Chris Benoit fic

Change of Force
Rating: R
Content: serious subjects, m/m slash
Characters: Jay, Adam, mystery
Summery: Someone's trying to send Jay an unpleasant message, but why?
Author's Note: This is the sequel to my story "All Done"

Custom Fit
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash, a little swearing
Characters: Jay, Jeff Hardy, Adam, Matt Hardy, Dave (Gangrel), Rock, Benoit
Summery: Jeff's newly out of the closet and dating Jay. The problems they're having are not helped when a jealous ex (of sorts) decides to break them up.
Note: The GHP, which is mentioned several times, is something of an inside joke a friend and I had at the time I wrote this. It stands for 'Group Hug Program', and is a sort of sex club Rock runs for less attractive, short-haired men. Just a bit of explanation so you're not lost when it's mentioned.

F-View Outtakes, Episode 1
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash, humor
Characters: Bischoff, Sean Morley, Rico, and many, many more
Summery: Eric Bichoff presents the footage captured by F-View cameras that they can't show you on RAW!
Note: Most of the clips in this series were inspired by responses to request I sent out for challenges. A huge thank you to all who contributed! If you sent me a challenge and it's not in this episode, don't worry, there will be more!

Futile Resistance (series)
Rating: R to NC17
Content: m/m slash, language
Characters: John Cena, Edge, Rey Mysterio, RVD, Matt Hardy, Chris Benoit
Series summery: Desire is not always a thing to be controlled
Author's note: A frenetic series that's a bit of a departure from my usual writing style

Latino Love
Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash
Characters: Essa Rios, Eddie Gurerro, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko
Summery: Essa and Eddie celebrate after winning an important match

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