His name was Tom Reed; at the moment, anyway. He had used many names in his life, more than 15 in the last five years alone. He had a constant companion and henchman whom he called Bill. Bill didn't need to change his name, as he was never seen in public. He was a large, quiet man who almost never spoke. This was fine with Tom, as he had never been a fan of aimless conversation. Bill obeyed his orders well, and that was what mattered.

 Never in Tom's life had there been any reason or consistency. He simply did what he felt like, driven by the deep, strong, almost animal-like emotions he felt. He had never been able to understand why he felt the things he did, nor had he ever tried to. He had no restraint. When he felt something, he always followed up on it. The emotion he felt the most was anger; anger and hate. Every now and then, Tom would meet someone he simply could not stand. It didn't have to be a long meeting, only a glimpse could stir such a feeling in him. He had been institutionalized at a young age because of the way he lashed out violently at these people whom he hated for unexplainable reasons. He had feigned recovery and been released, shortly after which he had disappeared and set out on his own, despite his youth. He didn't consider himself insane, but that was what he would have been to anyone else.

 Tom was in New York at the moment. He was in his hotel room at the moment, plotting how to cripple the person upon whom his hate had recently focused. He had seen the man that afternoon in person, although only briefly. He had seen him several times on tv, also. He didn't bother considering why he hated the young athlete, he only knew that he did. The unfortunate man's name: Jeff Hardy.

 Tom had finished his plan before it was even dark. He had considered kidnaping the young Hardy and doing all sorts of terrible things to him, but then he had thought of something far better. The mental anguish his finished plan would cause his target would be far more satisfying than any physical pain he could inflict. He had fully explained his plan to Bill, and they would set it in motion immediately.

"Hey Matt." Jeff knocked on his older brother's door. "Did you accidently grab my shirt after RAW? You know, that black one I was wearing. I can't find it anywhere."

 "Go away, Jeff, I'm trying to sleep," Matt snapped crossly.

 "But do you have it?"

 "I'll look tomorrow. Now go away." Matt pulled his pillow over his ears so he couldn't hear what Jeff said next. He was trying to sleep, dammit! Just because Jeff never got tired didn't mean the same was true for him. He was exhausted. He was glad when Jeff finally went away.

 The next morning, Matt woke up early. He decided to slip out for an early breakfast, leaving a note for Jeff just in case his nosy brother managed to get into his room somehow. Jeff looked for Matt when he got up hours later. He did get into his brother's room, just as Matt had figured he would, and found the note. It said ‘back around 9:00'. Jeff looked at the clock. It was 11:00. He frowned, starting to get a little worried.

 Several hours later, when he had still seen no sign of Matt, he was getting more than a little worried. He drove to the arena that night for the SmackDown! taping on his motorcycle, hoping Matt would be there. He looked everywhere, but no Matt.

Matt was just returning to consciousness from the large dose of drugs he had been given. He found himself sprawled in a chair in an unfamiliar room. He jumped as he heard someone clear their throat behind him. Tom was standing there, Bill by his side.

 "Good evening, Matt," Tom said, malice clear in his voice. He gave Bill a signal. The powerful man walked to the other side of the room and picked up a video camera which was lying on a table, setting it up on a tripod which had been placed in the same area. He looked through it to aim it at Matt, then nodded to Tom. Matt saw the little red light come on which meant the camera was recording.

 Tom stepped up to Matt's side. He was smiling at the camera. "Hello, Jeff," Tom began. "You don't know me, but I have to tell you, I really don't like you. I believe you know this man here." He gestured to Matt, whose hands were bound behind his back and ankles tied together. "I've decided that it would be fun to take out my hate for you on someone a lot like you; your dear brother. He'll be staying with me for a while, therefore."

A week later, a very distraught Jeff received a package in the mail. In it was Matt's shirt and a video tape. He called the police who were investigating Matt's kidnaping immediately. On the tape, Jeff saw a bound Matt and his kidnaper. Tom didn't do anything to Matt in the video. The purpose of the first one was just to introduce the threat. His friends could do little to console Jeff, who felt not only worried but also extremely guilty, since it was him the kidnaper hated, not Matt. Tom, being the extremely clever criminal mind that he was, had carefully allowed nothing in the video that could lead to them being found. He had also waited almost a week before sending the video, making sure that they were far away by the time Jeff received it.

