Desperate Times
Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash, public oral sex, language, plotting
Characters: Edge, Christian, John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn, Heath Slater, Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam
Summery: Edge is determined to break up Christian's impending marriage, and will go to any length to see his scheme succeed
Note: Special thanks to Destiny and her fic "Without You" for getting my muses into this mood!
Written 10/1/10 to 10/9/10 (tech 10/10/10)
Length: Long (10+ pages)

Edge didn't feel much anymore. Nothing but longing; hurt; pain. He hadn't believed it, when Christian ended it. They had been together since they were 15 year old. As far as he was concerned, they were meant to be together forever. Christian had run away to TNA, and Edge had thought he just needed time. When Christian returned to WWE, he had expected a reunion. But Christian had remained firm; they were through. Edge had tried his hardest. He had done all the romantic things that he had ceased doing when they were still together, which Christian had cited as a reason for the breakup. But all his effort did no good. Christian refused to take him back.

He hated when Christian slept with other men. The lovely blonde bounced around between a few romantic interests, dating them casually. Edge went to the extreme of following him a few times; once, Christian had caught him, and threw a drink in his face, causing a scene. He was ordered by management to leave his ex alone, lest his actions cause a scandal and hurt his career. He grudgingly obliged, but that didn't stop him from looking at Christian whenever they ended up in the same locker room, or from taping Christian's matches and watching them on endless repeat. He loved Christian; no matter how much time went by, his feelings refused to fade.

Gradually, his life became just a routine which his performed mechanically, not caring about any part of it. When John, who had been crushing on him for years, and now saw opportunity in his singleness, had asked him out, he had agreed without thinking about it. He had hoped that dating might spark jealousy in Christian, but, to his horror, his ex was embarking on his own relationship; a relationship which seemed so ill-matched that Edge had expected it to come crashing down swiftly, but which seemed to grow stronger with each passing day. It made Edge sick to see Christian, his Christian, look at Punk, his eyes filled with a love that should have been Edge's alone. It was at that point which he really stopped caring about life. He would've stopped doing everything, had working out and wrestling not been so deeply ingrained in his routine that he carried on with them automatically.

John didn't seem to notice that he was the drive behind everything in their relationship; Edge never made a decision about anything, just allowed John to lead him into whatever he wished, not caring enough to disagree. They were having sex after a couple dates, which Edge merely yielded to. He couldn't be bothered to care what happened to him, or his body. John was good to him, but it didn't make a difference in his cold and empty world; he simply followed where John led without resistance. When John took him to dinner, he ate. When John got on top of him, he spread his legs. Nothing mattered, when Christian was falling ever more in love with someone else.

Then, the most horrific news ever arrived: Christian was getting married. Edge didn't know how he could be marrying someone so wrong for him. Punk couldn't be more wrong for him; they had nothing in common, no reason at all to be together, to think they were in love. Edge couldn't understand it. He was so desperately in pain, he thought about killing himself. He even bought some pills, and carried them around for a week. But when it came down to it, he couldn't do it. He stared at that little bottle for hours that night. John was just coming home when he threw the bottle into the trash, vowing that he would stop that wedding, at all costs. He wouldn't be dead inside forever; Christian would be his again.

He dragged John into bed that night, the first time he had ever initiated sex. John was blown away as his usually passive lover rode him like a demon. Edge was fired up by the thought of Christian, in his arms again. He was absolutely determined to make it happen.

"No, I don't want to hook up. That was a long time ago." Edge was pacing around the bathroom, glaring at the walls as he talked on his cell phone. "Randy, just check your freaking hornyness for a minute! I promise to get you all the rookie sluts you can fuck if you help me. I know you're the queen of gossip, so I need to know every guy Punk's fucked, dated, or even smiled at since he got here! Yes every single one, every single ex. Don't be a bitch!" He sighed deeply, growling as he paced violently. "Fine, I'll suck your dick. That too. Whatever you want! Just get me the info. Yes, other exes too, Ring of Honor, everything! Get me names, get me numbers, get me all the information. Hell, if you manage to fuck Punk and have Christian catch you, I'd spend a week with you and let you do anything you want to me." He stopped, his scowl growing deadly. "No, they don't fucking love each other! Their relationship is a mistake! I'll buy you lunch, just have the info!" He slammed the phone shut, growling in frustration as he set his hands on the sink, glaring into the mirror.


Edge didn't respond to his lover's call from the main room, opening his cell phone and dialing a number. "Hi, Kevin? Its Edge. I'm gonna need you to come to a show. I'll get you in backstage. An audition? Yeah, sure, they're thinking about bringing you back. I'm pulling for you man. And Punk. Man, he misses you. You two were such a group couple in ECW." He frowned. "Married? No, of course not, that's just a silly rumor. It's rocky, very very rocky. Christian's cheating on him, the bastard. He's been talking about you a lot, but he thinks you've moved in. This week would be perfect. Fantastic, see you there."

He was just hanging up the phone when Cena strolled in, opening the door without bothering to knock. "Morning baby," John murmured, sliding his arms around Edge's waist and laying a kiss on his neck. "You were amazing last night."

"I'm busy." Edge waved him off, searching his cell for more numbers he could use.

"Whatcha doing?" John kept kissing his neck, his morning hard on clearly pressing against Edge's back. "Come back to bed, baby."

"In a sec." Edge frowned as he passed Booker T's name in his phone. "Hey, didn't Punk date that kid from ECW? I remember his hair used to remind me of Booker when it was down. Great smile, really handsome."

"Elijah?" John suggested, using his arms around Edge's waist and backing his golden lover out of the bathroom, nearing the bed.

"Yes! They were so cute together," Edge exclaimed.

"But Elijah broke up with Punk after Punk slept with Morrison," John reminded him, managing to maneuver Edge onto the bed. They were both naked, so there were no obstacles as John moved on top of Edge.

"Do you have his number?" Edge questioned as John began to kiss him.

John paused, looking down at his lover in consternation. "Elijah's?"

"Yeah," Edge pressed.

"Why would I have that?" John demanded.

"I'll find it." Edge started flipping through his phone again, looking for some TNA numbers.

"Baby." John took the phone away, placing it on the nightstand. "Can we make love first?"

Edge rolled his eyes, but shrugged. "Fine. Just put on a condom."

John frowned at him. "You've never asked me to use a condom before. I mean, I did anyway for the first few months, but I don't see why now - "

"Use. A. Condom." Edge was looking at him sternly. "Now hurry up or I won't be in the mood. I've got things to do."

Shaking his head, John went to dig a condom out of his bag. He was baffled by his always passive lover's new assertiveness. Yet, surprisingly, it really turned him on. He hustled back to the bed with condom in hand, very eager to pound his lover through the mattress.

"Are you alright?" Randy frowned at Edge over their lunch. "You keep making funny faces."

"I'm flexing my asshole." Edge made another face as he tightened and relaxed the muscle. "Its a little sore, I just could not get John off me this morning."

"Really." Randy grinned lecherously. "Do tell."

"Nothing to tell." Edge shrugged. "Usually I don't care, I just lay back and spread 'em whenever he wants it. But I'm on a fucking mission now, I was bossing him around this morning."

