Burned by the Phoenix
Rating: R
Content: f/f, references to m/m and m/f
Characters: Melina, Mickie James; mention John Cena, Beth Phoenix, Katie Lea Burchill
Summery: Melina is one angry diva, in need of someone to take it out on
Note: References to recent plots & clips from RAW, including Cena returning Mickie’s panties, Katie Lea harassing Mickie about John, and the Beth Phoenix/Melina feud
Written: 6/5/08

Melina was fuming. She couldn’t believe Beth had the nerve to treat her this way. Yes, they weren’t exactly an official couple, but everyone knew they were having a thing. Melina had been baffled when, after she made a simple mistake, Beth had turned on her. She had let Beth goad her because she was angry, not realizing that her lover was deliberately driving her away.

Now, after the match she had just wrestled against Beth and Katie Lea, she understood. She hadn’t missed the way Beth looked at Katie Lea, or the triumphant smirk on Katie’s face. After the match she had gone to find Beth, suddenly fearing that what she had viewed as just a lover’s quarrel could actually be the end of their relationship. What she had seen came as a nasty shock; Beth covering Katie Lea on the couch, mouthing one of her exposed breasts, her hand buried down the front of Katie’s pants.

Melina had stormed off, anger boiling through her blood. She prayed she would run into some big male who she didn’t like, who she could get away with giving a big slap. Unfortunately, she ran into Mickie James instead. She might not be able to get away with beating Mickie up, but she could certainly take some of her anger out on her fellow diva.

“Standing already?” Melina smirked, putting on a cool façade. “John works fast. Hope you didn’t forget your panties this time.” Mickie’s resulting glare was nice and satisfying.

“I’m not sleeping with John!” She had asserted this several times before, but Melina didn’t see any reason to stop harassing her about it.

“Right.” Melina rolled her eyes. “And he got your panties, how?”

“Because I got drunk with him!” Mickie was flustered, her cheeks growing red. “He’s a great guy, I like hanging out with him. We just had too much to drink in his hotel room, and at some point I just felt they were constricting me and I took them off.”

Melina laughed out loud at that. “That’s the worst excuse I’ve ever heard. And I bet you couldn’t find a chair, so you sat on his dick.”

Mickie was actually getting tears in her eyes. “I’m so tired of everyone thinking I’m sleeping with John!” she exclaimed. “I’m not! I’d just admit it if I was! He doesn’t even like girls, he just moans about how he should’ve gone for Edge when he had the chance!” Her eyes bugged, and she slapped her hand over her mouth.

Melina was staring at her. “John’s gay?” She had always pegged John as being the All-American-Good-Guy, Closet-Slut type, like Batista.

“Oh god. Please don’t tell anyone!” Mickie winced. “He’s gonna kill me for telling. It was supposed to be in confidence.”

“Consider it payback for him giving you your panties back on national tv,” Melina replied. “Is he totally closeted?”

“Yeah.” Mickie sighed. “That’s why he befriended me. He needed someone to talk to. Although he had to get drunk before he had the balls to tell me.” She frowned at Melina. “I really did leave my panties there by accident. I’m not making that up.”

“Fine, fine.” Melina waved her hand dismissively. “Have you seen Batista around here lately? Or Cade? Or any of the big unpleasant guys?” The revelation about John had cooled her ire somewhat, but she still wanted someone to slap.


Melina gritted her teeth, glaring at the troublesome brunette. “Because I need to slap someone!”

Mickie gave her an odd look. “Uh, why?”

“Because Beth cheated on me!” Melina yelled before she could stop herself. She took a deep breath, cursing the anger which was overriding her usual cool.

Surprise was evident on Mickie’s face. “You and Beth are lovers?”

Melina threw her hands up in the air. “What are you, blonde? Of course we are! We have a thing!”

“Oh.” Mickie fidgeted uncomfortably. “Sorry, I didn’t know. I thought she had a thing for Katie Lea.”

Before she could stop herself, Melina’s hand lashed out, striking Mickie across the face. Mickie stumbled back, gasping as she put a hand to her stinging cheek. Melina had to take several calming breaths before the red haze faded from her eyes, but she couldn’t calm herself down enough to be truly under control. “Katie Lea is a little fucking slut!” she screamed. “I bet she’d let anyone stick a hand down her pants! I bet she fucks her own brother, even!” She kicked the wall, her toes screaming in protest. “Fuck Katie Lea!”

Micke was staring at her, torn between running and trying to calm her down. “Katie is a slut,” she said after a moment, keeping out of arms range from Melina. “She approached John one night when we were out, tried to convince him to come back to her hotel room. And he got the impression they wouldn’t be alone there.”

Melina was still taking deep breaths. “That slut,” she hissed. “I can’t believe Beth would choose that cheap little slut’s pussy over mine!”

“She’s crazy, you’re beautiful.” Mickie quickly cleared her throat. “I mean, you know, you’re a beautiful woman.”

Melina actually smiled, liking the shy blush now spreading across Mickie’s cheeks. “Thanks.” She took a step closer to Mickie, forgetting her anger enough to flirt. “So, you said John’s into guys…how ‘bout you?”

“I, uh, you know – it depends.” Mickie licked her lips uncomfortably. “I have a lot of guy friends.”

“Me too,” Melina purred. She didn’t, really, but she had a few guys she had befriended so she could slap them around, so she was counting that. “Guys make great friends. Shame they suck at eating pussy.” Mickie was instantly red after that comment, but Melina didn’t let her get a word in, “You busy tonight, Mickie? ‘Cos I gotta tell you, I eat a mean pussy.”

“I, uh.” Mickie fiddled with her hair nervously. “I – I haven’t really done this much,” she whispered, glancing around the hall to make sure no one was watching.

“Oh, don’t worry.” Melina grinned, trailing her fingers down Mickie’s arm. She loved the resulting shiver. “It’s all instinct.” She held out her hand, raising her eyebrows expectantly. “You in?”

Mickie hesitated, licking her lips. “Are you gonna tell anyone?” she questioned.

Melina shrugged. “Do you want me to?”

“Well - ” Mickie paused, thinking for a moment. “It’s better than everyone thinking I’m sleeping with John. I’m not gonna get beat up by Beth, am I?”

Melina smirked. “You can take Beth.”

“Yeah.” Mickie stood up straighter, looking proud. “I can! Ok.” She clasped Melina’s hand, following her out towards the parking lot.

Melina was smirking as they walked. Fuck Katie Lea, and fuck Beth. There was better pussy in the sea.


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