Best Night Ever
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Edge, Elijah Burke
Summery: The aftermath of a brilliant night
Note: Written directly after the BEST RAW EVER, 6/30/08, where Punk won the World Heavyweight title from Edge using the Money in the Bank briefcase!!!!
Written 6/30/08

"You," Edge growled, his eyes narrow as he backed CM Punk against a wall, "Stole my fucking title."

Punk glared right back at him, flipping his hair defiantly. "What goes around comes around," he accused.

Edge's lips curved in a little smile. "You're an arrogant little fucker. I like that." He set his hands on Punk's hips, leaning in close. "Since you took my title, I think you owe me a fuck."

"Sorry." Punk shrugged, adjusting the title on his shoulder. "I'm spoken for."

"What, by your little boyfriend?" Edge chuckled. "He's not here now, is he?"

Punk raised an eyebrow, using one finger to point behind Edge. Edge turned, scowling when he found Elijah standing just down the hall, his arms crossed as he watched them. "Why the fuck are you at this show?" he spat.

Elijah shrugged, taking a step closer. "I just happen to be. You wanna take your hands off my baby?"

Edge looked between them, then rolled his eyes and drew back, glaring at them both. "Fine! I'll live with Hawkins and Ryder's asses tonight." He whirled around, storming off angrily.

Punk grinned at his lover. "Aren't you glad you decided to come?" he cooed.

"I am so glad." Elijah slid effortlessly into Punk's arms, embracing his lover as they shared a deep kiss. "I love you, baby. I've never been so proud of you."

"Mmm." Punk closed his eyes, leaning his head back against the wall as Elijah scattered kisses down his jaw and neck. "Of all the moments in my life, I'd say this one ranks pretty high up there."

"Really?" Elijah asked curiously, his lips moving caressingly over Punk's shoulder. "You got a better one than winning the World Heavyweight title?"

"Oh yeah." Punk put his fingers under Elijah's chin, drawing his lover up to meet his eyes. "The moment I met you." He kissed the tip of Elijah's nose. "The first time you smiled at me across the locker room." Another kiss was delivered to Elijah's cheek. "The first 'I love you'." He grinned, kissing Elijah's forehead. "The first time we made love," he whispered.

Elijah was beaming. "I've never wondered why I love you so much," he murmured, holding Punk close. "You wanna get outta here and go celebrate?" He winked, his tongue peeking out of his mouth to wet his lips.

"Mmm, yeah." Punk wiggled his eyebrows. "I wanna celebrate all night, baby." He wrapped his arms around Elijah's neck, kissing him determinedly as he began to walk backwards, leading his lover toward the parking lot.

"This would go faster if you stopped kissing me for a sec," Elijah pointed out between kisses.

"So?" Punk sighed, ravishing his lover's mouth. "It better not be a long drive."

"It's not," Elijah promised. They had to fumble to get the door open, both too wrapped up in each other to look away. "I love you," Elijah whispered as they continued their slow walk, Punk stepping carefully backwards one foot at a time.

"Love you," Punk echoed, clutching at his lover's back. "I wanna be fucked, Elijah. I want you to fuck me. And I wanna fuck you. And I wanna suck you. And I want you to suck me. And I wanna touch you all night, and hold you all night. I love you so much."

Elijah was already breathing heavier, as was Punk. "Hell, I've got some lube in the car," he murmured, fumbling in his pocket for the keys as they approached their vehicle.

"Thank god." Punk tossed the title into the front seat as soon as the door was open, flinging himself down into the back. "Come here, baby."

Elijah leapt on him, slamming the door shut behind him.


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