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Welcome to the Fan Fiction section of my site! Below are links to of all the stories I've written, along with a very brief summery of each fic. Just click on the link to the story you want to read! Have fun reading. I always have more on the way, so keep checking for what's new. Anything added recently will be linked to directly from the front page of the site.

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Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page before entering the archives, and enjoy the fics!

Fics in Alpha Order

Fics By Wrestler

Punk & Elijah Fic
My page, debuted July 2008, dedicated to my second LTC (Long Term Couple), CM Punk and Elijah Burke! I just can't stop writing these guys, they have such amazing chemistry together. Enjoy!

Shakito's Miz/Morrison Slash Page
This page features Shakito's slash of her LTC, John Morrison and the Miz. I'm a huge fan of her work, so much so that I wanted to give them a home on my site. Check them out!

E&C Slash Fic
I have so many E&C stories, I decided to create a section dedicated just to them. Here you will find all my stories which feature the dynamic duo as the main characters. There's also links to all the fics on the main fic page (where you are now) that include E&C, but don't focus specifically on them.

GG's MPreg Fic
A whole page devoted to my MPreg fics, including my many-part "Learn to Share" series.

Various Fiction
(f/f slash, het, other fandoms, original)
On this page you'll find everything I've written that isn't WWE m/m slash. There's my small but proud collection of f/f slash, het fic, and a few from other fandoms (Iron Maiden!).

Pairings Index
An in-progress section listing stories by the couple involved.

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GG Bayley Fanfic

Disclaimer: All the stories on this page are completely fictional. The events portrayed never happened, and I am making no statements about the characters in real life. I have no connection to WWE and am making no money off of this. Also, please pay attention to the ratings and content listed at the beginning of each story. Please be aware that there will be adult content in some of the stories, as well as male/male and female/female sexual and romantic relationships.

All stories written by me, GG Bayley, c2000-2006. If you'd like to take any of these stories for your own site, just ask me, I won't bite.


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