Random Locker Room Moments: Darn it!
Rating: PG13
Content: humor, m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Edge, mention Elijah Burke
Summery: Cody’s found a fun little prank to play on Punk
Written 4/7/09

“Hey Puuunk!” Cody called. Upon securing the Straight Edge superstar’s gaze, he grinned, holding up a notebook-sized print of Elijah in a red white & blue speedo.

“Damn it!” Punk glared at him, grabbing a sweatshirt to hold in front of himself. “Don’t do that!”

Edge blinked, looking between them. “Uh, why shouldn’t he show you a picture of your boyfriend?” He looked curiously at Cody. “And why do you have a big copy of that sexy picture, anyway? Just to taunt him?”

“Well, that, and it’s a really sexy picture.” Cody grinned as he looked down at the steamy shot. “I know Lij usually wrestles in trunks, but this picture…damn.”

“Still.” Edge turned his attention back to Punk. “You got a boy that hot, people are gonna look, no need to get worked up.”

“It’s not that!” Punk glared at Cody. “I know my man’s hot, and you can look all you want, because looking’s all you can do. But I have to wrestle in like 10 minutes, and seeing Lij’s hot body…” he paused, licking his lips, “well, it does things to me!”

Edge blinked, then it dawned on him. He laughed out loud, shaking his head. “Gotcha,” he chuckled.

“It’s not funny! I can’t go out there like this!” Punk closed his eyes, self consciously holding the sweatshirt over his trunks. “Chris Jericho in a speedo. Chris Jericho in a speedo,” he repeated to himself. “Chris Jericho having sex with Kane in a hot tub.” He shuddered, opening his eyes again. “God, I hate giving myself these images. But it’s got to be done.” He smiled, setting the sweatshirt down. “I’m good to go now.”

“Punk?” Cody flashed a shit-eating grin, holding up the picture of Elijah again.

“Darn it!” Punk snatched the sweatshirt, shooting Cody a glare as he marched toward the door. “I’m going somewhere else to think unsexy thoughts! Bastard!”

Laughter reverberated through the locker room as the door slammed shut behind him.


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