"Hmm, so John likes it like that, huh? Think that'll get me in his pants?" Randy wondered.

"Who cares. What did you find out?" Edge demanded.

Randy raised an eyebrow. "You don't care if I get in your boyfriend's pants?"

"I just care about Punk right now," Edge stated. "He's gotten around, hasn't he? He looks like a little slut. Didn't you fuck him?"

"No." Randy's frown was almost a pout. "Bitch blew me off. But he's had a bunch of guys; John Morrison, R-Truth, Kofi, Kevin Thorn, Rob Van Dam, Elijah Burke, Brian Kendrick."

"Sounds like he can get down," Edge commented. "So why the hell is he doing this 'marriage' crap?"

"I don't know, man. I guess he's 'in love'." Randy rolled his eyes.

"Well, we gotta snap him out of it. Lets break up this 'marriage' before they can even say 'I do'," Edge asserted.

"We?" Randy crossed his arms over his chest. "I been playing along with you, Edge, but I don't see why I should jump on some crusade to break up two guys who probably aren't going to fuck me."

"Breaking them up is for the common good," Edge growled. "You want everyone to start getting 'married'? What'll that do to your pool of available tricks, huh?"

Randy crossed his arms over his chest. "Yeah, not buying that. I don't think two boys being off the market is going to cause a rash of marriages. And there'll always be hot young ass coming in. So, why should I help you?"

"Look," Edge snapped, leaning in and lowering his voice, "if you help break them up, I will give you the raunchiest fucking night of your life. My imagination can make porn look like fucking child's play."

"Getting more interested." Randy leaned across the table, his eyes flicking up and down Edge's body. "But I want a little down payment. Your mouth."

"Fine," Edge agreed. "Right after lunch - "

"No." Randy leaned back in his chair, deliberately pulling the long tablecloth to cover his groin. "Now."

Edge's glare was deadly. "Are you fucking serious?" he hissed.

"Now, or no deal." Randy's hand subtly snuck under the table cloth, opening his fly. "Then I can take your word on giving me a night to put porn to shame."

Edge's glare was still fierce, but he gave a huff of acquiescence, glancing around to check that the coast was clear before slipping under the table. He found Randy's dick already on offer, wasting no time in taking it into his mouth. He locked in a fierce suction, deepthroating the thick meat as his hands cupped Randy's balls, one finger sliding back to rub his perineum. With his intense attention, it didn't take Randy long at all to come, Edge swallowing every drop and returning to his chair with lightning speed.

"Fuck." Randy trembled slightly as he reached down to tuck himself away, taking a deep breath. "You never did that when we were hooking up before. You barely even moved when I fucked you."

"I can accomplish a lot when I'm inspired." Edge stared across the table seriously. "We have a deal?"

"Yeah, we've got a deal." Randy shifted in his seat. "They break up, I get my night?"

"Yes." Edge tapped the paper where Randy had jotted down the names of Punk's past lovers. "I want every single one of these guys back here, thinking Punk misses them and wanting to get him back. He's gotta be carrying a torch for at least one of them, and being wanted by so many guys has gotta shake him out of this 'marriage' crap. I want every guy on the fucking roster trying to get in his pants."

"If there's one thing I can do, it's get guys into bed." Randy smirked. "It's usually my bed, but Punk's hot, and from what I've heard, tight. Definitely a commodity I can sell."

"Great." Edge reached across the table, a wicked grin curving his lips as he shook Randy's hand.

"Baby, where you been?"

Edge was not amused by John's arms sliding around his waist that evening. "Busy," he snapped, trying to twist free of his lover's hold.

"I didn't see you all day. I missed you," John crooned, his lips mouthing Edge's neck.

"I do other things," Edge replied. "Now get off me, I'm still sore from this morning."

"Baby, let me help you relax," John panted, his hands pawing over Edge's chest. "You are so fucking hot. You've never been like this before."

"I don't know why me being busy turns you on," Edge growled, rolling his eyes as John used his belt to drag him to the bed, his hands working swiftly to undress Edge.

"This morning was amazing," John purred, kicking off his jean shorts and using his weight to tumble them both into bed. "The way you fucking RODE me, so hard and passionate..."

"Yeah yeah, I'm amazing." Even though this distraction annoyed him, Edge found himself getting turned on. He had done all he could today; Randy was under his thumb, and several of Punk's exes were on their way, ready to remind Punk of all his other options and send the wedding up in smoke. Edge desperately wanted to go to Christian and reclaim his true love, but, for the moment, he had to play it cool. Since everyone knew he was dating John, and John was definitely capable to fulfilling his physical needs, he didn't see the harm in giving in to his arousal. "Lets just 69," he growled, knowing already that even with his sore ass, there was no way he would stick to that.

He was awoken by the blaring of his cell phone. Groaning, Edge groped for the infernal machine on the nightstand, not wanting to open his eyes to the light streaming through the curtains. "Blargh?" he grumbled in answer.

"Can't talk this morning?" came Randy's smug voice. "What, Cena's dick take out your voice box?"

"Fuck you Randy." Edge sat up, rubbing at his eyes. Fortunately, John was gone, having left early for an appearance in a nearby city. "What the fuck are you calling me so early for?"

"It's 10:00, brainiac," Randy retorted.

Edge frowned, glaring at the nearest clock, and seeing that it was true. "Fuck. I didn't set an alarm."

"Too busy getting Cena's dick up that sore ass of yours?" Randy prodded.

"You are way too fucking interested in our sex life," Edge growled. "what the fuck do you want?"

"Not a nice way to talk to a guy who's helping you break up a wedding. Keep it up and I might need another down payment, from you AND John."

"I really hate you Orton," Edge snapped. "Do I have to ask again what you want?"

"A, you're supposed to get your ass down to the gym to keep that body tight," Randy stated. "B, Kevin's gonna be here tonight, so you might wanna think about how we're gonna convince him that he's getting a tryout, and C, Elijah and Van Dam are gonna be available in two days when we're in Florida, so you better figure out how they're gonna 'run into' Punk."

"Fuck, right. I'll meet you in the gym in 10 minutes," Edge agreed. "And I'm not giving you another fucking blowjob, so don't bother to ask!"

"Well, if we're gonna be in the showers anyway - "

Edge hung up on him, getting up to fetch his workout clothes.

"Kevin!" Edge clasped the big man's hand and shook it enthusiastically, winking at the security guard who always stared at his ass as they walked through the secured entrance backstage. "Thanks so much for coming. We've really missed you around here, you're a real gem in ring. And some guys have missed you more than they'd admit." He chuckled, leading Kevin to a small changing room.

"Thanks man. It's great to be back here." Kevin was beaming. "Do you know who my tryout's against?"

"Well, there is one thing." Edge leaned in close and lowered his voice. "The thing is, management's gotten a little sensitive about bringing back guys who they've released. I mean, they don't want to admit when they've made a mistake, but - " He shrugged. "A lot of guys here have friends they want brought back, and management don't want everybody clamoring to bring so and so back. So, we wanna keep this tryout on the down low."

"Oh really?" Kevin frowned slightly.

"Yeah. They'll be watching you, don't worry," Edge assured him. "Just, if anyone asks, you're here to visit friends."

