Adam was heading for his locker room when he paused. He listened closely, against catching the soft sound that had stopped him. He wasn't quite sure what it was, but he did know if was coming from the closet he was standing right next to. Slowly, he eased open the door, peeking into the dark room. He eyes widened when he spotted Kurt curled up against the wall, his face buried in his knees and his body shaking.

 "Kurt?" Adam asked softly, taking a step forward. "What happened?"

 Kurt jumped, glancing up at Adam. His eyes were red and swollen, his face stained with tears. "Take a wild guess," he replied bitterly, wiping at his damp cheeks. "Chris went back to Hunter, Adam. I'm finished."

 "I thought Hunter said he'd stay with you?" Adam asked softly, kneeling beside the distraught Olympian.

 Kurt shook his head, wiping again at his face. "Of course he said that, when he thought that Chris wasn't gonna come around," he choked out. "He - he came and told me while I was in catering, hanging out with some of my friends. He was all smiles and sunshine when he told me Chris was gonna try being with him again. Then he told me he's taking Chris out to celebrate, and that he'd like to just spend time with him tonight." Kurt sniffled, his eyes still gleaming with tears. "Don't you see?" he whispered. "He never wanted me in the first place. He only stayed with me all this time 'cos he couldn't get Chris! He won't want to be with me at all now!"

 "Kurt, if Hunter wanted to leave you, he would've done it a long time ago," Adam replied softly. "If he'd been willing to not have you as a part of his life, Chris never would've left him in the first place."

 Kurt snorted. "Well all that noble shit may've been fine and dandy before Chris came back, but -but now Hunter's gonna decide that it's only Chris that he loves, and only Chris he wants to be with! And - and he's gonna say he made a mistake, he only thought he loved me, and he doesn't ever want me in his life anymore!" Kurt shook his head, his tears flowing a little harder. "Before you know it, I'm gonna be back in my apartment, all alone, and Hunter'll only come and see my baby, HIS baby, every other weekend!"

 Adam moved closer, pulling Kurt into his arms. He guided Kurt's head to his shoulder, not caring if his pretty shirt was wet by tears. "You need to have more confidence in yourself, baby, especially if you're gonna survive in this situation," Adam told him firmly. "I'm sure it'll be damn tense between you and Chris, at least at first. But you're with Hunter too, and he loves you. He wouldn't have given you that ring if he didn't." The tall blonde gestured to the golden band around Kurt's finger. "You have to remember that you're not a second class citizen, baby. This is your life, and you can't let Chris take control of everything. You know I consider both of you close friends, but I know Chris, and he's got a hell of a temper. If he tries to shove you out of the way, you can't let him. Letting him be a dictator in your life won't be good for anyone."

 Kurt looked up at Adam, blinking his damp eyes. His tears had slowly trickled to a stop as he listened to the gorgeous blonde speak. "Do you really think Hunter'll still want me? And that Chris'll allow that?" he breathed.

 "Hunter made it quite clear that he wasn't going to leave you," Adam reiterated. "If Chris agreed to go back to Hunter, then he knows you're gonna be a part of both their lives."

 Kurt swallowed, his voice still a little hesitant. "And you think Chris is going to try and drive me away?"

 Adam shrugged. "I don't know, honey. I hope not, but he might. If he does, you're going to have to try and make peace with him. It's only going to cause problems for all of you if he keeps picking fights with you."

 "But he has more right to Hunter than I do." Kurt wiped at his eyes, gazing up at Adam as he spoke. "They were together before all this crap started."

 "That may be true, but honey, you've got just as much right to Hunter right now as he does," Adam assured the brunette. "Hunter got you pregnant and he knows he has to take responsibility to that. He's made a commitment to that, and, on top of it all, he told you he loves you."

 Kurt nodded, although he still looked unsure. "He did," he whispered. "I hope you're right Adam, I really hope you are. I don't know what I'll do if Hunter leaves me now!"

 "He won't." Adam flashed Kurt one of his lovely smiles, his fingers kneading his friend's back soothingly. "Hunter may royally screw up at times, but he's damn honorable when he needs to be."

 Kurt took a deep breath, then nodded, pulling away from Adam and slowly climbing to his feet. "Can I stay with you tonight?" he asked softly. "Hunter's gonna be with Chris, and, well, to be honest I could use some lessons in sharing." He frowned, his lip sticking out in a bit of a pout. "I've never been good at sharing period; I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to share a man!"

 "I'm sure it'll be really hard first," Adam stated, climbing to his feet as well. "You do have time though. Hopefully you and Chris can learn to get along by the time the babies are born." He laughed a bit, a cheeky smile spreading over his face. "I feel a little bad for Hunter, though. Can you imagine him being left to baby sit while you and Chris take a few much needed days off?"

 That drew a little giggle from Kurt. "Can you even imagine Hunter holding a baby?" he chuckled.

 Adam shook his head, looping an arm around Kurt's shoulders as they stepped out of the closet. "How about him changing a diaper?" he suggested.

 Kurt laughed out loud. "You know, I think we ought to make him the official baby diaper changer!" he proclaimed.

 "Damn good idea! Let's put the motion through!" Adam agreed.

 Jay stood just around the corner, watching as his lover and Kurt walked off down the hall, both giggling and laughing. Drew was standing beside him, chuckling in amusement. "I'm always impressed when I see your man at work," the tall blonde commented.

 Jay grinned. "That's my Adam," he chuckled. "He always tells people what they need to hear." He grabbed Drew's arm, pulling him after the other two men. "Come on. If I know what my baby's thinking, and I always do, we're gonna throw a little 'Cheer Up Kurt' party tonight!"

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