Steve Austin put his cell phone up to his ear, crossing his legs and leaning back in the hotel bed as it rang. He frowned impatiently as it rang again, then three more times. At last there was a click as the line was picked up.


 "Thought you'd never answer, baby!" Steve began, feeling relieved. "I was just callin' to - " He stopped, scowling in annoyance as the voice on the other end continued.

 "You've reached the Rock. The Great One can't come to the phone right now, but if you'd like to leave a message, the Rock will get back to you as soon as possible. Unless, of course, this is that jabroni, Austin, calling..."

 Steve rolled his eyes. "Baby, would you cut that out an talk to me?"

 "In which case, he can forget about me returning his call and shove his little title belt up his poo-tang ass!"

 Steve rolled his eyes. "That's funny! Real funny!"

 "The Rock thought so."

 "Already practicing living your character, baby?" Steve questioned.

 There was a laugh on the other end of the phone. "Well I have to get used to it again, don't I? It's been six months since I used those phrases!"

 Steve shook his head and laughed. "Well practice on your own time! I'm paying through the nose for this damn phone, and I don't need you wasting my minutes like a jackass!"

 "Well if you're gonna talk to me like that, then I might just forget the surprise I've got for you!"

 "Surprise?" Steve's eyes instantly lit up with interest. "What surprise?"

 "Now, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if you knew, would it?" his lover teased.

 "Dwaine, you know I hate mystery! What's this surprise?" Steve demanded.

 "Open your door and see."

 Steve frowned. "In the interest of humoring you, I will. What, have you had flowers delivered to me?"


 "Chocolate?" Steve asked hopefully.

 Dwaine laughed. "Better baby. Just open the door."

 "I will in a second." Steve sighed loudly. "Before I see what wonderful thing you've done for me this time and feel all warm inside, the way you always make me feel, I wanna tell you that I miss you, baby. I miss you so much, and I can't wait to see you on Moday! I'll be the happiest man alive when you're back in the Fed, and, more importantly, back in my arms, where you belong."

 Dwaine chuckled. "So will I. But baby, you've got to open the door!"

 "Alright, I'll open the door!" Steve agreed. He stood up, walked over to the door, and pulled it open, almost dropping his phone in shock when he saw his lover standing before him, his cell phone pressed to his ear and a huge grin on his face. A wide smile broke out across Steve's face, and he threw his arms around his lover's neck, hugging him warmly. "I can't believe you're here, baby," he whispered, drawing back slightly and looking the other man over. "You weren't supposed to come for two days yet!"

 "I know." Dwaine smiled, gazing lovingly into Steve's wide blue eyes. "I wanted to surprise you. But, before you say anything more, I need to talk to you about something more serious. The thing is, Steve, I think our relationship needs to change before I came back to the WWF."

 "Change?" Steve's smile faded, a bit of fear entering his eyes. "Baby, you're not saying ya wanna break up? Look, I - I know maybe these last few months haven't been the best, and I haven't been the best lover. I ain't trying to make excuses for m'self, but I have been busy. I know I shoulda called you more, I shoulda send you things, I shoulda - "

 "Steve." Dwaine put up his hand, his eyes dancing with laughter. "The Rock has no complaints." He shook his head, dropping his stage voice. "You've called me every day, baby! Every single day. The Rock has never felt more loved. I most certainly don't want to break up, that would be the last thing I'd ever want!"

 "Oh," replied Steve, pulling nervously on his ear. "That's good, 'cos that's the last thing I'd want to. But, er, what do you mean about wanting our relationship to change? Yer really happy with me? Ya don't need me to change? 'Cos I will for you, baby."

 "No." Dwaine smiled, running his fingers tenderly over his lover's cheek. "I don't want you to change, I love you just the way you are. I love you right down to every bad habit of yours! And I know that we'll more than likely be fighting in story lines, but we can't let it get to us backstage, baby."

 "Course not!" Steve agreed with a shrug. "We never have before."

 "And we won't now." Dwaine took Steve's hand, his eyes glowing. "Baby, before this weekend is over, I want to know, for sure, that neither of us is going anywhere. That we're gonna be together, forever." He raised his lover's hand to his lips, kissing it tenderly. "And when we walk into the arena for RAW Monday night, I want everyone in the locker room to know!"

 Steve had turned a little pale, his eyes fixed on Dwaine's face. "Baby, you aren't saying - "

 "I saying this." Dwaine slowly sunk down to his knees, his eyes locked with Steve's. He help Steve's hand tightly, pulling a small black velvet box from his pocket and flipping it open, revealing a beautiful golden ring. He swallowed, then spoke. "Steve Austin, I love you, and I will for the rest of my life. I want to share my every waking moment with you, and I want to be with you for as long as I live. And I would be the happiest man on Earth if you would be my husband. Will you marry me, baby?"

 Steve stared down at his lover, his mouth hanging open and tears in his eyes. "Y-you're askin' me to marry you?" he stammered.

 Dwaine nodded. "I am, baby. We'll elope, tonight. And when you show up at RAW Monday, it's my ring you'll be wearing. You already wear a ring for your supposed marriage to Debra, no one'll even know unless you tell them. Will you, baby? Marry me?"

 Steve was quiet for a moment, simply staring at Dwaine. Then, a his lips curved in a huge smile, a tear slipping down his cheek. "Yes!" he exclaimed, pulling his lover to his feet and enfolding him in a tight hug. "I'll marry you, darlin', I'd marry you any day!"

 "That's the most wonderful thing I've ever heard," Dwaine whispered as he pulled back, gazing into Steve's perfect blue eyes. "I've got a jet waiting to whisk us off to a beautiful tropical paradise where we can exchange our vows and have an incredible night or two for a honeymoon. You packed, baby."

 Steve grinned, wiping at his still damn eyes. "I haven't had any time to unpack yet, so ya bet I am!"

 "Then grab your bag and let's go!" Dwaine grinned and held out his arm.

 Steve did just that, looping his arm around Dwaine's waist rather than only taking his arm. He smiled contentedly as Dwaine wrapped his arm around his trim waist in return. "You know I ain't got no clothes for the tropics!" he teased as they walked out of the room.

 "I'll buy you new ones," Dwaine promised, leading his love from the room and letting the door click behind them. They left the cold, empty hotel room behind them, both looking forward to the warm, exciting paradise awaiting them.


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