"Right." Kevin nodded. "I got it. No problem."

"And the good news about your tryout is, you've got a first rate opponent." Edge grinned broadly, playfully punching Kevin in the arm. "Me!"

"Fantastic." Kevin was clearly pleased to be getting in the ring with such a high ranking star. "You wanna throw around some ideas?"

"Just what I was thinking." Edge sat, patting the bench beside him for Kevin. "Lets get an idea what we're gonna do, then get changed and go do it! We're gonna slip it in as a 'practice session', before most of the guys get out there."

"Gotcha. Its nice to see that management's gotten bit more clever." Kevin shared a grin with Edge, the two beginning to work out the moves of their 'match'.

"Have you seen Luke?" Punk asked the first person he ran into at the bar, who happened to be Randy. He frowned as he looked around him, feeling very out of place.

Randy raised an eyebrow at his presence. "You look uncomfortable, Punk," he purred, looking the Straight Edge Superstar up and down. "Can I buy you a shot to calm you down?"

Punk gave him a deathly glare, about to move on when Randy caught his arm.

"Hey, don't be so uptight." Randy smirked. "I saw Luke a few minutes ago, when he bought me a shot. You're gonna have to accept that you lost that one, Savior."

"I'm not trying to force him to be Straight Edge," Punk snapped. "He texted me and asked me for help. Now have you seen him?"

"Yeah, I think he's by the bar on the far side." Randy grinned to himself as Punk moved further into the bar, murmuring to himself, "Or he might've left after I got him drunk enough to borrow his phone. Have a good time running into your ex, tightass." Smirking at the fruition of his own plan, he grabbed two beers and went back to the table he was sharing with a rookie he was trying to fuck. "Now where were we?" he murmured sexily, handing a beer to Heath and pasting on a big smile for the young redhead.

Punk was frowning as he looked around for his big associate, jumping when a hand fell on his shoulder. "Kevin," he gasped upon turning around, shocked to see his tall, vampiric ex standing before him.

"Punk." A huge grin broke out across Kevin's face. "Its so great to see you!"

"Yeah, uh, you too." Punk shook his head as he was pulled into a massive hug by the big man. "Its been a long time."

"Yeah, yeah it has." Kevin was still grinning broadly as he drew back. "I suppose I still can't buy you a beer, but I'd be happy to get you a Pepsi."

"Sure. That would be nice." Punk was smiling as he settled onto a bar stool next to Kevin. "So what are you doing here?"

"Oh, just visiting friends." Kevin shrugged as he ordered two Pepsis from the bartender. "Hoping I might have a shot at getting back in, although I'm doing pretty well on the indy circuit."

"Good to hear." Punk took his Pepsi, glancing at Kevin's. "You don't have to not drink because of me."

"It's my pleasure." Kevin gave him a smile.

Punk had to grin as he sipped his drink. "I appreciate it. You always were a gentlemen. I can't stay too long though."

"You got someone waiting for you back at the hotel?" Kevin wondered.

"Yeah, my boyfriend." Punk cleared his throat. "Well, fiancé. We're getting married in two weeks."

"Wow, really?" Kevin whistled. "That's pretty serious. You must really love him."

"He's great." Punk licked his lips, looking a little uncomfortable.

"Who's the lucky guy?" Kevin pressed.

"Christian," Punk replied.

"Oh. He's not...with Edge?"

Punk's face darkened. "That's been over for years."

"Oh." Kevin was silent. Edge had happily chatted with him earlier about how much fun he and Christian had been having together; sneaking off into supply rooms, taking off in the middle of the night for dingy motels none of the other wrestlers were staying in. He had even excused himself from Kevin's presence to, he said, meet up with Christian. As Kevin sat there, connecting his story with what Punk had just told him, the wheels were clicking exactly the way Edge had intended. "I'm sure it is." Kevin quickly changed topics. "I'm surprised you're settling down, though. You didn't even want to leave a toothbrush at my house. I guess a lot changes in 4 years."

"I am over 30 now," Punk pointed out, his smile wavering. "Christian's a really good guy."

Kevin took a drink, trying not to make a face. "So how did you know, that you're ready to get married? As much as I wanna meet the right guy, I kinda cringe at the idea of being locked into just one thing, forever. Like, never ever being able to kiss another man. I guess its different if you're really in love. But you'd have to tell me about that, you're the closest I came." He took another swig of Pepsi, wishing his drink contained booze to dull this uncomfortable moment.

Punk swallowed. "I am?"

Kevin shrugged. "I was...well, I was really looking forward to seeing you again. I guess I was hoping you missed me."

"I'm sorry." Punk's eyes were wide and sad.

"Hey, don't apologize." Kevin stood as he chugged down the rest of his Pepsi, patting Punk on the back. "You're in love, you're getting married. That's nothing to be sorry about. Just..." he paused, inhaling deeply, "just make sure he's right for you, Punk." With that, he strode away, leaving Punk staring after him with haunted eyes.

Punk left the bar shortly, his exit watched by a man in a baseball cap sitting quietly at a nearby table. He kept quiet until Punk was gone, then took off the hat, shaking out his long blonde hair. He grinned to himself as he sat back, finishing off his beer. If it wouldn't potentially ruin the plot, he would have loved to drag Kevin back to the hotel and fuck his brains out. Kevin had played his part perfectly, and without ever knowing he was part of their game.

Setting down his empty bottle, Edge stood, heading for the door. He wished he really was heading for a night of steamy sex with Christian, instead of Cena again. While John did satisfy his bodily needs, nothing could be as fulfilling as the thought of his true lover's embrace. Fortunately, Edge had a bottle of vodka stashed in his bag to take his mind off his love's absence for the rest of the night.

On the way out, he stopped at the table while Randy was up getting more drinks, raising his eyebrows at Heath. "You really thinking about going home with Randy?" he challenged.

"Yeah, so?" Heath eyed him, a look somewhere between suspicion and jealousy.

"I don't know if that's a good idea." Edge clicked his tongue. "I've heard he's got a big cock. Maybe more than you can handle."

Heath seemed to salivate at the possibility. "Really? How big?" he questioned.

"Well, I can handle it, but you?" Edge scoffed a little. He rose, walking away from the table before Heath could reply. As he passed Randy on the way out, he winked, Randy smirking as he carried the drinks back to the grinning redhead.

Edge had set it up carefully. He had silently stalked Punk backstage, waiting for just the right moment. When Punk was distracted, looking over the booking sheet for the show that evening, Edge came around the corner, bumping into him with force.

"Fucking hell!" Edge exclaimed, letting the cups of coffee he was holding in both hands fall 'accidentally' to the floor. "Punk!"

"I'm sorry." Punk winced as he looked at the brown mess all over the floor.

Edge sighed deeply. "There's some paper towels back in catering, run and grab them, and I'll watch this to make sure no one slips.

Punk nodded. As he took off for the catering room, Edge smoothly snatched his cell out of his back pocket, keeping it tucked in his palm until Punk was around the corner. He flipped it open, quickly locating the number he needed, then hammering out a fast text. 'Hey really need 1 more hookup bf I tie the knot, n I want u. but can u seduce me? itd mean a lot, just 1 more fling, pls? find me 2nit, dont txt back.' He swiftly hit send, hiding the cell in his palm again as Punk reappeared with the towels. "Took you long enough, I gotta get some more coffee and get dressed," he snapped.

