The tall blonde looked up, rising to his feet when he say Chris standing in the door of his locker room. "Chris," he breathed.

 Chris glanced around, looking rather apprehensive. "Is Kurt around?" he questioned.

 Hunter shook his head. "Not right now. He's in catering with some of his friends."

 "Oh." Chris took a deep breath. "Think he'll be gone for a while."

 "Probably." Hunter shrugged, his gaze never straying from Chris' face. "Why?"

 "We need to talk." Chris breathed in deeply once again, then strode over to the couch. He was quiet for a moment as Hunter took a seat beside him. The taller blonde looked a bit surprised when Chris grasped his hand and held it tightly, but wasn't about to object. "Ok." Chris swallowed hard. "I've been thinking about this constantly, and I still really don't know what to do. I love you, and I'm having your baby, and I do want you to be a father to this baby." Chris let his free hand settle on his stomach, glancing down at it briefly.

 "The problem is," he continued, "the idea of being with you and having Kurt there as well is something I'm not sure I can accept. But, I decided last night that I need to make some kind of decision, and I have to make it now." Chris took a long, slow breath, letting his eyes lock with Hunter's. It was silent for a moment, Chris searching his lover's eyes as a million thoughts whirled through his head. Then, he looked away, momentarily closing his eyes.

 "I don't know if I can do this, Hunter, but I have to do something," he whispered, his voice nearly too soft to be heard. "I love you, and if the only way I can have you is with Kurt there as well, then I'll - I'll try it."

 Hunter blinked, at first too shocked to respond. Once he had a moment to let a words sink in, a smile began to creep across his face. "You're coming back to me?" he asked hopefully.

 Chris just nodded. He jumped in surprise when he was pulled into a monstrous hug, finding himself pressed against Hunter's hard chest for the first time in over a month. "Chris, baby, I love you so much!" Hunter exclaimed, planting little kisses along his lover's neck and shoulder. He kept his arms wound tightly around the other man's body, releasing the pressure only slightly. "I will do everything I can for you baby, I swear I will. I know I'm a bastard and I don't deserve you, but I've missed you so much! I've never been happier in my life than right now! Except..." he drew back a bit more, his eyes focusing on Chris' belly. "Except when you told me about our baby," he whispered.

 Chris had to blink tears out of his eyes. It seemed since his pregnancy began he couldn't ever keep his eyes dry. "I've missed you too," he breathed, giving Hunter a watery smile. "I need you to be mine again."

 "I am yours, baby, I always was," Hunter replied firmly, brushing a stray tear from Chris' cheek. "I love you with all my heart."

 Chris grinned, glancing down at his stomach again. He pushed up his shirt to reveal a bit of skin, moving Hunter's hand to press against his belly. "Now I know that he or she'll have a great daddy," the smaller blonde stated, sighing happily as Hunter's fingers began to gently massage his flesh.

 "Always," Hunter assured him, his eyes following the movement of his hand.

 Chris let himself relax and enjoy the gentle sensations for the moment. He knew in the back of his mind that Kurt was still a very big part of the equation, but at the moment he just wanted to pretend that Hunter was the only man in his life, and vise versa. He let his fingers trail over Hunter's face, brushing over the bits of rough stubble as they traced the line of the larger man's jaw. One finger slipped beneath Hunter's chin, gently tipped his face up. Their eyes met for a moment, then Chris leaned in for a kiss.

 The kiss was tender and passionate, embodying both love and longing. Both men were smiling when they drew apart. "Do you think tonight could be just you and me?" Chris whispered pleadingly.

 "I think I can arrange that," Hunter murmured, his lips again caressing his lover's neck.

 Chris giggled, wrapping his arms around Hunter's neck and simply enjoying the attention. "We need to get reacquainted," he stated.

 "We do," Hunter agreed. He drew back far enough so he could look into the pretty blonde's eyes, raising an eyebrow. "Tell you what. I'm gonna take you out to a nice romantic dinner, then we'll do something really romantic, like go dance, then go back to our hotel room and I'll spend all night making love to you."

 "That sounds beautiful," Chris breathed, flushing a little in anticipation. "I don't know about the dancing, though," he chuckled. "I don't know if I really want to put up with the sore feet!"

 Hunter rolled his eyes, chuckling as well. "You are so cruel," he joked. "I'm not that bad of a dancer! I promise to do my absolute best not to step on any toes tonight."

 "Well, if you promise, then I guess I'll have to agree." Chris laughed, leaning in for another quick kiss. "I can't wait to go," he continued. "I'm starved, and not just for food!" he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, earning himself another chuckle from his lover.

 "I bet you are, baby," Hunter murmured.

 "Hell yeah! I hate to sound shallow, but it has been like a month!" Chris exclaimed.

 "You and your libido," Hunter teased, shaking his blonde head. "Just give me a few minutes to set things up and you'll have me all to yourself for the entire night!" He stood, releasing Chris from his arms only reluctantly, and after a few more kisses. "As soon as my match is over, we'll be out of here," Hunter promised as he headed for the door.

 "Promise to hold and cuddle me while we're waiting?" Chris pressed, his smile growing even wider when Hunter nodded.

 Hunter's smile was no less bright as he opened up the door. "I wouldn't have it any other way," he stated as he stepped out of the room.

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