Ficlet: Familiar
Rating: PG13, m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: Punk’s thoughts on sex
Written 3/29/08

“Oh yeah.”

Punk closed his eyes, groaning as Elijah moved on top of him. He loved this; loved having someone sleeping next to him every night, someone who he made love with every night. He enjoyed the satisfaction of their casual sex; not casual in the way the term usually implied, but casual as in it wasn’t event sex. Event sex was the first time you made love, when you hooked up with someone, or sex after a special night. Sex where getting to bed was an event in itself.

He had just passed the year mark with Elijah, making it the longest continuous sexual relationship in his 29 years of life. He and Elijah always slept in the same bed, and it was assumed that sex would happen most nights before sleep. He didn’t know how some guys could complain about things getting ‘routine’; he preferred sex when it wasn’t event sex, because there was no pressure or special expectations. He could simply enjoy the feeling of being with his lover, with no awkwardness afterward or uncertainty over the next morning.

“Oh Elijah. Oh!”

His groans were soft, a simple reflection of his pleasure. The bed wasn’t banging against the wall, the springs only squeaking softly. He didn’t have to put on sexy underwear or light any candles to lure his lover into bed; he simply had to go to bed himself, and wait for Elijah to join him. He loved the feeling of Elijah’s body sliding under the covers, then sliding on top of him after he turned off the lights, the covers still pulled up to their chests as they rocked against each other.

“Yes. Uh!”

Elijah knew just how to make him come, and knew when he was ready. He loved having a man who was so familiar with his needs. It was wonderful. Elijah would gently wipe his abdomen clean when they were done, then they would curl up together and go to sleep. They didn’t need to have long discussions about their feelings or tell each other how it was; they already knew.

“Night baby.”

“Night,” Punk murmured. He sighed happily, the familiar heat of Elijah’s body always lulling his body into a deep, refreshing sleep.

He didn’t know why any guy would be against long term relationships. This was great.


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