"Sorry," Punk muttered, bending down to wipe up the coffee. As he bent over, Edge dropped the phone back into his pocket.

"See you later," he stated, grinning as he quickly excused himself. He went to fetch fresh cups of coffee, heading to a locker room that he knew wasn't his. He pretended to look around when he reached there, although his target was clearly present.

"Have you seen John?" he questioned, plopping down on a bench beside Kofi.

Kofi had been staring at his cell, but quickly slipped it into his pocket, looking up at Edge. "No, sorry," he murmured.

"Ya ok?" Edge offered one of the coffee cups. "I got this for John, but he seems to have disappeared."

"Yeah, thanks." Kofi took the cup, sipping the hot liquid gingerly. "I'm fine."

"You’re not upset about the whole wedding thing, are you?" Edge prodded.

Kofi looked up sharply. "What?"

"Punk and Christian's wedding." Edge shrugged, taking a sip of his own coffee. "You and Punk were together before Christian snapped him up."

"Well, yeah, but we were never serious." Kofi swallowed. "I mean, we liked each other's company, but really more as friends."

"Oh. Well, no problem then I guess. You guys did always seem to be heavy on the physical chemistry. And I guess that's good, in short bursts," Edge replied.

Kofi looked uncomfortable, his fingers tracing over the pocket which held his cell phone. "What about you?" he challenged. "You and Christian have a long history."

"Yeah, we did, but I have John now." Edge shrugged. "John takes care of me. I've moved on, so I think its good that Christian has too. And I know he and Punk are happy, except for their occasional squabbles in bed."

Kofi raised an eyebrow. "Christian tells you about that?"

Edge smirked. "He didn't mean to, but it slipped out. He's a bottom, always has been, but Punk likes to bottom sometimes too. Christian's hoping he'll get it out of his system before they get married." He pulled out his cell phone, pretending like it had vibrated. "Oh, that's John. Guess he went to the wrong room again." He stood, rolling his eyes in a simulation of a patient boyfriend. "I'll get him another coffee. Kick some ass in your match with Punk tonight!" He left with a big smile on his face. Between Punk's false text and the suggestions he had just planted in Kofi's head, he knew Kofi would be breathing extra meaning into every touch Punk gave him in the ring during their match, and, hopefully, he would follow through on the request for seduction. If Punk took him up on it, Edge would definitely be there to make sure Christian found out.

"He's not gonna do it."

Edge glared at Randy across his beer. "Why not?" he snapped. He glanced back at Kofi, who was waiting anxiously at the bar. "He's here, isn't he?"

"Yeah, but he's not that kind of guy," Randy claimed.

"He and Punk were fucking for a year," Edge pointed out. "You don't think he wants another taste of that ass before it goes off the market?"

"Technically, its already off the market," Randy stated. "That's why he won't do it, although he'll think about it."

"Right, I forgot, you 'know' Kofi." Edge rolled his eyes. "He was your 'great love', right?" He snorted. "You dated on and off, and on and off, and on and off, then you dumped him 'cos he got drafted to SD, seduced him back, and cheated on him, so he dumped you for good. Not exactly a winning track record."

"Fuck you, Edge." Randy glared at his beer, then chugged the rest of it down, looking irritated that Edge had managed to rankle him. "Kofi didn't have to be a part of this."

"We had to do something before we get to the TNA exes tomorrow," Edge shot back. "At least hanging out with him will remind Punk what he's passing up. You should've heard him with Kevin yesterday. He's doubting this whole marriage thing, we push him enough, he'll back out."

"If you say so." Randy was still frowning sourly as he signaled for another beer, trying hard not to let his scowl turn into a pout.

"Hey, maybe if he doesn't seduce Punk, you can have a shot at him," Edge needled, unable to stop when he had managed to get through Randy's usually impassive exterior. "He hasn't had your cock for a while, maybe he wants another taste."

"Shut the fuck up." Randy scowled as his beer arrived. "Get me some tequila shots," he snapped at the waitress.

"Careful, stud, you might not be able to get it up," Edge teased.

"I can always get it up! You know that damn well," Randy growled.

Edge just shrugged, leaning back and taking a slug from his beer. "You can call Heath, if Kofi says no."

"That was a one time thing," Randy snapped. "You fuck rookie sluts more than once and they get ideas. I don't need another Husky Harris on my hands."

Edge almost choked on his beer, staring at Randy. "You fucked that little porker? Seriously?"

"I fuck a lot of people," Randy growled. "I'll fuck anything when I'm drunk. The problem is when they don't know that."

"That's the advantage of fucking just one guy," Edge pointed out. "You get to fuck every night, and no complications."

"Oh really." Randy snorted, his narrow gaze focused on the tall blonde. "So you don't think John would have any problems with this?"

"It's none of his business," Edge replied.

"Well, maybe I should give him a heads up, let him know that you're trying to break up your ex's wedding!" Randy growled. "I'm sure he can put the pieces together."

"He wouldn't believe you," Edge sneered. "He knows you want to fuck me, and him for that matter. You'd sell out your own father for a blowjob, you're not exactly credible."

"You might wanna shut your fucking mouth, or you'll be sucking my dick again to stop me from selling YOU out," Randy threatened.

Edge raised his hands, making a zipping motion over his lips. He was only quiet for a moment, as he gazed at Kofi, who was still waiting anxiously by the bar. "I did help you with Heath yesterday," he pointed out.

"I would've fucked him anyway." Randy sighed in relief when his shots arrived, downing one right away. "Don't know who's getting me off tonight, though. Why don't you come up?"

"Not gonna happen." Edge nudged Randy across the table as Punk showed up at the door. "Showtime!"

"Hey." Punk took a seat next to Kofi, smiling at the handsome African man. "So what’s up?" He was surprised when the bartender set a Pepsi before him.

"I told him to have one on standby, for when my friend arrived." Kofi gave Punk a soft smile, moving his stool closer to Punk's.

Punk looked a little surprised, but smiled in return, taking a drink from the Pepsi. "Thanks."

"That match was great tonight," Kofi told him. "I just..." He hesitated, then pushed ahead, "I'm a little surprised."

"Hmm?" Punk's brow creased. "I thought it went really well. We know each other's moves, we work really well together."

"Yeah, we do." Kofi licked his lips. "Punk - I can't do this."

Punk stared at him. "What are you talked about?"

"Are you happy with Christian?" Kofi put his hand over Punk's on the bar. "It can be hard, the idea of being with only one guy. You know, not every relationship has to be monogamous. But you can't lie to your partner, you can't sneak around behind his back."

"I'm not sneaking around." Punk yanked his hand out from beneath Kofi's. "You think I'm cheating on Christian?"

"Punk, if you want to cheat, what makes you think that'll go away just 'cos you sign a piece of paper?" Kofi pressed. "I know this isn't what you wanted, but I'm your friend, I want you to be honest with yourself and do what's best."

