A Bedroom Feat
Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash, foot fetish
Character: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: Punk decides to fulfill his lover’s unspoken desire
Note: Don’t ask me what inspired this…perhaps I wanted to write it because I, like Punk, have never been a huge fan of feet. I do, however, like a challenge.
Written 7/17/08

When you were in a committed relationship, sometimes you had to do things for your lover that had never really appealed to you. It might be as simple as putting up with their music, or watching their favorite movie over and over. Punk already did those things without complaint. But there was something more he wanted to do for Elijah; Elijah had never asked for it, but Punk could read him well by this point, and he had seen the signs.

They were home together one night. Elijah was busy on the computer, so Punk seized the opportunity to put his plan in motion. He pulled out a bag that was hidden in the back of the closet, carefully taking out the contents; two fuzzy slippers, both brand new and thoroughly washed. He took them into the bathroom, where he proceeded to rinse off in the shower. Perching on the edge of the bathtub, he carefully washed and rinsed his feet, drying them with a towel, then sliding them into the slippers. He slid on a robe, striding back to their bedroom.

“Elijah,” he called.

“Yeah baby?” his lover replied from the study.

“Wanna come here a minute?” Punk knew Elijah would recognize his tone of voice. Indeed, Elijah appeared at the doorway, grinning broadly, just a moment later.

“You called?” Elijah licked his lips, his eyes raking over Punk’s legs, which were exposed from mid-thigh down.

“I did.” Punk let his robe drop to the floor, crawling seductively onto the bed. “I got something I want you to suck.”

Elijah didn’t have to be asked to strip off his clothes and join Punk on the bed. He took his lover into his arms, kissing Punk deeply. His fingers caressed Punk’s skin, his hands grasping Punk’s ass as he began to kiss down his lover’s chest.

“Yes,” Punk gasped, biting his lip as Elijah paused to give his nipples a good tongue bath. “Lower, baby.”

Elijah’s mouth moved down his stomach, alternating between licking and giving his flesh big, wet kisses. Punk almost forgot his goal for the night when Elijah’s small goatee brushed his cock. He had to say something before Elijah’s hot lips wrapped around him.

“Not there,” he panted.

Elijah was surprised enough that he paused, looking up in confusion.

“Lower,” Punk repeated breathily.

Elijah raised an eyebrow, but he wasn’t able to complain. He mouthed the delicate skin of Punk’s thighs, loving the way it made Punk’s cock twitch against his cheek. He was eager to suck his lover, but wanted to know what Punk had in mind, so he was willing to play along. He continued to kiss down Punk’s legs, his fingers running down after his mouth, stimulating the skin in the wake of his lips.

“Mmm, keep going,” Punk groaned. He wiggled his toes as Elijah reached his ankle, and the look of arousal on Elijah’s face confirmed all his suspicions. Elijah dragged his tongue over the heel of Punk’s foot, swiping his tongue up the arch in one big lick. Punk gasped, surprised as how much sensation this was giving him. He was doing this for Elijah; he hadn’t expected to actually enjoy it. Elijah moved on to nibble at his toes, his hands massaging the larger extent of Punk’s foot as he bathed the toes with his tongue.

“Fuck, that feels good.” Punk flexed his toes, allowing Elijah’s tongue to slide in between them. It was an area that rarely was touched, and Punk was amazed how hot it made him. His hands clenched the bed sheets as Elijah moved to his other foot. He wanted to touch himself, to rub his nipples at least, but he felt that would almost be too much sensation. He settled for biting his lip, letting out appreciative little moans as Elijah continued to erotically mouth his feet.

He had closed his eyes, losing himself in the sensations, when suddenly the wet heat was gone from his feet, and Elijah’s body was pressing hotly on top of him. “I love you so fucking much,” Elijah panted, diving down to kiss him as he settled between Punk’s legs, quickly grasping for a bottle of lube, and penetrating him swiftly.

Punk cried out, his body arching. His well pleased feet moved around to Elijah’s back, pressing down against his hips as Elijah began to rut into him. Their lovemaking was hot and rough, both too turned on for nicities.

“I’m so - I - uh - ” Punk could only moan as Elijah’s hot thrusts drove him over the edge. His muscles clenched around Elijah, bringing his lover to climax as well.

They could only pant as they began to come down from that high. Elijah rolled off to the side, pulling Punk against him. “That was amazing,” he whispered. “I didn’t think…”

Punk grinned, leaning his head back far enough to gaze into his lover’s eyes. “Don’t you think I know you well enough to tell?” he murmured. “I never really thought feet could be hot, until just now.” He breathed in deeply. “That felt fantastic. I would love for you to do that to me again.”

“Your wish is my command.” Elijah leaned in for a kiss, contentedly cuddling Punk against his chest as they both drifted off into a happy, sated sleep.


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