 More videos followed the first. They got progressively worse as they went along. His friends told him not to, but Jeff insisted on watching every video. He tortured himself from the immense guilt he put on himself. He felt that he was to blame for every awful thing Tom did to his captive brother. Adam and Jay, most of all, tried to support Jeff through this terrible ordeal. Still, Jeff sunk into a deep depression. He barely ate and barely slept, he was so overwhelmed with guilt and worry.

 Then, one day, he received the worst tape yet. He had gotten in the habit of watching them before turning them over to the police, or else they wouldn't let him see it. He felt he had to know what that awful man was doing to his brother, since it was what should be happening to him, not Matt. The tape began with a close up of Tom's smiling face.

 "Well, I've had your dear brother about a month now," Tom began, "and I must say, this certainly has been fun. And, after all I've put him through, he's beginning to get kind of weak. I've been saving something very special for when he's weak enough for it. You're in for a great show, Jeff, because I've decided to go ahead with it tonight." The camera shifted angles to reveal Matt lying lifelessly on a bed, his arms bound to either side of the headboard. A thin sheet was pulled up to his shoulders. He was lying on his stomach, and it was obvious that he was completely naked.

 Jeff's breathe caught in his throat. "NO!" he cried, knowing what Tom was planning to do. "God, no!!" He watched in horror as Tom entered the picture. He sat on the bed next to Matt, running his hand down Matt's back.

 "This'll be fun, won't it Matt?" Tom asked mockingly, beginning to kiss Matt's neck. Matt didn't move. "Come on, say hello to your brother." Tom turned Matt's head to look at the camera. "Why don't you tell him exactly how you feel?"

 "I'm ok, Jeff," Matt whispered. "It's not your fault. I'm ok."

 "Tell him you want him to save you, Matt," Tom ordered, "Ask him why he hasn't." Matt shook his head. Jeff could see fear in his brother's face as Tom climbed onto him. "Well, you will," Tom stated. Jeff began sobbing as he watched the scene continue. He could tell Matt was trying to handle it, but he lost his control quickly.

 "Oh, god, help me!" Matt cried, tears pouring down his face. "Jeff - please! Please!"

 Jeff collapsed onto the floor as the scene faded and the tape came to its end. He cried harder than he ever had before. He slammed his fist repeatedly into the carpet, cursing himself for what he had put his brother for. He had cause that! It should've been him. Far better him than Matt. Adam and Jay found him weeping this way when they returned a few minutes later from the store.

 "You got another one, didn't you?" Adam asked, setting a hand on Jeff's back. "Jeff, calm down - "

 "Don't tell me to calm down!" Jeff screamed. "Don't tell me to fucking calm down! My brother's being tortured, and all you want me to calm down?!?"

 "Jeff, we told you not to watch those," Jay said softly.

 "I have to." Jeff pushed Adam away as Adam tried to pull him into a hug. He shoved Jay down, who had been reaching for the tape. He snatched the tape out of the VCR.

 "Jeff, we need to give that to the police," Jay protested.

 "No." Jeff shook his head, yanking the film out of the tape and crumpling it up. "No, they can't see this! What the hell good would it do, anyway? Have they found one fucking clue?!?" He fell back onto the floor. His eyes were drying up, as he had already shed every tear he could spare, but sobs still racked his body. Adam and Jay did their best to comfort him, but, as before, their efforts did little good.

That same night, Tom was feeling particularly pleased with himself because of a new angle he had come up with. He had just about run out of new ways to physically abuse Matt to get to Jeff, but that didn't matter now. What he would try next would be even better. He summoned Bill, it being about time to make the next video for Jeff. He had continued sending each video off a week after it had been made, which meant that Jeff would receive them right around the time he would be making the next one.

 Matt whimpered as Tom came into the room where he was being held at the moment. He wrapped his arms over his eyes, not wanting to believe he was really awake. "Please, not tonight," he begged. It had been a week since Tom had first taken him, and he had forced himself on the powerless Hardy every night since then.

 Tom chuckled, knowing Matt was in exactly the right state of mind to go along with him. He sat on the end of Matt's bed. "I have a proposition for you, Matt," he said. Matt kept his arms over his eyes, refusing to look at his captor. Tom ran his hand up Matt's leg to remind his prisoner exactly who was in charge.

 Matt shuddered. "Please..." he whispered.

 "I'd like to try a new angle with our videos, Matt," Tom stated. "This time, instead of inflicting some injury on you, I want you to cause the injury - to Jeff, that is. I want to roll the camera on you, and you say something nasty, some put down to him. And I want you to make it look like you really mean it."

