for life. You can't dump me like Jay could - not that he's going to, of course - so that means I have to give Jay more attention so we stay close." Jay chuckled as Jeff leaned his head against his shoulder.

Matt smiled, but he felt a tad embarrassed. "Yeah, I guess. I don't mean to be rude, Jeff, but could you maybe be a little less obvious?" he requested. He glanced around to see if anyone was looking at them. He wondered what had sparked this sudden affectionate display in Jeff.

"What do you mean 'obvious'?" Jeff wondered.

"I mean - not so cuddly in public," Matt clarified.

"He means you should stay in your own space," Jay stated bluntly.

Jeff raised his head from Jay's shoulder, a pouty expression on his face. "You don't want me by you?"

"Of course I do." Jay ran his hand gently down Jeff's cheek, smiling as he looked into Jeff's practically glowing face. "You just have to know where it's appropriate. When you're around your brother, you should probably count it as 'not appropriate'. If my intuition is right, Matt's watching thinking how sickening we are. Can't blame him, really. I've known couples like that. Remember when Adam and Alanah started going out?" Jay shuttered.

"Could you please not talk about me like I'm not here?" Matt requested.

"Sorry," Jay apologized. He glanced at Jeff inquiringly. "You done with your breakfast? I am."

"You're done? But I just got here!" Matt objected.

"I'm done," Jeff stated, standing up with Jay. "Sorry Matt. You should get up earlier. I'll catch you later."

"Yeah, see you later," Matt grumbled.

"Sit your ass back down right now!"

Jay turned around to find Adam standing behind him, his hands on his hips. "Excuse me?" Jay asked.

"I said sit." Adam put his hands on Jay's shoulders and pushed his back into his chair. "I never get to eat with you anymore, but I caught you this morning! You're not going anywhere." Adam took the chair Jeff had formerly occupied.

Jeff crossed his arms, frowning. "You can't steal my Jay!" he protested.

"Too bad, I just did." Adam picked up a menu and started looking through it. "Get lost, Matt. Jay and I don't need a third wheel."

"I haven't eaten yet!" Matt exclaimed.

"I don't care. Grab something later." Adam dismissed Matt offhand.

"Fine." Matt stood up, looking rather sour. "I'll just go talk to my best friend then." He took Jeff's arm and walked off.

Adam chuckled as he watched them walk off. Jay scowled. "What the heck was that, Adam?" he demanded.

Adam shrugged. "Just what I said. I want to spend some time with you for a change. You've been like Jeff's shadow since you two started going out."

"Well, I guess that's partly true." Jay smiled. "He's just so great, I love being with him."

"And he's nicer than me?"

"Right now, yes." Jay frowned. "I really want to be around him right now."

"Cause of what you did last night?" Adam waved a waitress over, setting the menu down.

Jay started. "What?" he stammered.

"Hang on a minute." Adam paused to place his order. He looked back at Jay as the waitress walked away. "What's what?" he asked.

"What do you mean 'what we did last night'?" Jay demanded.

Adam shook his head. "I don't know exactly what you did to him last night, Jay, and I don't want to know. The noises were gross enough." Jay turned a little pale. Adam chuckled. "I was in the room next to yours, you know. You guys weren't exactly quiet."

"I guess that's true." Jay looked a little sheepish. "We weren't really thinking about being quiet."

"I could tell." Adam smiled as the waitress came with his food. He dug into the meal as they continued talking. "So how long have you been sleeping together?" he inquired.

"Not that it's any of your business, but last night was the first time," Jay replied.

"Really. Well, congratulations. It certainly sounded like you were having fun - although I think I heard Jeff more."

"Were you sitting next to the wall listening or something?" Jay snapped, feeling a little embarrassed.

"No. I only heard a little, actually. I put on some headphones after the first few minutes." Adam steered the conversation to other things after that, and they had a nice chat over breakfast.

Matt pulled Jeff into his room. He pushed his brother into a chair and crossed his arms, waiting expectantly. "Well?"

"Well what?" Jeff put on his best innocent face.

"Tell me what happened."

Jeff couldn't suppress the smile that came to his face. "It was so great, Matt! What Jay said to me last night, it was so great!"

"What was that?" Matt inquired.

"We were just sitting there watching tv, and suddenly he just says it!" Jeff was beaming. "I wasn't expecting it at all!"

"What did he say?" Matt pushed impatiently.

There was a small tear in Jeff's eye as he spoke. "He said 'I love you'! He loves me! Isn't that incredible? He loves me Matt!"

Matt blinked with surprise. "He said that? Wow. Isn't that moving a little fast?"

"No." Jeff gave his brother a funny look. "We've been dating for two months. That's plenty of time to fall in love. God, I feel so great!"

A small smile crept across Matt's face, along with a touch of amusement at his brother's jubilance. "I'm happy for you," he said sincerely, giving his brother a warm hug. " 'I love you' is a big step."

"We reached another big milestone," Jeff shared, glancing at the floor a little shyly.

"What was that?" Matt inquired curiously.

"We - um - " Jeff cleared his throat, hesitating for a moment.

Matt's eyes got wider. "You did? But I thought you weren't ready for that!"

"I didn't think I was." Jeff shrugged. "It just felt right, you know?"

"I guess." Matt felt a little uncertain, but he covered it up with a smile. "I'm doubly happy for you then. I hate to bring this up, but you were safe, weren't you?"

"Yeah." Jeff's smile was huge. "It was no problem. It was great. Everything last night was great, and now Jay and I are closer that ever!" Matt echoed his smile, pulling him into another hug.

Benoit was waiting impatiently in his room, tapping his fingers on the side of his chair. He stood when Rock returned. "Well?" Benoit demanded impatiently.

"I can't say I understand your motive, but I did it. Only because you asked so nicely, though." Rock chuckled, taking a seat next to Benoit. "By tonight's event, everyone'll know."

"Great." Benoit smiled. "There's something else I need your help with, too. We need to deliver a rumor to someone Jeff trusts, someone who'll share it with him."

"What kind of rumor?" Dwaine wanted to know.

"Nothing but the truth." Benoit narrowed his eyes. "I think I've figured it out. The only reason Jay likes that slut is because he thinks Jeff is more attractive that I am. That's exactly what I want Jeff to hear. I want Jeff to think that Jay's only interest in him is based on purely carnal motives; which is true, of course. I can't blame Jay. He is a man, after all."

"If you do get Jay, are you gonna leave the GHP?" Dwaine inquired, a frown forming on his face. "I wouldn't like that. You remember how angry I was when Paul left because of Shane. I don't  want to lose another member."

"I'd have to talk to Jay." Benoit shrugged. "It all depends. I don't think he'll want to join, but - "

"It doesn't matter if he wants to join," Dwaine interrupted. His face broke out in a smile. "Hear that? I used my catch phrase!" He chuckled to himself, then returned to what he had been saying. "He can't join, even if he wants to. He doesn't meet the qualifications."

"I wouldn't want him to join anyway, Dwaine," Benoit stated. "I want him to be with just me. I guess I wouldn't really mind if...well, that's not an issue now. We'll talk about that once he comes back to me. Now listen to my plan. Do you think we could bring some of the other guys in on it? Just ones we can trust, of course."

"Sure, but the more people you fill in on your 'plan' - " Rock rolled his eyes, clearly not taking any of it seriously, " - the bigger the chance it'll get back to Jay."

"You're right." Benoit pursed his lips thoughtfully. "Let's keep this just you and me, then. Now listen up, 'cos this has to work."

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