For Paris
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash, sweetness, humor
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: The boys visit the City of Light
Note: A dialog-only ficlet
Written 4/9/08

Elijah “This is gorgeous.”

Punk “Ah, Paris. Look at that sun setting behind the Eiffel Tower. It’s so romantic!”

E “And this is just a picture! Wait ‘til we actually get there.”

P “This is the best anniversary present you’ve ever given me.”

E *chuckles* “What is this, our 5th anniversary?”

P “Yeah.” *chuckles* “Although it’s only 1 year, but there was the anniversary of when we met, then our 1 month anniversary, then 6 months, then…wasn’t there another one?”

E “There was the bed-sheet incident. We had a 1 month anniversary for that too.”

P “Oh yeah! But a weekend in Paris…definitely the best.”

*sounds of kissing*

P “Lij…”

*more kissing*

E “Hmm?”

*still more kissing*

P “We are on a plane.”

*a few more kisses*

E “So?”

P “People are looking!”

E *grins* “And enjoying”

*sounds of kissing for a few more moments*

P *happy sigh* “I love you, baby.”

E “I love you too.”

E: “So, I was thinking…”

P “No.”

E “You don’t even know what I’m going to say.”

P “I do know, I know you. I knew all that kissing would turn your mind to your favorite airplane subject.”

E “Come on, baby, why not?”

P *whispers* “I am not joining the Mile High Club with you!”

E *whispers back* We have 6 more hours, what else are we supposed to do?”

P “Play PSP?”

E “Nah, my thumb’s tired. Please baby?”


P “Well, what counts?”

E “Anything, baby. Just as long as its sexy.”

P “Have you been in that bathroom? I felt cramped, just by myself. There’s no way we’ll fit.”

E “Sure we will, if one of us sits on the toilet or the counter. There’s probably more space than the backseat of the car, and we didn’t have any problem with that.”

P *flushes, thinks for a moment*

E *loudly* Ow!

P *worried* “What’s wrong?”

E “It’s my knee.” *doubles over in pain* “It’s cramping.”

P “Get up and stretch it.”

E “Can you help me to the back?”

P “Of course, of course.” *stands*

*sound of shuffling, then some stretching and grunts*

E “Ok, that’s better. Let’s put some lotion on it. Just scoot in there.”

*lock clicking*

P *blinks* “Hey. You…” *grins* “You crafty little sex kitten.”

E *wicked grin* “And look where we are.”

P “I can barely move.” *sits down*

E “How’s the view, baby?”

P “Mmm, better than those pictures.” *licks lips* “Ok, I’ll do it, but you better hobble all the way back to our seats!”

E “Deal.”

*sound of a zipper, then soft suckling*

E “Oh, that’s so good baby. Mmmmm.”

*few minutes later*

P “Mmm.” *licks lips* “Ok, let’s go.”

E “Baby, I can’t let you leave with that.” *points*

P *flushes* “We’ve been in here a while already!”

E “Then don’t hold out. You know I can make you come fast, baby.”


P “Ok. I don’t know if I can get around you, though.”

E “Just squish over there. Ok, now move your foot. Pull, pull harder! Yeah, there we go. Now just inch around a bit…got it!”

*sound of another zipper*

P “Why did I argue with you on this? Mmm…Lij…”


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