"Ok, this is just getting weird." Punk shook his head, rising to his feet. "I didn't come here to sleep with you! I'm sorry if you got the wrong idea from something I did in our match, but I love Christian, and I haven't cheated on him!"

"Punk - " Kofi implored.

"Just, leave me alone." Looking thoroughly shaken, Punk strode out of the bar, disappearing into the street. Kofi put his head in his hands, sighing deeply.

Edge and Randy had been quiet during the exchange. They looked at each other, then swiftly finished their drinks, throwing down some money and making their way out of the bar.

"Well," Randy stated as they walked the few blocks back to the hotel. "That was awkward. You get what you want?"

"I'm not sure." Edge frowned thoughtfully. "It could be just the kick Punk needs, to have his friend basically tell him he thinks he's not ready to commit."

"I just hope you haven't totally fucked up their friendship," Randy snapped.

"Like you give a fuck?" Edge snorted.

Randy bit back the retort that was on his tongue, not wanting to open himself up to more teasing. "Whatever, go suck John’s dick, I gotta find someone to hook up with tonight."

"Have fun," Edge mocked, jabbing the elevator button to take him up to his room.

Edge's cell phone blared. John grabbed it, glaring at it groggily. Then he set it back down, causing Edge to raise his head and frown. "Who is it?"

"Some number from Florida," John mumbled. "S'not in your phone."

"We're in Florida, and I can only add so many people to my address book," Edge snapped, holding his hand out for the phone. John handed it over, despite grumbled objections. He made up for the unwelcome interruption by winding his arms around his lover, kissing Edge's neck lustily as Edge answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey, Edge, its Elijah," came a friendly voice over the phone.

"Hey. Why you calling me so early?" Edge sat up, trying to push John away, but his lover kept kissing him, moving over his collar bone and chest.

"Early? It's 2 pm," Elijah replied.

"Oh, right." Edge frowned at the clock. His head was still clouded enough with sleep that he had forgotten he and John had taken a mid-day break, mostly because John was too hot for him to wait any longer. He had been annoyed, but didn't care enough to fight it. After an energetic sex session, they had both needed a nap.

"So you still up for drinks with the TNA boys?" Elijah questioned. "Randy said you guys and some other WWE guys wanted to meet up."

"Yeah." Edge tried to push John away again, but his lover wasn't budging, his lips having reached Edge's naval, which was currently being explored by his tongue. "There's this nice place on South Washington where we can chill without any management seeing us. I think you guys have half our old roster now! Kendrick, Van Dam, Dreamer, all those guys."

"Well I can get Brian and Rob to come out," Elijah promised. Edge grinned at the thought of three of Punk's exes coming together all at once. "Orlando'll probably come too, he and Brian are hooking up right now."

"That's cool." Edge was annoyed that one of Punk's exes might be off the market, especially such a sexy and persuasive one, but he still liked how things were turning out.

"You mind if I invite some pure TNA boys? EY wanted to come, maybe AJ."

"Sure, sure," Edge agreed. "They looking to score some fine WWE men?"

Elijah chuckled, which Edge found to be a very charming sound. He hoped Punk thought so as well. "I don't know, man, we'll have to see about that."

"So, we'll see you there, say, 11:30?" Edge proposed.

"Sounds good. Thanks for the invite man, look forward to it."

Edge snapped the phone closed as Elijah hung up, a big grin creeping over his face.

"What was that?" John raised his head, looking up from his position at Edge's groin.

"Nothing." Edge was not at all inclined to share his plans with his clueless lover. "Suck my dick." He pushed John's head down, relaxing against the mattress as John went to work on him.

This was the first thing Edge had been nervous about since he started his plan. After sending John out on some errand, he had spend half an hour staring at his phone before he finally had the guts to call. Actually, he had switched his phone with John’s, knowing that Christian might not answer a call from him. He was trying to breath normally as he hit the green button to dial, waiting breathlessly for the answer.

"Hey John, what's up?"

"Hey." His words seemed to stick in his throat. "It's Edge actually."

There was a pause. "What do you want?"

He frowned, but forced himself to swallow his insult. "I just wanted to invite you to something, tonight. Randy and I are putting together a happy hour with some of the TNA boys, I figured you'd want to come. And that you'd rather talk to me than Randy."

Christian sighed. "I suppose so. If he called, I'd assume he's just trying to get in my pants again. I've been kind of surprised, that you haven't called me in months."

"Well, I'm with John now." The words burned in Edge's throat, but he said them anyway.

"He seems good for you," Christian said softly.

"Yeah." Edge swallowed hard. "Anyway, do you want to come? I think they'd really like to see you, you did used to be one of them."

"I would like to see them," Christian replied. "When are you getting together?"

"Around 10:00, down on South Washington," Edge told him. "I can text you the address if you want to mapquest it."

"Sure. That sounds nice." Christian paused for a moment. "Thanks, Edge."

"You’re welcome. I'll be there, but, you know, there'll be lots of guys to hang out with, we don't have to see each other." Edge went out of his way to make himself sound downtrodden and vulnerable.

"Its ok." Christian's voice was sympathetic, which was a big improvement from the last time Edge had talked to him. "Is John coming?"

"Oh, of course. Wouldn't leave home without him." It was a total lie, as Edge had absolutely no intention of telling John what he was up to. But as long as he could get Christian there, he was certain he could reignite the spark between them.

"Sounds good. I guess I'll see you there."

"Yeah. Later." Edge snapped the phone shut, clasping his hands in victory. "I can't wait to see you again, baby," he whispered.

"You owe me for this," Randy snapped as he and Edge drove toward the bar where the meeting would take place. "I hate sucking the creative guys' dicks, it gives them ideas, and they're a bunch of trolls."

"Let me get liquored up, then maybe I'll give you a blowjob," Edge retorted. "That guy deserved a blowjob for keeping Punk busy all evening, so he couldn't talk to Christian about the meeting tonight."

"I saw him send Christian a text," Randy supplied, "but he didn't list a time, he just mentioned the meeting and said 'c u 2nit'. I assured him that we'd invited Christian. You sure spending 1 on 1 time with Christian's the best idea? He's gonna get suspicious."

"I can handle it," Edge snapped. "You got the plan down?"

"Yeah, yeah. Just as long as I don't get to the party too late, 'cos I'm gonna nail me some TNA ass," Randy stated. "This is it." Edge pointed to a bar up ahead. Randy pulled over to the curb, letting Edge out.

"Text me if you fuck it up," he mocked.

Edge rolled his eyes, slamming the door closed. He checked his watch, seeing that it was just after 10:00. "Perfect," he murmured, grinning to himself. Heading into the bar, he found it sparsely populated at this hour, exactly as planned. Christian was not difficult at all to find.

"Hey, thanks for coming." He slid onto a bar stool beside the handsome blonde, offering his ex a friendly smile. "No one else here yet?"

"Not that I've seen." Christian was sipping a mixed drink, a sex on the beach from the looks of the creamy pink cocktail.

"You still like those?" Edge raised a teasing eyebrow.

"Well, Punk's not gonna convert me to more manly drinks." Christian chuckled.

Edge was relieved that his ex seemed relatively comfortable with him. He just chuckled along with Christian, making a show of checking his watch. "Typical. You tell guys a time, and they start showing up half an hour later. I was hoping to be fashionably late."

