"Feel better this morning?" Adam asked Kurt, glancing at his friend across the table of the hotel's restaurant.

 Kurt gave him a small smile. "Yeah, I guess," he replied. "I really want to talk to Hunter though. Are you sure - "

 "That he won't desert you?" Adam smiled reassuringly, reaching across the table and grasping the other man's hand. "Yes Kurt, I am. He gave you this, didn't he?" The blonde's fingers traced over the gold band on Kurt's hand.

 Kurt nodded. "Yeah," he said quietly. "But that was before Chris came back. Maybe he thought Chris wasn't coming back, and so he figured he might as well make sure I wasn't going anywhere."

 "Well, honey, I'd love to reassure you some more, but I think I'll leave that to the man himself," Adam stated, gesturing to the door.

 Kurt turned, a huge lump forming in this throat when he saw Hunter standing in the doorway, Chris by his side. He watched as Hunter bent down and gave Chris a peck on the cheek, gesturing to a table not too far from where they were standing. Chris nodded and moved towards the table, although a bit of a frown crossed his features as Hunter began striding towards Kurt's table.

 "Morning," Hunter murmured, wrapping his arms around Kurt from behind. "How's my baby?"

 "Oh, it's fine," Kurt replied, putting his hand protectively over his abdomen. "Adam and Jay fed me lots of milk and icecream last night, so it's certainly getting its calcium!"

 Hunter chuckled. "I was talking about you," he murmured, letting his lips graze Kurt's neck.

 Kurt's eyes widened, the brunette suddenly looking a lot more hopeful. "Really?" he asked, a smile beginning to turn up the corners of his mouth.

 "Really." Hunter tightened his arms around the other man. "I told you I'd be there for you, Kurt, and I meant it. That's not gonna change because Chris has come back to me. I know the three of us being together isn't going to be easy, but we'll just have to learn to cope, and now's a great time to start. Would you come eat breakfast with us? If Adam's willing to let you go, that is."

 Adam grinned and nodded. "Yeah sure, take him, I got to spend all night with him anyway," he stated.

 "Great." Hunter stood, holding his hand out to Kurt. The brunette took it hesitantly, allowing Hunter to lead him over to the table where Chris was now settled, peering at a menu. Chris didn't look up when Hunter and Kurt settled down at the table, but it was clear from the expression on his face that he was not at all happy. Hunter handed Kurt a menu before picking up his own, the three of them silent for a moment as they perused the breakfast section.

 "Well," Chris stated, putting down his menu at last. He looked directly at Hunter, not even acknowledging Kurt's presence. "I think I'll have the Belgian Waffles, honey. And you?"

 "Belgian Waffles sound good." Hunter set his menu on top of Chris', turning to Kurt. "What'll you have Kurt?"

 Kurt glanced at Hunter, then Chris, noting that the pregnant blonde's expression had darkened somewhat. "I'll have that too," he whispered, placing his menu on the others.

 "Great." Hunter smiled, although it was obvious that his happy expression was forced. He summoned a waiter and placed their orders, the table falling into dead silence after that. "So..." Hunter cleared his throat. "Um, Kurt, Chris is going to be moving into my - our house this weekend. Vince agreed to let me out of the houseshows. I - well, we, that is, would really like it if you could help get all his things settled."

 "I don't need any help," Chris murmured, his expression still dark.

 Hunter gave him a look, doing his best to keep the peace between them. The hostility lurking just beneath the surface was so strong all three could nearly taste it. "Baby, you can't possibly move everything by yourself," Hunter stated. "Besides, Kurt can show you around, and - "

 "I've been with you for a long time Hunter, I know my way around your house!" Chris snapped, his angry eyes boring into Kurt.

 "Well, he could show you where we want to put the nursery," Hunter quickly continued.

 "Ah yes, I'll have to look over whichever room you've picked, see if it's actually suitable," Chris stated. "After I get settled, I'll make a list of what we'll need for the baby and you and I can go shopping sometime, Hunter."

 "Chris, baby, Kurt will have to be a part of that too," Hunter replied hesitantly, fidgeting nervously when Chris' eyes flashed.

 "Right." Chris' face was set in a hard frown. He took a deep breath, then faked a smile, reaching into his pocket. "Damn. Hunter, I left my wallet in our hotel room. Could you go get it for me?" he asked sweetly.

 "Don't worry, I'm paying," Hunter replied.

 "But I WANT to have my wallet," Chris stated, a hard edge in his voice. "Are you going to make me go all the way back up to our room and get it myself?"

 "No." Hunter sighed, pushing his chair back and standing up. He glanced nervously between his two lovers. "I'll get it. I'll be right back; behave, ok?"

 "Oh, of course." Chris smiled sweetly at Hunter, his expression instant darkening once the tall blonde had moved out of sight. "Listen to me, you little slut," he hissed at Kurt. "Hunter is MINE, you got that? He may feel responsible for you getting knocked up, but that's the only reason he's staying with you! He and I were together before all this crap, and it's me he loves. I don't want you fucking up his mouth and I don't want you in his bed, got it? Just back off and let me handle things, because I'm the legitimate significant other here!"

 Kurt swallowed, feeling about ready to cry. He dropped his head, staring down at the floor. He didn't feel strong enough to speak, so he just nodded.

 Chris smirked, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms over his chest. "Glad we've got that covered," he stated. "You just remember who's the one Hunter wants to be with and who's the knocked up hanger on!"

 Kurt said nothing, just concentrating on forcing back the tears which were burning his eyes.

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