Adam put his book down, glancing at the closed bathroom door in annoyance. "Kurt, honey, and you ever gonna come to bed?" he called.

 "Just a second," Kurt replied.

 "What on earth are you doing in there, anyway?"

 "Shaving various body parts, ok?"

 "Why are you doing that now?" Adam whined, fidgeting impatiently on the mattress.

 "Cos I want to look nice for you."

 "Baby, you don't need to do that." Adam rolled his eyes. "I like you just the way you are, Kurt."

 "But I was getting all scatchy! I don't wanna scratch you when we're - you know."

 Adam chuckled in amusement. "Having sex?" He could tell Kurt was blushing without even seeing him. The Olympian had always been shy about all sexual topics.

 "Yeah, that. So just hang on, I'll be out in a moment, and I'll be all nice and smooth for you."

 "Nice and smooth, huh?" Adam licked his lips hungrily. "Well then, I guess I can wait for that. But don't be too long now."

 "I won't be."

 A few minutes later, Kurt emerged from the bathroom. He wore nothing except a small white towel wrapped around his waist. Adam's eyes ran approvingly down his perfectly smooth skin. "Now that is nice," he commented.

 "You see?" Kurt was smiling as he climbed into bed next to the comely blonde. Adam nodded, quickly pulling Kurt into his arms and beginning to scatter kisses all over his body. Pretty soon he had Kurt beneath him, thrusting into him wildly as Kurt arched up against him, making small whimpering noises and sound of enjoyment. After they had both come, Adam rolled off his lover, disposing of the condom they had been using.

 "God damn that was nice," he commented, sighing happily at the wonderful afterglow spreading through his body.

 Kurt nodded, still a little breathless. Adam was by far the best lover he had ever had, and he certainly appreciated it. He was a little surprised to feel Adam's hand running up his thigh. He turned to the blonde, seeing the heated look Adam was giving him. "How about another time, huh baby?" Adam breathed huskily, leaning in to kiss Kurt's neck, sucking hard on the sensitive skin.

 "Really? Do I look that good?" Kurt wrapped his arms around Adam's back, not caring that the tall blonde's efforts on his neck would probably leave a mark.

 "Oh yeah. You look absolutely delicious." Adam moved lower on Kurt's body, taking one of Kurt's hard nipples into his mouth and sucking gently. Kurt moaned, arching into Adam's touch.

 "You see why I wanted to make myself all beautiful for you?" he gasped out as Adam's hands slid up his back, caressing his soft, smooth skin. "Damn, if this is the kind of attention it gets me, I'm gonna do it more often!"

 "I hope you do." Adam pushed Kurt onto his back, gingerly slipping between his legs. "I just hope you don't take so long next time," he murmured.

 Kurt laughed and nodded in agreement.


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