"Yeah. Well, you know me." Christian shrugged. "I'm always on time."

"Very admirable," Edge commended. "You looking forward to seeing your old buddies again?"

"I am." Christian smiled as he sipped his drink. "I miss TNA, sometimes. There was a lot less backstabbing there."

"WWE does have some ego problems," Edge admitted. "I'll have a long island iced tea," he ordered as the bartender stopped by.

"Zack get you hooked on those?" Christian joked.

"That tool?" Edge laughed, taking a big gulp as his drink was set before him. "Nah, its just a good drink. Packs a nice punch, it'll loosen me up so I can have fun flirting with the TNA boys. John'll be late, but he'll be here before I can get myself into any trouble, so I can do as I please without worrying about it."

"Really." Christian was looking at him thoughtfully, a little smile on his lips. "So you and John are really good together, huh?"

"You could say that." Edge shrugged. "I like having him to count on, he's a really solid guy. And sexy."

"I was gonna say it if you didn't." Christian chuckled as he finished his sex on the beach.

"You need to try one of these." Edge shook his long island glass at his ex. "They make them really well here."

Christian hesitated. "That's a little strong."

Edge raised an eyebrow. "You quit drinking for Punk?"

"Obviously not." Christian gestured to his empty glass. "I just don't drink as much."

"A lifetime's tolerance doesn't fade overnight, believe me." Edge got the bartender's attention, tapping his glass to signal for another. "First round's on me, although don't tell the TNA boys when they get here."

Christian chuckled, accepting the iced tea as it was handed to him. "Deal," he agreed, clinking glasses with Edge.

"Wait, what time is it?" Christian blinked at his watch, finding he could barely read it. He and Edge had been having such a pleasant conversation, he hadn't noticed how much he was drinking. The iced teas kept coming, and they were strong.

"After 11:00." Edge scowled. "Where the hell are those fuckers?" He had managed to convince Christian to keep drinking without drinking as much himself, although he was far from sober. Still, there was only one thing he had to remember, and he had rehearsed that elements well enough that his alcohol-fuzzed brain still spit it out with ease. "Fuck!"

"What?" Christian blinked at him, swaying slightly in his seat.

"This is the wrong fucking bar!" Edge slapped his forehead. "I totally fucking forgot! Man am I gonna look like an idiot! Turns out Tommy got kicked out of here a few months ago, so we changed it to the place down the street. Those guys are gonna laugh their asses off at me!" He set his hand on Christian's shoulder, pulling his former partner to his feet and leading him toward the door. "Lets get over there. If anyone asks, we were pre-gaming at the hotel."

"Ok." Christian stumbled after Edge, allowing his ex to lead him down the block, into another bar, which was packed with people and thumping with music.

"Hey, there you are!" They were greeted almost instantly by Randy, who ignored Christian, putting his arm around Edge's shoulders. "You didn't forget that we changed the location, did you?"

"Hell no." Edge gestured to Christian. "Chrissy and I were just pre-gaming, weren't we Chrissy?" Christian nodded in confirmation. "Besides, I am the star, I should be fashionably late!"

"Yeah, well the guys are all here, they're on the dance floor in the back," Randy told them. "Go get yourself a drink and watch for a booth, I'll round the guys up. I think a couple of the guys in booths by the bar are almost ready to clear out, so be sharp!" He disappeared into the sea of dancing patrons, leaving Edge and Christian to wind their way through the throbbing crowd to the bar.

"I don't know how we're gonna find anyone in this place!" Christian shouted over the music.

"Randy'll get them," Edge shouted back, seizing a bar stood as its occupant vacated it. "Lets watch for a booth so we can actually sit down with the boys!" He stuck his boot on the stool next to him as its owner left, only sliding it off as Christian claimed it. "Why not let them see you drinking a manly drink, so they don't think marriage has made you soft!"

"I'm not married yet!" Christian waved down the bartender, ordering a rum and coke, heavy on the rum. Edge was grinning as he signaled for a second.

"Pretty soon though!" he shouted over the noise. "You must be excited."

"Yeah, I am." Christian looked around him as he took his drink. "Is Punk here yet?"

"Don't know." Edge shrugged, taking a big gulp of his drink, happy to see that Christian follow suit.

"I haven't been out drinking like this in ages!" Christian exclaimed, raising his glass in a wobbly toast before chugging down half his cocktail. "I miss it!"

"I'm sure the Mrs. will still let the boys take you out after you're married," Edge shouted back teasingly.

"I don't have to be straight edge. He's ok with that," Christian replied, finishing his drink in another big gulp.

Edge grinned as Christian ordered another all on his own. He knew that when Christian got in the right mood, he would happily keep drinking, making it easy for Edge to distract him from the fact that the real party was, in fact, beginning shortly at the original bar.

"Hey, you came." Randy slapped Punk on the back as he arrived, taking a seat next to the Pepsi-sipping star. "And early to boot."

Punk shrugged. "I'm looking forward to seeing the guys. We've really lost a lot of good people to TNA. Why are you here early?"

"Well, I'm the host." Randy gestured to himself dramatically. "Don't you think my handsome face will be the first things those boys will want to see?"

"Hmm." Punk regarded him doubtfully. "Just try not to hook up with any of my friends."

"We'll see." Randy grinned lasciviously. "I'm going home with someone tonight."

"Hey, what's going on here?" Elijah approached with a bunch of TNA boys behind him, greeting Punk with a hug. "This isn't your fiancé, is it? 'Cos I've heard about him, and honey, he's a tramp!"

"At your service." Randy mocked a bow. "Maybe the Pope can save me tonight."

"We'll just see about that," Elijah shot back.

"He's not my fiancé," Punk clarified.

"I know." Elijah gave him a reassuring pat on the arm. "We know you're with Christian. A fine catch, by the way."

"Guess he's a better fisherman than us," Rob cut in. "Although maybe I'm one who got away!"

"I'd throw myself in there," Brian added, "but I caught this big, bad one here, so I'm not in the game." He grinned up at Orlando, who leaned down for a kiss.

More wrestlers arrived in a steady stream, both TNA and WWE. Randy wound his way around the room, splitting his time between flirting with potential bedmates and trying to facilitate conversations between Punk and his three exes. He noticed that, while Kendrick had clearly moved on, Rob was keen on flirting, and Elijah kept gravitating back to Punk. As this was Edge's plan, and he had already helped plenty, he didn't feel the need to keep tabs on their conversation, but it did seem to him that there was definitely something there.

"For you." Elijah returned from the bar, presenting Punk with another Pepsi.

"People are so good about bringing me these." Punk grinned as he took it. "What are you drinking?"

"Same." Elijah shrugged. "Just with a hint of rum."

"Good cover." Punk chuckled. "It sounds like you've been doing really well. So Nash's taken you under his wing; does this include..." He pursed his lips, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at Elijah.

The handsome black man laughed. "Maybe. I mean, its hard to resist, isn't it?" He took a gulp of his drink, looking down for a moment, then back up at Punk. "I really am happy for you man."

"Thanks." Punk smiled a bit wistfully, his fingers tracing around the edge of his cup. "So you don't hold it against me?"

