"Oh my god, this is so cute!" Kurt cried, admiring himself in the mirror. "Matt, you are a genius!"

 "Well thank you." Matt smiled, crossing his arms over his chest. "And how are you liking your new clothes, Chris?" he asked, turning to the pretty blonde.

 "They're awesome!" Chris exclaimed. "Totally awesome! I look fabulous!"

 "Why thank you." Matt's grin was huge. "I just wish Jeff would appreciate me as much as you guys do! If you want me to make any more stuff from you, or you need me to fix up anything, don't hesitate to ask! Oh, and for when you guys start showing, which should be soon, all the pants can be adjusted to fit; you should be able to wear them through the whole pregnancy." Both Kurt and Chris' smiles had disappeared. Matt glanced between them, frowning as well. "What?" he questioned.

 "You're right," Kurt breathed, staring at the mirror in horror. "I - I'm gonna get really big! Noooo!"

 "That'll be just great," Chris agreed, his eyes brimming over with tears as his hand settled on his still flat stomach. "Then Hunter'll just forget about both of us and go find some other slut to be with until we pop out his babies and start looking good again!"

 "It's already started!" Kurt sniffled. "That's why he's sent us away so much to work with Matt! I bet he's got someone already!"

 "And to think we've been so stupid, fighting over him when he doesn't want either of us!" Chris cried.

 "Aw come on guys, I'm sure that's not true," Matt stated.

 "Oh yeah?" Chris challenged, whirling on the elder Hardy. "Then why does he keep sending us away? Huh? He acts like he can't even stand to be around us, and he hasn't made love to me in more than a week!"

 "Me either!" Kurt put in, sniffing and wiping at his eyes.

 "Well I'm sure there's another explanation," Matt told them. "Maybe he's just getting scared. A guy with two babies on the way, from two different guys no less, has gotta be nervous, at least."

 "That's no excuse!" both pregnant men roared at once. Matt jumped, looking at them with wide eyes.

 "He doesn't understand me, the big insensitive lug," Kurt sniffed. "This is the time when I need him the MOST! I need him to make love to me and show me that I'm still attractive, but does he care? Does he make me feel wanted at all? No!"

 "I know!" Chris agreed, wiping at his eyes. "God, why did I ever let him get me pregnant in the first place? Now I'm up shit creek without a paddle!"

 "Really, guys," Matt attempted to cut in.

 "SHUT UP!" both men yelled at him, silencing the would-be designer.

 "You know what we should do," Chris stated bitterly, his eyes narrowing.

 "What?" Kurt asked, eager to hear what the blonde was thinking.

 "We should pay him back! If he wants to ignore us, we'll just show him how much we care!" Chris announced.

 Kurt frowned. "What, by ignoring him? How is that gonna help us get him to pay more attention to us, and, most importantly, give us the sexual reassurance we need?"

 "Simple." Chris grinned wickedly. "We'll let him catch us in bed together!"

 Kurt gaped at his would-be rival. "You're kidding me!"

 "No. See, we'll tell him we were so desperate for some loving, we just couldn't keep our hands off each other," Chris explained. "We'll tell him just how much we need him to keep being physical with us, and we'll just have to rely on each other and forget about him if he doesn't!"

 Kurt looked skeptical. "I dunno Chris. Do we really want him to think we slept together? I mean - well, ew!"

 Chris glared at the brunette. "What the hell do you mean by that??? I am NOT 'ew', I am a very attractive man!"

 Kurt shrugged. "No offense, but you're just really really not my type. As a buddy sure, but as a lover, no way!"

 Chris gritted his teeth, his eyes narrow. "Well, for the record," he stated haughtily, "I wouldn't sleep with you if you were the last man on earth! I'd rather just fuck myself with a vibrator, 'cos I bet that would be more fun! It's no surprise that Hunter doesn't want to sleep with YOU, I bet you're really crappy in bed. But ME, on the other hand, well I could hardly be better!"

 "In your dreams!" Kurt yelled. "I am awesome in bed! Might I remind you that Hunter was cheating on YOU with ME? And he probably did that 'cos you're so damn unsatisfying in bed!"

 "You bitch!" Chris roared, about to lunge at the brunette when Matt grabbed him around the waist, holding him in his spot.

 "Guys, come on!" Matt cried. "No fighting! For god's sake, do you want to hurt the babies?"

 Chris took a deep breath, still glaring at Kurt but no longer attempting to lunge at him. Kurt, for his part, just crossed his arms and glared back. "You guys really have to stop this bickering!" Matt told them both. "This is probably why Hunter doesn't want to be around you. I wouldn't want to be caught between two moody, arguing twinks either! If you guys can just try and get along, I bet this would be better for everyone. You two have a lot in common, why don't you try focusing on some of the things you both like? Didn't you tell me that you had a great time when you went out a bit ago?"

 "We did, until he tried to steal Hunter from me!" Chris accused.

 Matt sighed. "That's the thing! You've gotta stop fighting over him. From what I've seen, he loves BOTH of you, and there's no reason why he can't spend time with both of you. If you two start getting along, I be the three of you could have a lot of fun."

 The two other men were silent, but their glares had softened a bit. Matt just shook his head, gathering up his things. "Well, I'll leave you two to talk. Please try and work this out. Enjoy the clothes, and if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. I'll see you guys later." He gave both men a kiss on the cheek, then walked out, leaving them eyeing each other warily.

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