Define Naughty
Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash, sweetness, humor
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: Naughty and nice both play a part in Punk and Lij’s Christmas
Written 12/18/08-12/22/08


Elijah stormed into the living room, waving a paper at his lover. “What’s this?”

“My Christmas list. You asked for it.” Punk placed the small box he was holding into a slightly larger box, taping it closed.

“Yeah, but I want a real list!” Elijah exclaimed. “I can’t get you this!”

“You can’t?” Punk looked at him with a pout.

“I mean, I can, but you’d get this anyway.” Elijah pointed to the short list, which read, ‘Hot sex’.

“That’s all I want.” Punk shrugged, reaching for another slightly larger box and placing the already taped boxes inside.

“But don’t you want something to unwrap?” Elijah pressed.

Punk smirked. “So wear panties, and we’re good.”

“Punk.” Elijah held out the list and a pen. “Give me a real list. Something I can shop for.”

“You just want an excuse to shop, don’t you?” Punk quickly scrawled something on the list, then handed it back. “Go wild.”

Elijah’s eyes bugged as he read the new addition. “Punk!”

“Yes?” Punk pulled yet another box in front of him, placing his boxes inside it.

“You know I can’t shop for this either!”

“Well, maybe you can’t try it on in the store.” Punk snickered. “You have to pick the color, though. And test the fabric; it has to be soft, and not too constricting!”

Elijah crossed his arms over his chest. “Not that I’m opposed to giving you my cock with a ribbon tied around it, but, baby, seriously?” He offered the list again.

“Lij, I’m not real big on gifts.” Punk placed the many boxes he was wrapping into a final box, a large one which he then began to tape paper around. “Didn’t you get that from what I gave you last Christmas, and on your birthday?”

“Your gift last Christmas was very sweet,” Elijah countered. “An autographed CM Punk tshirt; how could I argue with having you wrapped around me, whenever I want?”

“Which is about the same as your birthday present.” Punk grinned, finishing off with the wrapping paper and grabbing a label. “I love that you want to get me something, but Lij, I’ve already got lots of stuff. I just want you.”

Elijah considered for a moment, then sighed, dropping the list. “Fine. But you’re gonna get lots of me, at least once my parents have gone home.”

“Don’t forget my ribbon!” Punk was grinning broadly as he scrawled his name and another across the finished present. “What do you think?” He held it up for Elijah’s appraisal.

Elijah glanced at the tag and laughed. “Scotty’s gonna smack you when he starts opening that,” he chuckled.

“He’ll appreciate it. You know how Scotty and I are.” Punk grinned, setting the large box under their tree.

“What did you get him?” Elijah inquired.

“Back massager. And I put a note in saying I’d give him a free massage with it after all the rigorous present-opening he had to endure to get it.” Punk chuckled, leaning back against the base of the couch and gazing at their tree. He patted the floor, happily wrapping an arm around his lover’s shoulders as Elijah joined him. They leaned against each other, both enjoying the sight of the brightly lit Christmas tree. “This means a lot to me, you know,” Punk whispered, his fingers finding their way down Elijah’s arm and interlacing with his lover’s digits.

“Putting up a tree together?” Elijah let his head rest on Punk’s shoulder, snuggling into his lover’s warmth.

“Yes.” Punk sighed happily. “I’ve had half these ornaments since I was a kid. Now, they’re mixed in with yours. It really makes me happy, seeing how beautiful our lives look mixed together.”

“It is beautiful.” Elijah squeezed Punk’s hand, his million dollar smile beaming from his lips. “I love you so much. The best Christmas gift I could possibly get is having you home with me for a whole week.”

“Mmm.” Punk sighed, reluctantly pulling away from Elijah’s warmth and climbing to his feet. “You wanna snuggle together and put on a sappy Christmas movie?” he suggested, pulling some cushy blankets off a chair and dropping them on the couch. “I’ll open a window so it’ll be cool enough for these. And I’ll make some hot chocolate!”

Elijah nodded, standing as well. “I’m glad to see that you’ve got some good Christmas spirit, baby, if not for presents,” he chuckled. “What should be watch?” He flopped down on the couch, pulling a blanket over his lap.

“ ‘Holdiay in Handcuffs’!” Punk called from the kitchen. “I Tivo’d it off ABC Family, it’s awesome! Then maybe afterward, we can open up Scotty’s present to me early, and have our own holiday handcuff fun!”

“He’s coming over on Christmas, won’t he notice?” Elijah questioned.

“Eh, we’ll re-wrap it. He knows I know what it is.” Punk returned to the living room with two cups of freshly nuked milk, setting them on the coffee table and opening up the jar of hot chocolate powder he carried under his arm. “Ready?”

“Found it.” Elijah selected the movie off the Tivo memory, opening one arm for Punk to settle into, and the accepting a cup of hot chocolate in the other. Punk relaxed against him, slowly sipping his hot chocolate at the movie began to play. He let his eyes drift over to the tree, feeling a delightful warmth in the pit of his stomach which had nothing to do with the drink in his hand. Smiling contentedly, he returned his attention to the movie, cuddling a bit closer to his lover.


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