 "No." Matt shook his head. "I can't do that! I can't do that to Jeff. I love him. I won't!"

 Tom was prepared for initial resistance. He continued to gaze at Matt, confidence in his eyes. "If you do, I won't fuck you tonight," he offered.

 Matt looked up at that. "You won't?"

 "Nope." Tom smiled. "I'll leave you all alone."

 Matt looked like he was considering it, but he shook his head. "No, I can't! Besides," he added, "you will anyway."

 "Think about it Matt," Tom urged, "I know I've done a lot of awful things to you, but have I ever lied? Even once?" Matt thought for a moment, and Tom could tell the answer he came up with. "Well?" he asked.

 "No, but - but I can't do that to Jeff!" Matt insisted.

 Tom shrugged. "Fine." He moved up to the head of the bed and sat there. He pulled Matt up to him and laid a kiss on his neck.

 "Stop, please," Matt pleaded, his voice weak and quiet. He closed his eyes tightly as Tom continued to kiss him. He couldn't take this again. But he couldn't do that to Jeff, either. "Wait," he begged, his already weak will collapsing, "I'll do it, ok? I'll say anything you want me to. Just stop."

 Tom smiled and released him. "I thought you might change your mind."

Jeff stared at the package before him, which he knew contained yet another tape. He didn't want to watch it. He didn't want to know what terrible thing Tom would do to Matt this time. He had to watch it, though. Reluctantly, he stuck the tape into the VCR. Tom's face flashed onto the screen. He wore his typical smile and spoke in a casual manner.

 "Well, good day Jeff," Tom said. "I have to tell you, this last week has been just great. I trust you've had a nice time?" Tom laughed maliciously. "Anyway, I've been fucking your brother for about a week now, and I must say, I think he's starting to like it. There was a little resistance at first, as you saw, but I think I've smoothed all that out now. Let me see if I can get his attention for you." Tom looked away from the camera. "Hey, Matt!" he called, "Say hi to Jeff."

 The camera moved to the left to reveal Matt lounging on a couch reading a magazine. Jeff thought he looked surprisingly well, far better than he had in any other video. Matt looked up, looking bored and a little annoyed. "Who?" he asked.

 "Your brother," Tom supplied from off camera.

 "Oh, right." Matt turned his head toward the camera. "Hi Jeff," he said, then returned to his magazine.

 "Say a little more than that," Tom urged.

 Matt looked distinctly annoyed. "Like what?"

 "I don't know, just say something."

 Matt sighed. "Can't you see I'm trying to read? Film yourself instead, you seem to have plenty to say." He went back to his magazine again.

 "Isn't there anything you want to say to him?" Tom pushed.

 "Um - oh, ok I got something." Matt looked at the camera. "Jeff, you really have to work on staying in shape by yourself, since I'm not around right now. You don't look like you've been working out properly. I saw you on RAW last week, and you really looked like shit. Shape up, man." He turned to look in Tom's direction. "Is that enough, or should I BS some other stupid message for him?"

 "That's good," Tom stated just before the tape faded out. Jeff stared at the tv, not knowing what to make of this most recent video. Matt had been acting very strange. He hid the tape in his bag, figuring he'd think some more and then decide what to do with it.

Matt slept easier that week. Tom had come through on his promise, and let him be not only one night but the entire week. Matt was feeling a little worried, as he knew it was time for Tom to make the next video, since Jeff should have just gotten the previous one. He was worried that Tom would want him to say more hurtful things to his brother.

 Before long, Tom entered his room with Bill, who was carrying the video camera. Matt started to get up out of his chair, but Tom motioned for him to sit. "Relax, I'll give you some time before we start," he stated. "Actually, I think we might delay it ‘til tomorrow. You can put that camera down, Bill. I think I'll try that new stuff we got instead." He held out his hand, and Bill dropped a small bag into his hand. Matt was alarmed when Bill pulled a small needle out of his pocket. Noticing his alarm, Tom chuckled. "Don't worry, this isn't for you," he assured the captive Hardy, "This is for me."

 Tom rolled up his sleeve and stuck the needle into his forearm, closing his eyes as the drug seeped into him. "Mmm, that's good," he murmured. He glanced at Matt. "Want some? It'll make you fly."