"Hey, that was a long time ago." Elijah waved his hand dismissively. "We weren't serious, and you and Morrison were having a really intense feud. I know how passion in the ring can turn into passion between the sheets. I really freaked out on you when I found out, but you know, you had the guts to tell me, and I respect that. I'd never been cheated on before, and I really handled it badly. I wish I hadn't let it get between us." He bit his lip, clearing his throat after the unintentional admission. "But I mean, that's all in the past," he stumbled on. "What could have been, you know?"

"Yeah." Punk swallowed hard. "'Cos I'm getting married."

"Yeah, exactly." Elijah took a long swallow of his drink. "So, how did you know?"

"What?" Punk blinked.

"That he's the one," Elijah pressed. "If you could tell me the signs, maybe I'll be able to recognize mine when he comes along."

"Oh." Punk licked his lips, thinking for a moment. "I'm not sure. We started dating, and we just got along really well. He's sexy, and he's honest, and he's great. He asked me to marry him, so I said yes."

"Just like that." Elijah smiled softly. "I wish I could say I was there. One guy, that you can be cool with for the rest of your life. I'd like to be there, but not quite yet. I may be 32, but I'm still young enough for Nash, I think that says something." He laughed, Punk nodding along with him. "Still man, props to you." He raised his glass to Punk, his eyes turning a bit misty. "I always thought, maybe you'd be the one after all. Pretty stupid, since we only dated for a month. Guess this is fate telling me how silly that dream was, with me seeing you again when you're about to get married."

"Yeah, I guess." Punk shrugged, although his throat was feeling heavy. "Can't control your dreams, though."

Elijah nodded, looking down into his now empty glass. "I'll get another round," he murmured, heading swiftly away from the now slightly saddened mood between him and Punk.

"I am way too drunk." Christian shook his head in a vain attempted to clear it. "I don't know where they are, but I don't want Punk to see me like this." He clutched Edge's arm. "Can you take me home? Just tell them that we went to the wrong bar."

"Ok, I can do that." Edge took Christian's arm, helping him out of the bar. "Did you drive?"

"Cabbed," Christian replied, his words slightly slurred. "Fuck I'm drunk."

"Don't worry, I'll get you back to your room." Edge hailed a cab, the short ride back to the hotel passing swiftly.

"M'up here." Christian jabbed a button in the elevator back at their hotel, wobbling on his feet as the machine rose up the tower. "Fuck I'm drunk."

"You said that." Edge chuckled, shaking his head as he led Christian down the hall, helping him open the door. "I'm pretty fucking drunk myself." He hesitated before stepping into the room. "You want me to stay, or..." His question was genuine. His plan for the night was to introduce Punk to available and desireable exes without Christian present to play cockblocker, and to win himself some good will, but he hadn't planned this part of the night, and he was drunk enough that his scheming ability was greatly impaired.

"Just help me sober up a bit," Christian requested. "Then you can go back to your party." He sat heavily on the bed, blinking his eyes rapidly. "I haven't been this drunk in so long."

Edge stumbled to the bathroom, his feet slightly unsteady from all the alcohol he had consumed, the last strong drink just hitting him now. "Man, no more vodka for me tonight," he murmured as he fetched a glass of water for Christian, bringing one for himself as well. "Think room service has coffee?"

"You drink way too much of that stuff." Christian chuckled as he sipped his water. "Amazing you're not up all night."

"Sometimes I am." Edge was so happy to be spending time with Christian again, he was content just to sit here, sipping water, both of them in a drunken stupor. He found himself just gazing at Christian, not even realizing it until Christian started to blush, casting him a look through his elegant eyelashes.

"You're looking at me how you used to," Christian murmured.

"What?" Edge looked away quickly. "Its the booze."

"M'not over you. Not really."

Edge looked back sharply. "Really?"

"No. I wanna be, but you're still you." Christian licked his lips, his eyes focusing on Edge's mouth. Then he moved forward, his hand capturing the back of Edge's head, pulling Edge toward him and into his kiss. Edge offered no resistance, kissing back with all his heart. His hands slid under Christian's shirt, and Christian didn't object, allowing Edge to press him onto his back and crawl on top of him.

"Punk." Randy stumbled over to Punk, who was chatting with Rob. "Can you drive?"

"I do have a license," Punk answered sarcastically.

"I mean now." Randy waved his car keys in Punk's face. "I can't. C'you give me n some of the guys a lift?"

Punk frowned, glancing across the room at Elijah, who seemed to be avoiding him. He had wanted a chance to talk to his ex again, but he was also aware that he was probably the only person in their group who was sober enough to drive. "Sure," he agreed, taking Randy's keys from him. "Where's your car?"

After dropping the TNA boys off at another hotel, he and Randy arrived back at the hotel, where they took the lift to the same floor.

"Fuck." Punk stopped as they approached his door, searching through all his pockets. "I lost my keycard!"

"Christian's probably back," Randy suggested, pointing to the door as they stopped in front of it.

"I hate to wake him." Punk sighed, tapping softly on the door. "But I gotta get in." When there was no response, he knocked louder, then another, still louder knock. "Christian?" he called.

Inside the room, Edge and Christian lay naked in bed, passed out in a deep, alcohol-induced sleep. Edge stirred briefly at Punk's knock, but only enough to throw his arm over Christian, moving closer to his long-desired love.

"You can stay with me," Randy murmured, attempting to slide his arms around Punk's waist.

Punk jerked away, glaring at the intoxicated Viper. "I'm not stupid," he snapped. "I'll go get another card at the front desk." He froze as he searched his pockets again. "My ID's gone! Fuck, someone must've swiped it at the bar, fuck!"

"I'll call the guys, you prob'ly just dropped it," Randy slurred, trying not to grin as he patted his back pocket, where he had slipped Punk's ID and key when he had lifted them from the superstar's pocket earlier that night. "Come to my room."

"Not a chance in hell." Punk shoved Randy away, stomping down the hall.

"Tightass bitch," Randy muttered, stumbling the rest of the way down to his room. "See if I give you your shit back t'morrow! Fuck, I need someone to fuck." He pulled out his phone, squinting down at the numbers, scrolling through them to try and find one that suited him.

Punk woke up in a foreign room, stirred from his uneasy sleep when his cell phone vibrated. Yawning as he opened his eyes, he clicked on the new text, grinning as he read it. "Thank god!" he exclaimed.

Cena stirred beside him. "Good news?" he murmured.

"Yeah." Punk waved the phone at him. "Randy said someone at the bar found my ID. Thank god! I can't drive without it and I won't be back in Chicago for a week." He climbed out of bed, slipping his feet back into his shoes. "Thanks so much for letting me crash here."

"No problem." John stretched, climbing out of bed himself. "I'm happy to have saved you from being molested by a viper. Just wish I'd found Edge."

"I'm sure he's fine," Punk assured him. "That party was pretty crazy, he probably crashed somewhere. Randy said he was drinking like crazy before I got there."

"But you didn't see him leave?" John worried.

"I didn't see him at all, but I wasn't looking." Punk shrugged. "Randy said he was around."

"I hate that I missed a night with him." John sighed. "Things have been really amazing between us lately."

