Complications of Cheating
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash, language
Characters: Edge, Christian, Heath Slater
Summary: Edge is pissed when Christian cheats with his NXT rookie
Note: Inspired by the Edge/Heath confrontation on RAW 8/24/10. Edge definitely seemed to have a problem with Heath, and what better reason than Heath messing around with Christian?
Written 8/31/10

"I been workin' out a lot." Heath flexed his muscles, showing off his sculpted arms, then turning so Christian could admire his chest & back, his shirt already discarded to the floor.

"Very nice." Christian approached him, his fingers grazing over Heath's pumped biceps, then daring to cross the younger man's perky pecs.

Heath didn't seem to mind, grinning at his mentor. "You think my body makes the grade?" he queried.

"Oh, I think so." Christian's eyes moved lower, visually caressing Heath's sculpted abs.

"My legs too?" Heath dropped his jeans to the floor, leaving himself in only a small black thong, his muscular legs bare for Christian's inspection.

"They look good." Christian bent down, his hands rubbing up and down Heath's thighs. "Very solid."

"And sexy? That is important for a real star, to be sexy?" Heath pressed.

"Yes. Being sexy is very important." Christian's hands ran all the way back up Heath's body, coming to his neck and cupping the back. The blonde gazed for a moment at Heath's full lips, before moving in to claim them.

They went swiftly to the bed, their clothes flying off in every direction. Paying no heed to their trail of discarded fabric, they fell upon each other, touching, kissing, exploring every inch of skin, every surface kissed and licked. Then, Heath was on top of Christian, sliding himself into his mentor. Christian was groaning, his legs wrapping around Heath's waist as Heath pounded into him, the muscles of his tight young ass flexing as his hips rutted against Christian. Moans filled the air, the sound of sweaty bodies coming together perforating the air of the quiet hotel room...

His hand balled into fists, his eyes dangerously narrow. He growled low in his throat, his anger exploding in a sudden burst as he grabbed a sheath of papers beside him, throwing it into the air and punching it with force, the sheets spurting wildly into the air and falling in a haphazard mess onto the floor.

He sat again, putting his head in his hands. This was driving him crazy. Every time he closed his eyes, he pictured them, together, indulging in each other's bodies. It wasn't right; it wasn't fair. Christian was his. Christian had always been his. But he couldn't get around the ugly fact; Christian was unfaithful. He hadn't believed it, when the rumor had gotten back to him that Christian was doing more than mentoring his NXT rookie. But, the more he had investigated, the more weight the rumor gained. Christian, it seemed, had done his best to keep it quiet, but Heath just couldn't resist bragging about their trysts. Christian was usually so open with him, but now suddenly was vague on details, not always keen to volunteer information. Edge knew exactly what this meant; it was the same thing Christian had done years ago, when he had his previous affair.

It wasn't like they hadn't both cheated; they had been together for over 20 years, and neither of them was a saint. But that didn't mean it hurt any less when a new indecency was revealed. Edge had waited for Christian to confess; he had planned when he would say, how he would yell and they would fight, and would eventually make up. But he had waited, and waited; NXT had ended its first season, Heath had been eliminated, then moved to RAW. And still no confession.

They had spent many nights together, had international tours together, and had sex many times, and never once had Christian paused to say, 'I've been a cheating bastard, we better use a condom'. Edge was pissed, and as of tonight, he had had enough. This was going to come out, and it was going to come out his way.

Charging through the hall, he pushed every wrestler he found against the wall, demanding to know where Heath's room was. After many stuttered denials, he happened upon Justin Gabriel coming out of Matt Hardy's room. Edge took satisfaction in shoving the South African against the wall especially hard, barely biting back a harsh comment about NXT pros and their rookie sluts. Justin had cracked under Edge's deadly glare, pointing him toward Heath's room.

Edge found Heath outside his room door, standing very close to David Otunga. David was murmuring in Heath's ear, and Heath was smiling, but shaking his head. Edge didn't know, or care, what game was afoot between them; he merely shoved David away, pushing open the door to Heath's room and throwing him in, dead bolting the door behind them.

"What the hell!" Heath tried, scrambling away from the raging Rated R Superstar. "What do you want?"

"The same thing my man had." Edge grabbed Heath around the waist and threw him on the bed, pouncing on top of him and pinning his wrists above his head. "And I'm taking it whether you want it or not, you little whore, so you can decide how fucking rough you want it!" He pressed hard on Heath's trapped wrists, grinding them down into the mattress.

Heath gasped, staring up at him with wide eyes. "I don't know what you're talking about!" he sputtered.

"You fucking know." Edge kicked off his shoes, using his body weight to keep Heath down as he grabbed the condom and lube from his back pocket.

Heath's eyes widened further, but he didn't struggle to get free. "I - I really don't," he tried again.

"Don't play the innocent fucking virgin for me." Edge ripped the condom open with his teeth, shoving his pants down to his knees and slipping it on with practiced ease, yanking down Heath's sweats, beneath which the ginger haired siren was naked. "Now I'm gonna fuck your ass. You had my man, you're fucking gonna have me too."

"I - I - " Heath was pretending to muster resistance, but Edge could hear the arousal on his breath.

"You want this, don't you?" he whispered, switching from anger to seduction. He grasped his cock, trailing the latex encased head along Heath's thigh.

Heath swallowed hard, licking his lips as he looked at it.

"Yeah, I fucking thought so." With no further ado, Edge covered Heath's body, claiming what he felt was his right.

