"Oh come on Kurt." Chris sat on the bed, covered by a sheet and nothing else.

 Kurt stood beside the bed, wearing only a pair of loose sweatpants. His arms were crossed over his chest, and he was distinctly frowning. "No," he pouted.

 "Come on!" Chris exclaimed. "He'll never believe we slept together if you don't take off your pants and get in bed!"

 Kurt eyed the other man warily. "How do I know you won't try and take advantage of me?" he accused.

 Chris rolled his eyes. "Oh give me a break! Just get your ass in bed! I asked the front desk to call up here when he checked in, and he did that about a minute ago, so he's gonna be walking through that door any minute now! Hurry up and get in bed or this will all be ruined! Do you *want* him to keep fucking Sean and ignoring us?"

 Kurt cast another wary glare at Chris, then sat down on the bed. "Turn away," he commanded. Chris sighed, but did as the brunette asked. As soon as Chris was looking the other way, Kurt slid out of his pants, quickly swinging his legs onto the bed and pulling the sheet up to his chest. "Now what?" he asked his blonde companion.

 "Now, we ask like we've just fucked, but like we really didn't mean to, it just happened," Chris explained.

 "You do realize that only a total moron would buy that, don't you?" Kurt quipped.

 Chris just glared at him. "Shut up and look fucked!" he commanded.

 "This is so stupid," Kurt muttered. "I can't believe I agreed to this!"

 "Shut up, they're coming!" Chris cried, hearing voices outside the door. He pulled Kurt into his arms, mashing his lips against the brunette's. Kurt grimaced initially, but quickly hit his distaste and wrapped his arms around Chris' back as the door opened.

 Hunter was chatting with Sean as he pushed open the door. He was facing into the hall, while his younger friend was facing towards the room. Sean saw the scene inside first, bighting his lip to keep from laughing. "Sean?" Hunter questioned, seeing the look on his friend's face. Sean just shook his head, pointing into the room. Hunter turned, his eyes widening to the size of saucers when he saw his two pregnant lovers in bed with each other, apparently naked, and kissing.

 "Holy shit!" he exclaimed.

 Chris and Kurt rapidly drew apart, Chris looking sheepish and Kurt blushing deep red in embarrassment. "Hunter!" Kurt squeaked, his voice legitimately nervous.

 "What's going on here?" Hunter demanded, staring at the two men. "You - you're - what the hell!"

 Chris crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at the taller blonde. "You have no one to blame but yourself! This is your fault!" he accused. "You've been neglecting poor Kurt and I so much, we were just hanging around, and then this is just happened! We were so desperate for attention that we had to settle for each other!"

 Sean was bighting down hard on his lip, struggling to hold back the gales of laughter building inside him. Hunter, on the other hand, looked absolutely horrified. "Oh my god," the tall blonde murmured, sinking down on the end of the bed. "I thought you guys hated each other! You've been fighting so much since we all got together, I - god, I'm so sorry! Geez, I have been a bastard. But I can't believe you - you actually - with each other!"

 "We couldn't help it," Kurt put in, his pout in full effect. "We have needs too, and you totally aren't satisfying them!" He turned a fierce glare on Sean. "Who know where you're satisfying your needs!"

This was the last straw for Sean. He burst out laughing, having to lean against the wall and hold his sides to control his mirth. He laughed so hard that a few tears slipped down his cheeks, which he quickly wiped away, taking deep breaths to try and regain control of himself. Once he had manage to stem the tide of giggles which had overtaken him, he took another deep breath and looked at the others. He found three pairs of wide eyes staring at him.

 "You think this is funny?" Hunter growled, his forehead creased in angry lines.

 Sean wiped at his eyes again, shaking his head. "Oh you are so gullible Hunter! You really think they slept together?" He slapped his leg, chuckling some more. "You're such a sucker Hunter. But you're right, you are a bastard, and you've been ignoring them like crazy. They staged this just to get your attention!"

 "We did not!" Chris cried indignantly. "It just happened! We couldn't control it!"

 Sean rolled his eyes. "Give it up blondie. I heard you and the other twink planning this whole thing out." He frowned at them, his eyes flashing. "I also heard what you said about me, and I do not appreciate it at all!"

 Both Chris and Kurt glanced at each other, gulping nervously as Sean continued. "Might I remind you that I'm a married man?" Sean admonished. "I've got a wonderful, happy marriage with a wonderful man and a beautiful son, and I would not screw that up by messing around with anyone, especially a good friend of mine like Hunter!"

 "Um, Sean, I think you must've misunderstood what we were saying," Chris began.

 Sean snorted. "I hardly think I 'misunderstood' you calling me a dirty slut who was messing around with your man!" He crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at the two guilty men. "Now apologize so I can leave and let you three work things out."

 "Sorry," Chris muttered.

 "I really am sorry," Kurt stated. "It was all Chris' idea anyway. I didn't actually think you were sleeping with Hunter."

 "You liar!" Chris cried.

 "I'm outta here." Sean turned towards the door, giving Hunter a sympathetic look. "Have fun, man!" With that, he was gone from the room.

 Hunter looked between his two lovers, a frown still on his face. "This is exactly why I've been avoiding you two lately," he stated. "You two are always fighting or being all sugary sweet with me while glaring at each other behind my back, and I can't stand it! It's driving me nuts! I know I have to give you guys more attention, but you two need to stop fighting over me like some sort of stupid prize! I'm flattered that you would go to these lengths to get me to notice you, but you should've just come out and talked to me instead."

 "Sorry," both pregnant men mumbled.

 "It's ok." Hunter glanced between them, running a hand through his hair. "Just for the record - you didn't really - did you?"

 "No," Chris told him. "We never would. I only want to be with you, Hunter."

 "Me too," Kurt chimed in. "Chris is like - I dunno, a brother or something."

 "Yeah." Chris smiled. "You know we could think of it like that. Our babies are gonna be half brothers, after all. And you're always gonna be around, like family or something. We could be like brothers!" The pretty blonde made a face. "Well, like brother who's sleeping with the same guy. But we're not actually brothers, so I guess that's ok."

 Kurt chuckled. "Ok. So, brother, we're gonna help each other through all the pregnancy stuff that a big dumb meathead like Hunter could never understand, right?"

 "Right!" Chris affirmed, grinning and pulling Kurt into a hug.

 "Hey! I could understand!" Hunter insisted.

 His lovers looked at each other, and laughed.

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