Chris took his time in the shower. He slowly massaged shampoo and then conditioner into his hair, turning the temperature up high and relaxing as the hot water cascaded over his body. By the time he stepped out and dried himself off, he was feeling wonderfully refreshed. He couldn't wait to crawl into bed and snuggle into Hunter's arms. He quickly pulled on his boxers, foregoing the rest of his clothes and stepping out in the room, eager to be in his lover's arms.

 However, as he stepped out onto the darkened room, his eyes narrowed. Lying in bed, apparently asleep, was Hunter, Kurt curled up in bed with him. "Bitch," Chris hissed, glaring angrily at the two of them. He whirled around, striding back into the bathroom and filling up a cup with the coldest water the tap would give him. He marched back into the bedroom, standing scowling over the bed for a moment. Then, he overturned the cup, soaking Kurt with the ice cold water.

 Kurt sat up, wide eyed and gasping. He stared down at the wet t-shirt he had been sleeping in, sputtering as his eyes turned to Chris. Hunter sat up next to him, awoken by Kurt's gasp. "You!" Kurt squeaked, eyes narrowed as he glared at Chris. "What the fuck! You bitch!"

 "Me!" Chris glared right back at the brunette. "What the hell do you think you're doing? Who says YOU get to sleep with Hunter? Get out of my place you ho!"

 "How dare you!" Kurt gasped, climbing out of bed and putting his hands on his hips. "I have just as much right to sleep here as you do!"

 "Do not!" Chris yelled.

 "Do SO!" Kurt shouted.

 "You are such a bitch!" Chris growled. "Every time I turn around, you're doing your best to steal my man!"

 "I am not! And he's just as much mine as yours!" Kurt shot back.

 "Is not!" Chris yelled. "I had him first!"

 "HEY!" The argument was broken up by Hunter stepping in between the squabbling men. Hunter frowned at both of them. "Stop this right now! God, you guys are acting like two year old fighting over a toy! You need to start acting like adults! And for the record, I do not appreciate being fought over like some stupid plaything! I have two sides, you can both sleep me, ok?"

 "But I want to be wrapped up in your arms!" Chris whined. "I wanna rest my head on your chest and play with your hair! And I want you to make love to me now and in the morning too!"

 "Yeah!" Kurt piped in, still glaring at Chris. "I want that too! Everything was just fine before this bitch soaked me! Punish him Hunter! Make him sleep by himself in the other bed!"

 "Kurt," Hunter growled, "let me handle this! Chris, don't ever do something like that again. You could have simply woken me up and I would've cuddled you!"

 "What?" Kurt cried. "Oh, so I'm only good enough for your cuddling while he's not around? Thanks a lot!"

 "No, I don't mean that." Hunter turned back to Kurt. "Baby, you're more than worthy of cuddling. "I just would've cuddled Chris for a few minutes - "

 "And gone back to him!" Chris interrupted. "You do love him more than me, don't you? You refused to make love to me, then jumped right into bed with him! I bet you fucked him too!"

 "Chris, I didn't - " Hunter began.

 "Oh no, he didn't!" Kurt yelled back, his glare directed at Chris. "He told me couldn't 'cos of you! All he would do was cuddle me, when he knew I really want some! He wouldn't even let me give him head!"

 "That must've been so awful for you!" Chris yelled. "We all know how you love to have your lips around anything that moves, you slut!"

 "You bitch!" Kurt shrieked, lunging for the blonde. Hunter had to grab hold of his shirt to hold him back, putting a hand on Chris' chest so the pretty blonde couldn't attack Kurt.

 "It's true!" Chris shot back, sticking out his tongue. "You're a slut and we all know it! A dirty slut!"

 "I am not!" Kurt screamed. "Hunter's the only guy I've been with in months and months and months! And even if I was a slut, which I am not and have never been, I would still be better than you, you whiny, trashy nymphomaniac bitch!"

 "You - you whore!" Chris yelled, glaring daggers at Kurt. "I am not whiny and I am not trash, and I am not a bitch! And just 'cos I like to get laid doesn't mean I'm a nympho."

 "No, you're one 'cos it's all your ever think about!" Kurt shouted back. "And you ARE trashy! And you're a cock tease too! Just look at the way you were flirting with the men in that club tonight!"

 "WHAT?" Hunter roared, his angry outburst silencing both his lovers. "You were flirting with who? And you were out clubbing!"

 "Um," Chris swallowed, glaring at Kurt. "Well, he was too! It was all his idea Hunter! I really did want to go see a movie, but he just had to show off his hot figure before he loses it and gets fat!"

 "That's not true!" Kurt objected, his face growing red with angry. "It was your idea you bitch! Don't you dare try and pin this on me, you were the one acting like a total trap tonight!"

 "Enough!" Hunter yelled. He paused a moment, glaring at the two other men and daring either to speak. They both kept quiet for once. "All right," Hunter continued. "I don't care who's idea it was, just don't do it again! You could've been hurt! Now I want this ridiculous bickering to stop right now. No more, you hear me?" He looked between his two lovers, who both reluctantly nodded. "Good," Hunter growled. "Now we're going to bed. Chris can sleep on one side, and Kurt on the other. That'll have to do for now, and I don't want to hear any complaining! Now, are there any objections?" Both Chris and Kurt shook their heads.

 "Good." Hunter moved over to the unsoiled bed, settling himself down in the middle. "Kurt, put on a dry shirt before you come to bed," he instructed. Kurt nodded, quickly slipping on a dry t-shirt as Chris snuggled up against Hunter's left side. The brunette climbed into the right side of the bed, sighing happily as Hunter's right arms circled around his waist. Chris and Kurt rested their heads on Hunter's shoulders, both their arms wrapping around his waist.

 "Everyone comfortable?" Hunter asked after they had all had a chance to settle in. Chris and Kurt just nodded and made affirmative noises. "Good." Hunter closed his eyes. "Good night my babies," he murmured, praying that he would now be able to get some sleep, at last.

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