Hunter was sitting on the couch in his locker room, gritting his teeth. All day, Chris and Kurt had been doing their best to suck up to him, employing plenty of fake smiles and giggles. He kept catching the two sending each other seething glances, although the moment they realized he was looking they would bat their eyes and pretend to be civil to each other. It had only been one day, and already it was driving them nuts. Neither of his lovers seemed to really be trying to get along, they were just trying to get themselves into his good graces, presumably so they could steal time with him away from the other.

 At the moment, Chris was cuddled up to his side, stroking his chest lovingly, the blonde batting his big blue eyes in a way that he knew Hunter loved. "Baby, are you sure you're alright for your match tonight?" Chris cooed. "You did fall on your shoulder awfully hard the other night."

 "How is your shoulder feeling?" Kurt put in from Hunter's other side. "Do you want me to massage it, baby? I give great massages."

 "Oh, there's no need for that," Chris answered before Hunter had a chance to speak. "I rubbed it this morning. But if you want to be helpful, you could go fetch us some cold sodas."

 Kurt's eyes narrowed momentarily, then he pasted on a fake smile. "Maybe later, Chris," he replied, his annoyance barely concealed in his pseudo friendly tone.

 "Now's as good a time as any," Chris replied. "Hunter, baby, aren't you thirsty?"

 Hunter gritted his teeth still more, refusing to side with either of his lovers. He wasn't sure he could take much more of their little competition.

 "Actually, it would be really sweet if you would get them," Kurt told the blonde, feigning a smile and putting his hand on his stomach. "I'm feeling a bit nauseous, actually."

 "I would," Chris began, "but - "

 "You know what I think you two should do?" Hunter growled, looking between Chris and Kurt. The two men looked at him expectantly. "I think you should go talk to Matt about making you some maternity clothes," Hunter stated. "I remember you were talking about that over breakfast, and I definitely think that would be a good idea. Tonight's the perfect night for you to talk to him, too, since he doesn't have a match, but he's hear with his brother."

 Chris and Kurt looked at each other, both opening their mouths to protest, as neither wanted to leave Hunter's side. However, before they could, Hunter stood up, pulling both men to their feet. "Have a fun time, now," he told them as he walked them to the door. "Tell him I'll reimburse him for everything. Make sure to tell him just what you want. Must have clothes for when you start showing, after all!" He pushed them out the door, closing it behind him and leaning back against it, heaving a sigh of relief.

 Kurt and Chris just stood out in the hall for a moment, then they turned to glare at each other.

 "Thanks a lot!" Kurt exclaimed. "Thanks to you, neither of us gets to hang out with him now!"

 "Me?" Chris' eyes narrowed. "It was you and your fake little excuses that made him kick us out! Could you be more fake?"

 "Could you?" Kurt shot back.

 "Hmph." Chris crossed his arms, turning away from Kurt and walking down the hall. "I'm going to talk to Matt. You can do whatever you want!" he shot back over his shoulder.

 "Oh no, you're not talking with him without me!" Kurt stated, hustling after the blonde. "No freaking way you're getting good clothes and I'm not!"

 Chris glared at the brunette as he stopped outside the Hardys' locker room. "You have to copy me in everything, don't you?" he hissed, raising his fist and knocking on the door.

 The elder Hardy pulled open the door, smiling at the two pregnant men. "Hey Chris, Kurt," he greeted cheerfully. "How are you guys? Haven't had much of a chance to hang with you lately."

 "Well, we've been busy, with the babies on the way and all," Chris explained, putting his hand on his stomach.

 "I can imagine." Matt held the door open, gesturing into the room. "Well come on in, sit down! Jeff's not here, he's in catering or something."

 "Thanks," Chris and Kurt said in unison, shooting each other poison glances as Matt ushered them in, seating them on the couch.

 "You guys look so beautiful," Matt gushed, grinning broadly. "You're both glowing! I can't believe you're gonna be daddies! You must be happy! Can I get you anything to drink?"

 "Do you have any milk?" Kurt asked, frowning at Chris when the blonde slapped his arms.

 "We didn't come here for milk," Chris told him sternly.

 "Oh it's ok. I just picked some up from catering," Matt replied, walking over to his bag and fishing out a mini milk carton. He tossed it to Kurt, who smiled at him gratefully and took a nice long drink of the refreshing liquid. "So what can I do ya for?" Matt inquired.

 "About 5 bucks, if you're talking to him," Chris muttered, glaring at Kurt.

 Matt frowned at the pretty blonde. "Now Matt, that isn't nice at all!" he exclaimed. "Kurt's like your sister now, you ought to be supporting him and telling him how pretty he is, not being mean."

 "Sorry," Chris mumbled.

 "Anyway," Kurt stated, smiling at Matt and setting down his milk, "we came to ask if you could make some clothes for us. You see, we both really hate the flowery crap they sell in stores, and we know you could make better looking stuff. Hunter said he'd pay you for them."

 "Oh, no problem!" Matt cooed, looking absolutely delighted. "That sounds like an awesome project! So what did you have in mind?"

 "I don't know." Kurt shrugged. "Pretty much just like my regular clothes, I guess, but bigger, because, well, you know."

 "Mmmhmm." Matt tapped his chin, looking thoughtful. "No problem guys. I'll just take a few measurements, then I'll estimate how big you'll probably get, and I'm sure I can whip up some stuff in no time! I'll try and make some shirts that're loose in front, at least over your bellies, and I'll see if I can come up with some adjustable pants, so you can keep wearing them for the whole pregnancy. Oh, this is going to be fun!"

 Chris had perked up a little, clearly thinking about the possibility of stylish maternity clothes. "You can really do it? And you don't mind?" he put in.

 "Not at all! I love sowing, and Jeff never lets me make his clothes anymore." Matt rolled his eyes. "Everything has to be *designer* labels! Because that's *so* much better than the practical, home made stuff I can give him." He shook his head. "Anyway, you guys got time now?" Both Chris and Kurt nodded. "Great!" Matt exclaimed, bouncing over to his bag and pulling out a notepad and a measuring tape. "Then let's get the basics down!"

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