 Matt chewed his lip for a moment, then nodded. He was desperate to get away from the hellish world he seemed to be trapped in. He gritted his teeth at the pain of the needle puncture, but quickly forgot all about it.

Another week passed, and Jeff received another tape. He hadn't shown anyone the previous week's tape, and he hoped this wasn't more of the same. The tape started a little differently than the others had. It opened with a closeup of Tom, who seemed to barely be able to keep a straight face.

 "Sure we can film now," Tom stated, his words sounding a little slurred, "Now's perrrrfect! Um - so, hi person, um...." Tom put on a funny thinking face, then made a ding sound and held his hands over his head like a lightbulb. "I got it; Jeff! Hi there Jeff. I'm show you your brother every week, and I'm supposed to do bad things to him, but I guess I sort of failed this time." Tom chuckled, his eyes unfocusing as he laughed. He stared off into space for a moment, then remembered the camera again. "Right, so I'll show him to you anyway," he slurred.

 The camera panned over to reveal Matt lying on the floor laughing. Jeff was appalled by the state his brother seemed to be in. He saw Tom crawl into the picture and tap Matt on the shoulder. "Matt, say hi!" Tom choked out through giggles.

 "High!" Matt exclaimed, pointing up at the ceiling and giggling like he had just heard something really funny. "So high!" He rolled onto his side laughing. Tom laughed along with him.

 "No, to that flashing thingy right there," Tom corrected, pointing to the camera. He pulled Matt into a sitting position and angled his toward the camera. "Say hi!"

 Matt smiled at the camera in a goofy, childish way, then made a funny face and laughed some more. He and Tom kept laughing. They both clearly had no idea what they were doing. In the midst of their laughter, Tom began to kiss Matt's neck. Matt kept on laughing, responding to Tom's kisses as the kidnapper moved up to his lips. Their lips met a few more times before Tom fell onto his back in a fit of laughter.

 The video continued like that for a few more minutes before finally fading out. Jeff shook his head, tears in his eyes. Matt had clearly been given drugs. He had to do something! But what? Jeff collapsed onto his bed miserably, racking his tortured brain for more ideas.

 It didn't help him feel better when Adam and Jay showed up a few minutes later. Adam put his hands on his hips. "Jeff, we know you've been hiding tapes from us," he stated.

 "How would you know that?" Jeff snapped.

 "Come on, Jeff, we need to give those to the police," Jay put in.

 "Why? Have they done shit to find my brother? Have they done one fucking bit of good?" Jeff yelled, anger filling him.

 "They're doing the best they can, but they'd have a better chance if they had all the things you've gotten from the kidnapper in their possession so they can look for clues," Adam said, trying to keep his voice calm.

 "Adam, if I were hiding tapes, don't you think there'd be a damn good reason?" Jeff demanded. "Do you think I cut that one tape up for no reason? If you wanna know, I'll show you what's on those tapes. Look at this!" Jeff rewound the tape in the VCR to the beginning and played it. He stopped it before the kissing part. "If anyone besides us saw this, and the other tapes, it would completely humiliate Matt! It's not his fault he was drugged, it's not his fault he was kidnaped, I can't let this ruin his reputation! It's my fault." Jeff's anger turned toward himself. "It's all my fault!"

 Jeff broke down in tears again, letting Adam take him in his arms this time. "It's ok, Jeff," Adam breathed, glancing over the sobbing Hardy's shoulder at Jay. They were getting very concerned about Jeff's growing self-loathing. They had decided that they couldn't let him have his own room anymore, for fear he might become suicidal. Adam prayed that having them there for him would give Jeff the strength he needed to pull through this. Still, they could only hope...

Matt was fidgeting around on his bed, waiting for Tom to come. He rubbed his forearm anxiously. He was feeling very depressed; he wanted to fly again and forget everything. What was taking so long? Every night that week Tom had brought him some more of that wonderful thing which freed him from the real, terrible world. Matt smiled when the door finally opened.

 "Did you bring me more?" he asked urgently when Tom and Bill had entered the room.

 Tom frowned. "I think I've given you plenty. That stuff isn't free, you know. I only meant for you to try it that once."

 Matt felt panicky at the thought of not getting any more. "But I need it!" he insisted. "Please...I need more. Just - just a little more."

 Tom shook his head. "It's better if you just quit now," he stated.

 "No!" Matt exclaimed.

 Tom sat on the edge of the bed. "Forget about it, ‘cos that's not what I came to talk about."

