Jay was smiling broadly. He had been smiling the whole time Adam had been watching him. Adam glanced up at him suspiciously, trying to focus on the magazine in front of him. Finally the annoyance became too much for him, and he had to ask the question.

 "What are you so happy about?" he demanded.

 "Oh, nothing." Jay continued grinning. Before Adam could ask anything more, a knock came at the door. Adam opened the door and an angry looking Chris Jericho charged into the room. He was dressed only in a small white towel. His hair was dripping small drops of water onto his bare back.

 "Jay, what the hell did you do with my clothes?" Chris demanded. "I've had to walk through this hotel like this, knocking on every single door ‘cos I didn't know which room you were in! Two damn floors!" Jay was unable to answer, as he was lying on the floor laughing uncontrollably.

 Chris glared at him. "Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was? Now where are my clothes?"

 "I don't have them." Jay was beginning to regain control of himself. There were tears in his eyes from laughing so hard.

 "You've got to! I looked everywhere, they aren't in my room!"

 "Sorry." Jay shrugged.

 "I know you took them," Chris said accusingly.

 "Well, whether I did or didn't, I don't have them now," Jay said. "They already collected all the luggage, Chris. It's all gone now."

 "No!" Chris cried. "What the hell am I supposed to wear, then?"

 "Well, you could just keep that on." Jay gestured toward the towel.

 "Are you kidding? I'll freeze!" Chris exclaimed. "We're in Minneapolis tomorrow!"

 "You have your coat, don't you?" Jay asked.

 "Of course I do, but I'll still freeze!"

 "What are we supposed to do about it? This is your problem." Jay folded his arms across his chest. Adam was watching with an amused look on his face.

 "It is not my problem! You took my clothes, you gimme yours and YOU can freeze!" Chris demanded.

 "Fat chance of that," Jay commented. He thought for a moment. "You know, I think some of Alana's clothes might still be here." He got up and peered into the closet.

 "Absolutely not!" Adam protested. "He cannot wear Alana's clothes! Besides, he wouldn't fit into a single thing she owns!"

 Jay ignored Adam's objections. "Ah hah!" he exclaimed. "I think you might be able to slip into this." He pulled out a small, black spandex catsuit. Chris's eyes bulged.

 "I can't wear that! That would show just about everything!"

 "Not as much as you're showing now," Jay pointed out.

 Adam looked confused. "But Jay, that's not - "

 "Well, I know it's not ideal," Jay said, cutting Adam off, "but it's the only thing he could possible squeeze into." He tossed the spandex suit to Chris.

 "But - I - this - " Chris stuttered, staring at the garment. He sighed and walked into the bathroom to change.

 "Jay, you set this up, didn't you?" Adam asked. Jay shrugged and smiled. After a few minutes Adam began to wonder what was taking Chris so long. He knocked on the door and asked what the hold up was.

 "I can't come out!" Chris cried.

 "Come on, Chris, let's see," Jay said.

 Hesitantly, Chris came out of the bathroom. He did fit into the catsuit, but it was skin tight across his entire body. He was right; the catsuit hid nothing. He blushed as Adam and Jay stared.

 "Don't worry, Chris." Jay patted Chris on the back. "You look great."

 "Yeah." Chris walked back into the bathroom to fetch his towel. He wrapped it around his waist and tied it securely. It hung open on one side, revealing his spandex-clad thigh.

 "Well, we should probably be going. We're leaving soon," Jay said.

 "But I can't go anywhere in this!" Chris looked horrified by the thought. Unfortunately, he didn't have a choice. They were taking buses to Minneapolis, and it was nearly time for them to board. He tried to hide behind Adam and Jay, but they got separated in the confusion ensuing outside the hotel. With no one to hide behind, Chris simply stood still hoping no one would notice him.

 "Hey there, Chris," Luna said, coming up beside him. She had a big smile on her face. He could feel her eyes running down his body. "So how are you?" she asked, just making conversation as an excuse to stare at him.

 "Come on, Luna," Gangrel growled, snatching Luna's arm and dragging her away.

 "Bye, Chris!" Luna called, the smile remaining on her face. Chris noticed Tori and Ivory looking at him from a short distance away. Both were smiling. Tori waved when she saw him looking in their direction. She made some comment to Ivory and the two women giggled.

 "Hey." Chris turned at annoyed-sounding voice. He found Drew standing behind him with his arms crossed. "What the hell do you think you're doing dressing that way?" Drew demanded.

 "Well, I didn't want to - " Chris began.

 Drew glared at him. "Come on, you're making me look bad!" He glanced down at his loose t-shirt and jeans. "Where did you get that, anyway?"

 Their conversation was interrupted as Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley entered the vicinity and called for silence. "Alright, everyone, you should've all gotten our schedule for tonight and tomorrow. Make sure you're prepared for your matches in advance! Also, you - wow." She stopped speaking as her gaze fell on Chris. She cleared his throat and tried again, not taking her eyes off of Chris. "Um - where was I? Oh yeah - um - matches. Know you matches, ok?" She turned and reluctantly returned to whence she had come. She looked back to catch on more glimpse of Chris before leaving.

 As embarrassed as he was, Chris couldn't help enjoying all the attention he was getting. He leaned back in his seat once he boarded the bus and smiled. Maybe he'd wear spandex more often...


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