"Mmm," I murmur as I draw back, a single ruby red drop escaping my hungry lips.

 I grin as the drop splashes onto your still forhead.

 "Sorry, darling," I whisper, leaning down and licking your face clean.

 With that, I stand up and climb out of bed, pulling the covers up over you protectively. I make sure to hide the two tiny red marks in you neck. No one needs to see that. They'll be gone by the time you awake tonight, but for now you need your sleep. I'll just leave to you to it.

 I'm sorry I didn't ask your permission; I know this will be a big change for you. But if I had asked you, you would've either laughed, thought I was crazy, or just plain out said no. I couldn't have that. Don't worry, though. It's not at all like people think. You'll love your new life with me. The girlfriend has to go, though. Sorry, but I don't share. I don't mean you have to take her out, just end it.

 This might be hard for you, but you'll live. It's just my rule. I've chosen you to be mine forever, I can't allow you to see her anymore. My other lover gave up all his women (and he had a lot, believe me) when I asked him to. I've explained this to him, and I can't say he's happy about it, but he knows I'm not going to change my mind. Just know, he wanted to be in your place. He begged me to take him, feed from him so he could be. But I won't. Not from him. I can't explain, just some people are meant for that, and some aren't.

 He will be around us most of the time, so you'll have to learn to get along. He may not be our kind, but he is very close to me. I let him drink from me sometimes to maintain our blood bond. He's gotten quite good at talking into my mind. I bet you never heard of that one in a movie, huh? One of us being drunk from? Well, it happens, and it's a part of my life, therefore a part of yours now. You won't have to do it. As I said, I don't like sharing.

 I end my message with a smile, planting it right on the edge of your subconscious. I'll tell you again, when you wake up tonight as one of us. Until then, my darling, my Eternal, sleep tight. I slip out the door, and it closes behind me without a sound.


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