When he returned to his room, reeking of sweat and sex, Christian was waiting for him. When Christian got one look at him, his eyes narrowed, the shorter man on his feet instantly. "What the fuck!"

"What?" Edge sniffed, running a hand through his disheveled hair.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Christian growled. "And don't tell me the fucking gym, 'cos your shit is all here!"

"I was doing exactly what you've been doing." Edge glared at him, holding his head high. "Or should I say, who."

Christian just gaped at him. "You - you fucking bastard!"

"Oh, fucking give it up Christian!" Edge threw his hands up in the air. "I know you've been fucking the little slut! And I've been waiting weeks for you to fucking tell me, but you haven't said a fucking word! I'm not a fucking idiot, and everyone in that fucking locker room is laughing at me because my man prefers some hot little rookie slut over me!"

Christian's breath was course, his jaw set and shaking slightly. He sat heavily on the bed, his hands clenching and unclenching anxiously. "It happened a couple times," he confessed, swallowing hard. "I didn't mean it Edge. I'm sorry."

"Oh, you're sorry." Edge snorted, rolling his eyes.

Christian stood again, eyes narrow with anger. "And you come in here, smelling like fucking sex! You're telling me that you went and fucked him, to get back at me? How could you fucking do that?!?"

"Really easily!" Edge yelled back. "He's a fucking slut!"

Christian slapped him, which only made Edge snort and roll his eyes again. "I can't fucking believe you!" Christian screamed.

"You're the fucking cheater here!" Edge yelled, not caring in the least that their neighbors and anyone in the hall could easily hear them. "Don't you think there are plenty of people I could have fucked? I could have a line of whores at my fucking beck and call if I wanted! I could fuck any god damn ass in that locker room, and I could do it any night of the week! But you, you get one little slut kissing your ass, and suddenly you're spreading your legs and letting him hop right on!"

"It wasn't like that!" Christian cried. "It wasn't something I meant to happened Edge, it wasn't something I did to hurt you! You did this for no other reason than to be a fucking spiteful bitch!"

"I waited for you to tell me!" Edge screamed back. "I wanted you to fucking confess, and yeah I'd still be fucking pissed, but I'd have forgiven you! But you weren't gonna tell me, were you? You just wanted to pretend you hadn't been slutting it up with some god damn ginger-haired Wendys-looking whore and carry on as usual!"

"I didn't want you to know!" Christian wiped roughly at his eyes, angry tears leaking from their narrowed depths. "I'm sorry! I've been around plenty of young guys, I don't know why I gave in to him! It shouldn't have happened, and I was fucking ashamed, ok?" He sat heavily on the bed, taking deep breaths, covering his face so Edge couldn't see him crying.

Edge was still braced for a fight, but seeing his lover crumbling was tugging at his heart strings. He went to Christian, trying to put an arm around him, but finding himself shoved away.

"You're such a fucking asshole," Christian choked, still hiding his face. "He may like to flirt, and he may get around with more than a guy or two, but he's a nice kid. He's young, and enjoying it. He doesn't deserve to be treated like a fucking whore. And you." He finally looked up, his tear-stained eyes fixed in a glare. "You." The word was harsh, conveying exactly what he thought of what Edge had done.

Edge crossed his arms over his chest defiantly, not wanting to admit he had done anything wrong. "I have as much right to fuck around as you."

Christian shook his head. "Does fucking around for revenge do any good? Does it?" he challenged, forcing Edge to recall episodes in their past. Edge was stubbornly quiet. "Edge." Christian wiped at his eyes, which had mostly dried, but were still somewhat swollen and red. He stood, grabbing his bag from the floor and throwing in a few items from the nightstand, then zipping it.

"Where are you going?" Edge blocked Christian's path to the door.

"I'm gonna stay with Matt for the night," Christian told him, sounding tired and a little defeated.

"You can't go," Edge told him.

"Well, Edge, I am." Christian moved to go around him, but Edge blocked him again. "Edge, please let me go."

"No." Edge put his hands on Christian's shoulders, and this time Christian didn't fight him. "Christian, you've been with me long enough to know that I'm not always big on tact," he stated, "and I've been stewing over this for weeks, 'cos I expected you to tell me, but you never did. It's been a long time since either one of us has cheated, and I'm really pissed about this, but you're still my man. And I - " he paused, saying the next words grudgingly, " - I'm sorry I fucked Heath. I'm an asshole."

"I know you're an asshole." Christian took a deep breath, taking a long look at the carpet before looking up at his lover again. "And I'm an asshole for fucking him in the first place. I should've told you, even if I stupidly thought you wouldn't find out. I'm sorry too."

"You promise not to fuck any more rookie sluts?" Edge demanded, although his voice was starting to soften.

"You promise not to do any more revenge fucks?" Christian countered.

"Yes, I fucking promise." Edge offered his hand, Christian setting down his bag to accept it.

"I promise too," the shorter blonde stated. Before he could say anything further, he was pulled against Edge's body, Edge claiming his lips in a desperately passionate kiss.

They finally drew apart after several minutes, Edge continuing to hold Christian tightly against him. Both their bodies had relaxed, and they looked at each other with more love than anger. "I love you," Edge whispered, his eyes now growing wet with tears.

"I love you too," Christian whispered, resting his head against Edge's shoulder as he held his man tight. "Can we put this behind us, now that it's all out in the open?"

"Yeah." Edge pressed his nose against Christian's short blonde hair, inhaling deeply. "Can we take a shower to wash all this off?"

"Please." Christian let Edge lead him toward the bathroom, their bodies staying pressed against each other, both of them in desperate need of the reassurance provided by that close, intimate contact.


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