"That was so much fun!" Chris giggled. His arm was slung around Kurt's shoulder, a huge smile painted onto his pretty face as the duo stepped out of the hotel's elevator.

 "I know! Can you believe that sexy Italian guy that hit on you?" Kurt replied, equally as giddy as his blonde companion.

 "Oh I know!" Chris threw back his golden head and laughed. "Make me regret that I'm knocked up and committed and all! You think he really has a villa on the beach?"

 "Where he'd 'make love to you all through the night'?" Kurt giggled.

 "Yeah!" Chris exclaimed, grinning broadly.

 Kurt shook his head. "Nah, he was probably just lying to get you into bed."

 "Yeah, probably." Chris glanced around the corridor they were walking through. "Hey, which room are we supposed to be in?"

 "Um...." Kurt paused, thinking for a moment. "The receptionist said...305? Maybe? No...306. Yeah, it was 306."

 "Ok." Chris led them down to the correct room, banging loudly on the door.

 Both men giggled as Hunter yanked open the door, glaring angrily at both of them. "Where the hell have you been?" Hunter demanded as his two lovers filed into the room. "It's past 2 in the morning!"

 "Ah relax Hunter," Chris stated, rolling his eyes. "We're big boys, we can take care of ourselves! See, we're both fine!"

 "You told me you were going to see a movie!" Hunter exclaimed, glowering at them both. "And why do you smell like smoke?"

 "The theater was really smoky," Kurt put in, "and we're late 'cos we decided to stay and see the late night feature, that's all."

 "Yeah." Chris put his hands on his hips. "That's all."

 Hunter sighed, shaking his head. "I know you two went clubbing, but it's too late for me to argue with you right now. Both of you just need a shower, then sleep! Staying out all night can't be good for the babies!"

 "I'm sure they'll be fine," Chris stated, rolling his eyes.

 Hunter growled, but managed to keep his temper in check. "Whatever. Just get in that shower, now!" he insisted, glaring at both men.

 Chris and Kurt exchanged a look, both crossing their arms over their chests. "Um, do you expect me to shower with him?" Chris asked, gesturing to Kurt. " 'Cos if you do, you're out of your mind! I might shower with you, but Kurt and I are just friends."

 "Yeah," Kurt put in. "We are NOT showering together, so you can forget about whatever little twink fantasy you were imagining, mister!"

 Hunter sighed, grabbing Kurt's arm and shoving him towards the bathroom. "Fine!" he exclaimed. "Then you shower first, just be quick about it! You need to get to bed!"

 "I'm pregnant, not 8 years old," Kurt muttered as he closed the bathroom door behind him.

 Hunter just shook his head. He frowned when he felt arms slide around his waist from behind. He glanced back into Chris' smiling face. "Baby," Chris purred. "I want you to make love to me!"

 Hunter just stared. "Chris, it's 2 am! And Kurt could be out any minute!"

 "So? I want you!" Chris whined, rubbing his face against Hunter's shoulder. "Please baby? I need you! I wanna feel you inside me, baby."

 "Chris," Hunter replied, turning around and removing Chris' arms from about his waist. "I'm not about to make love to you when Kurt could walk in on us. How would you feel if you walked in on Kurt and I making love?"

 Chris frowned. "That's different!" he muttered.

 Hunter put his hands on his hips. "Why, exactly?"

 " 'Cos I was with you first!" Chris exclaimed.

 Hunter sighed, wrapping his arms around Chris' waist. "I know you were, baby," he whispered. "But you can't think like that any more, Chris. If you do this is never going to work."

 Chris pouted, leaning against his lover. "How come you're suddenly so fair and good?" he muttered. "I bet a few months ago if we were sharing a room with someone you would've made love to me!"

 Hunter shrugged. "Probably. But that's different; I was only involved with you at the time, and now I'm involved with Kurt too. I'm only being fair because I have to. If I wasn't completely fair then this would never work, and you and Kurt would probably kill each other fighting over me."

 "Hmph." Chris rested his head against Hunter's shoulder. "When are you going to make love to me then? Remember our talk when I first told you I was pregnant? Just 'cos I'm knocked up doesn't mean I don't want it any more! I need my primal urges to be satisfied!"

 Hunter smiled, patting Chris lightly on the back. "I'll try and find some alone time for us, baby. But you do realize that Kurt will want some alone time with me too, right?"

 Chris scowled. "Why?"

 "Why do you want time with just me?" Hunter countered.

 "Because," Chris muttered, burying his nose in Hunter's shirt and nuzzling the other man's chest. "C'mon Hunter. Can't you shower with me? Please?"

 "I would love to, baby, but I can't," Hunter informed him. "I don't want to wear you out, and I don't want Kurt to feel left out either."

 "I'm not tired!" Chris insisted. "Really I'm not! Maybe we could send him away for a few minutes....we could tell him that we needed something or other from Edge and Christian, something that would keep him away for maybe 15 minutes, so we could make love."

 Hunter just chuckled and shook his head. "Maybe we'll use that some other time, baby. For now, it's your turn to shower."

 Chris frowned, realizing that the water had been shut off. He stepped away from Hunter as the door opened and Kurt emerged. Snatching up some fresh clothes from his bag, the pretty blonde stomped into the bathroom, turning to glare to Hunter before slamming the door behind him.

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