"That's really great to here." Punk give him a grin. "It's just good to hear that he's finally over Christian."

"Yeah," John agreed with a vigorous nod. "You want me to come with you to get your stuff from Randy, or can you handle him?"

"Are you kidding?" Punk smirked. "He's gonna be sick from how much he drank last night."

John nodded, looking amused. "Well shoot me a text if you see Edge."

"Can do." With a friendly wave, Punk left the room, heading back down to Randy's. When he knocked on the door, a disheveled looking viper answered it. Punk raised his eyebrows when he saw Orlando Jordan and Brian Kendrick in the room behind him.

"Don't ask," Randy muttered, closing the door as soon as he'd handed over Punk's ID and key card.

Punk shrugged, making a note to ask Brian about it later. Proceeding to his door, he swiped the card, stepping right in...and freezing. "What!"

His entrance startled Edge and Christian, who were engaged in a heated argument. "Punk!" Christian cried in dismay, clutching the bed sheet around his naked body. "This isn't what it looks like!"

"You fucked your ex." Punk stared open mouthed at Edge, who was clearly naked in bed beside his fiancé.

"I was drunk," Christian pleaded. "I didn't mean it."

"I can't believe this." Punk shook his head, disbelief in his eyes. "I went along with all this marriage shit because you convince me we were so good together, and you fucked your ex!"

"It was an accident. Please," Christian begged.

"No. You know what, I've been running into a lot of my exes lately," Punk snapped, holding up a hand to forestall Christian‘s objection, "and they're good guys. They're great guys! And I was good with every one of them. I don't even know why I broke up with some of them! How can I say that I'm so good with you that I couldn't be good with them? I don't think I can say that we're better together! You kept pushing me into this marriage shit, but I'm not ready! I can't say that I never want another guy again. I'm not ready, and you're clearly not fucking ready either! I never should've believed that you were done with Edge!" He stormed to the door, yanking it open. "The wedding's off, and we're over!" He slammed the door behind him, Christian staring after him, looking like a lamb to the slaughter.

"No," he whispered.

"It's for the best," Edge put in. "I know we were drunk, but baby, we're meant to be! We - "

"Shut up." Christian's command was not harsh, but choked out through a watery throat. He put his head in his hands, his body starting to shake with sobs. "Its true," he whispered, his voice shaking as tears trickled down his face. "I - I did push him into it. I - I thought, if we could just get married, then we were set. We'd know who we were going to be with for the rest of our lives, and our only job would be making it work. And we - we work! We're so good together." He trembled with a sob, shaking his head as he cried into his hands. "Maybe he doesn’t make me see fireworks or anything, but I do love him. The sex is good, we get along." Another sob tore through him. "Why did I have to be so stupid?"

Edge could feel his heart in his throat. He tried to put a hand on Christian's arm, but the blonde twisted violently, casting it off. "Don't touch me," he whispered.

"Christian," Edge pleaded. "I love you. I'm ready to settle down with you."

"No, no." Christian was still sobbing softly, shaking his head back and forth. "I don't wanna see you right now. Just get out."

Head lowered, Edge slowly got out of bed, pulling his clothes on. He paused at the door, gazing sorrowfully at Christian. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "I just love you so much."

"I can't hear that right now," Christian whispered back, his sobs slowly calming. "I just need to be alone."

"I'll be here, if you need anything," Edge promised softly. He opened the door, his head low as he plodded sadly down the hall.


*Six months later*

"DON'T take that!" Christian stabbed at Edge's hand with his fork as Edge snatched the last piece of bacon off his plate. "That's 10 more bastard points if you eat that! You've already got enough from breaking up my wedding," he threatened.

Edge taunted him, sticking the bacon almost into his mouth, then grinningly holding it out for Christian to bite.

"Thank you," came his lover's muffled thanks as he crunched on the crispy bacon.

"Love you," Edge murmured, leaning in to rub noses with his handsome blonde partner.

"Love you, you bastard." Christian swatted his arm. "Now stop stealing my food."

It hadn't been an easy path for them to get back together. Edge had to get drunk again before he could confess all his scheming, and Christian had been so angry he hadn't spoken to his ex for weeks. But their one night together had rekindled old feelings which had never really disappeared, and they had slowly started to rebuild the trust between them. Christian liked to remind Edge that he was still on a very short leash, but there was no doubting that the two of them were in love.

"How's my favorite slut?" Randy teased as he plopped down at the table with his second plate from the buffet, rubbing Edge's wild blonde hair with his free hand.

"Don't call me a slut in front of my man," Edge snapped, glaring at his one-time conspirator.

"You're the one that promised him a wild night," Christian pointed out as he ate a forkful of eggs. "Its your own fault he calls you that."

"Not to mention the blowjob under the table," Randy added.

Edge huffed, rolling his eyes. "I was lovesick! I bet you'd do the same for Kofi."

Randy paused in devouring his breakfast for long enough to glare at Edge. "I don't want Kofi!"

"You want him," Christian teased. "You just don't have the balls to ask him out again."

"Hey, I got all the ass I need, there's more than enough rookie sluts, and guys like him who'll let me do whatever I want to them," Randy pointed out, gesturing to Edge with his fork.

"It was one night," Edge growled. "I can't believe you made me do it," he muttered at Christian.

"You agreed to it, and it served you right," Christian told him frankly. He looked a little sad as he saw another man enter the breakfast room. "I just wish we could've done something for John. You really led him on."

Edge threw his hands up in the air. "I never led him on! I let him fuck me, because I didn't give a crap about my world if you weren't in it." He squeezed Christian's hand, wincing a little bit when he saw a familiar pair of shoes stop by their table. He looked up, finding John Cena glaring at them.

"Mornin' John," Randy greeted, eying up the hot redhead on John's arm. "Feel like sharing your breakfast?"

John pulled Heath closer to him. "Not a chance." He didn't say anything to Edge, just glared at him, before turning and walking to a table across the room.

"What is he complaining about?" Edge wondered. "He's fucking a hot young rookie who's totally gaga for him!"

"I had him first," Randy muttered, glaring after John and Heath. "I don't see what's wrong with a threesome."

"You gonna be in the middle again?" Edge teased, wiggling his eyebrows.

Randy glared at him. "I wasn't in the middle! Orlando just watched."

"You mean Brian watched," Edge snickered. "Big bad top Orton was too drunk and horny to remember which way he likes it! Although you used to forget all the time, when HHH was asking you to spread 'em."

"Shut it." Randy glared at Edge, then turned his venom on Christian. "So are you at all insulted that Punk called off your wedding 'cos he wasn't ready, and now he's living with a guy?"

"Not after I saw him with Elijah," Christian replied, not looking phased at all. "They're amazing together, totally head over heels in love. They're like Edge and I 20 years ago."

"Geez, don't sentence them to that! Ouch." Randy shot Edge a glare as the blonde smacked him.

Christian grinned, leaning over to give Edge a kiss. "I can't believe I forgave you," he murmured. "But in a way, I love your kind of crazy. Dammit."

"I love that you make me crazy." Edge cupped the back of his head, engaging him in a deeper kiss.

Randy just rolled his eyes as the blondes continued to kiss, paying no attention to the stares around them.



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