 "Please," Matt begged. He slid up to the end of the bed, right next to Tom. "I'll do anything you want, just give me more!" He moved closer to Tom and wrapped his arms around his captor, running his fingers over Tom's chest. "Please," he said again, brushing his lips against Tom's neck.

 Tom was a little surprised, but he wasn't about to protest. Matt was using the only asset he had at the moment; his body. "So you want it that bad?" he asked, enjoying the feel of Matt's lips running up his neck.

 "Yes. I've got to have more." Matt knew his efforts were having their desired effect. If he could just push Tom a little further, he knew Tom would give him more. He didn't care what he had to do, his desire for that sweet oblivion overrode all his inhibitions. He pulled Tom up to the head of the bed and straddled his stretched out form, leaning down to kiss Tom's chest after sliding his captor's shirt open. "Please," he repeated, "Just a little more."

 Tom moaned as Matt's lips closed about one of his nipples, making the tender flesh grow hard. He was finding Matt's argument very persuasive, just as Matt had hoped. "Please me first," he breathed. Matt complied willingly, kissing down Tom's stomach. Tom's eyes rolled back in his head with pleasure.

 A few moments later, Matt kissed back up Tom's chest. "Now?" he inquired. Tom nodded. He stood up to fetch the needle and bag and handed them to Matt. Matt gladly took them and pierced the skin on his forearm with the needle. He sighed contentedly as the drug began to take effect.

 "Goodnight, Matt," Tom said as he left the room.

 "Night," Matt murmured.

 Tom felt extremely pleased with what had just occurred. Unbeknownst to Matt, he had gotten the whole thing on tape. He couldn't wait to send the tape to Jeff. He knew it would crush Jeff to see that he brother was now not only a drug addict, but also a strawberry. Tom wondered if he could get Matt to preform more sexual favors on him in exchange for drugs. He had a feeling it would be no challenge at all. This was turning out to be his funnest case ever.

Meanwhile, Jeff was trying to get to sleep in Adam and Jay's room, where they had insisted he stay. Adam had volunteered to sleep on the couch, since there were only two beds in the room. Both Adam and Jay were already asleep, but Jeff couldn't relax enough to sleep. He was lying in bed with his eyes open, staring off into the darkness.

 All the awful things he had seen on those tapes were running through his mind. He began to cry, trying to be quiet so he wouldn't wake his roommates. He didn't realize either of them was up until he felt a soft touch on his shoulder. He turned to see Adam standing there, a sympathetic look on his face.

 "Can't sleep?" Adam whispered.

 Jeff shook his head. "Not when I think about - about all the things he's done to Matt. My brother! All he's been through..." Jeff voice trailed off of as a sob shook his chest. Adam sat down on the bed next to him and pulled him into a hug.

 "Matt will survive, Jeff," Adam assured him, "Matt will get through this, and he'll get away, and he'll be alright." Jeff held Adam tightly. His tears dried up after a few minutes, but he didn't let go. Adam pulled back after a while and looked into his deep green eyes. "Do you think you can sleep now?" the sensitive blonde asked.

 "I - I think so," Jeff replied. "But - don't leave me, ok? Just stay here."

 "Right here?" Adam looked a little hesitant.

 "Yeah." Jeff chuckled, a sort of half-sob, half-laugh. "Like a big teddy bear for me to hold."

 "Alright." Adam settled himself in front of Jeff, staying on top of the sheet which Jeff lay under. Jeff sighed, feeling better just to have someone there. He wrapped his arm around Adam's waist and cuddled up to him, remembering the way he had curled up in his parents' bed when he was very young and it was stormy outside. He buried his face in Adam's soft hair, wishing he were a kid right now so everything could be simple again.

Jeff continued wanting one of his new roommates to sleep in his bed. He found that it really helped him relax and get to sleep. Jay and Adam alternated nights. They felt a little funny about being in bed with another man, but they knew that Jeff just needed comfort, and they always made sure there were sheets between them. Jeff seemed to grow more vulnerable and scared every day. After he had seen the next tape, which he destroyed before either of his friends could view it, he couldn't get to sleep even with one of them there for him. They had to change their sleeping arrangements again. Now, both blondes slept beside the scared young Hardy. It felt crowded with all three of them in one bed, but that was exactly what Jeff wanted. With one of his friends to either side of him, he felt protected and sheltered. Their support helped him survive the next week. But, after seeing the next tape, Jeff wasn't sure even that was enough.

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