Forcefully Recruited
Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash, gang bang, semi-non-consensual sex
Characters: John Cena, NEXUS (Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga), Randy Orton
Summery: When John is forced to join NEXUS, his secret romance is exposed, and the conniving NEXUS leader forces him to do things he doesn’t want to
Note: Takes placed during the angle September-November 2010, where Cena was forced to join NEXUS and obey Wade’s orders
Written 10/5/10-11/1/10
Length: Medium (4-10 pages)

Cena was glumly slumped over on the bench, so he didn’t notice when Wade ushered the other NEXUS members out of the room. He did, however, snap to attention when Wade pulled him to his feet, holding him from behind.

“I think it’s time for the celebration to begin,” Wade growled, his hands running possessively over Cena’s body.

John stiffened, although he didn’t immediately shove his new commander away. “That wasn’t part of the deal,” he stated in a hard voice.

Wade chuckled in his ear, his hands slipping under John’s shirt to caress his abs. “The deal is you do what I say,” he murmured.

“Not that.” John swallowed hard, his body tense.

“You’re only pretending to be uptight,” Wade sneered. “I know about you and Heath.”

John froze, his heart beating quickly. “You’re crazy,” he stuttered.

“Really, John, you think Heath’s hard to read?” Wade chuckled condescendingly. “He may be beautiful, but he’s a simpleton. That’s why we use him to convince our enemies not to challenge us. Why do you think Edge walked away from that match we had? Some hot red ass can change any man’s mind.”

“That’s NOT true!” John broke out of Barrett’s grasp, turning to glare at him fiercely. “Heath’s not a slut!”

“They’re ALL sluts,” Wade stated, looking amused over John’s outrage. “That’s why I’m the leader, and they’re the followers. They’ll all spread their ass when commanded, and you will too.”

“I won’t.” Cena’s hands were balled into angry fists.

Barrett just chuckled. “You’re so insulted over your girlfriend’s honor,” he sneered. “Well if you won’t spread your ass, he will. For every. Member. Of NEXUS.” He stared Cena down, the former champion wavering just slightly. “Or you can come to my room, and Heath does what he wants tonight.” He stared into Cena’s eyes, until Cena finally lowered his gaze.

Wade smirked. “That’s what I thought. Don’t be late, sweetheart.”

He left the room, John burying his face in his hands.

John felt sick. He’d always been an honest guy, and he’s never done something like this before. He took a long hot shower after Wade left his room, but it didn’t help. He still felt ashamed for letting himself be coerced into sex. But it was worse than that; not only had it been coerced, it had been his first time on the receiving end. Of course he hadn’t told that to Wade, but he had a feeling the smug NEXUS leader knew. It felt like he had been robbed, having to sacrifice his first experience for his budding relationship.

He wished he could say that it had been just an unpleasant duty, which he got no pleasure from; but Wade had made sure that he enjoyed it, whispering erotic images of Heath in his ear to get him aroused. Wade seemed even more pleased with the fact that he had made John come. After they were finished, he had let John go with no pretense of intimacy, his one merciful act.

John didn’t know what to do. He felt irate, and at the same time felt filthy. He would’ve loved to hide in his room, but he feared that if he did, people would somehow know. So he went to exercise, using the intense workout to burn off some of his anger. It barely took the edge off. Another shower did little to cleanse him. On his way back to his room, he took an abrupt turn, having an intense desire to see the man for whom he had sacrificed his body.

He pounded on Heath’s door, which was answered by Justin. Without a word, John tugged the smaller man out into the hall, slamming the door and locking it behind him. Heath looked up from the bed where he was lounging, staring at John in shock. “What you doing?” he demanded, jumping up and heading to the door, where Justin was pounding and yelling to be let back in.

“I needed to see you.” John caught Heath before he could reach the door, pulling the redhead against him.

“John!” Heath gasped. “We can’t, the others – “

“Wade knows.” John’s statement made Heath pale. “I don’t give a shit about Gabriel and Otunga.” He backed Heath toward the bed, his hands running possessively over Heath’s body. “I want you.”

Heath swallowed, but he didn’t resist as John lowered him onto the mattress, claiming his lips in a kiss. Justin’s pounding on the door had ceased, the smallest member of NEXUS having presumably left. John quickly stripped off Heath’s clothes, claiming Heath’s lips as he tore open a condom, rolling it onto his cock. Heath tried to say something, but John kept his mouth busy, the urge to dominate the redhead surging through him.

Heath gasped as John slid inside him, groaning into John’s mouth. John began to pound into him, reveling in the way Heath’s ass spread for him. He was usually more loving in bed, but today he was intense, forceful. Heath seemed to be getting off on it just as much as he was, the redhead’s body rocking up to meet his hard thrusts, his nails digging into John’s back as his body was thoroughly possessed. John was loving it, although a small part of him was feeling guilty for treating Heath so roughly. Still, he didn’t stop, driving Heath into the mattress, the springs creaking wildly beneath their rutting bodies.

They came in a heated, sweaty mess, John spilling inside of Heath and Heath getting himself off with his own hand. John just lay there on top of Heath’s heaving chest, not wanting to pull out of Heath’s tight body. He felt irritated when Heath wiggled his hips, clearly trying to separate them. He reached down to grip Heath’s hips, stopping his movement. He held them another moment, then withdrew with a sigh.

Heath wrapped his arms around John’s back, hugging John to him. John wasn’t sure whether he resented the contact, or desperately needed it. His body was less conflicted, his arms sliding under Heath’s back to hold the redhead tightly against him. He was glad Heath didn’t try to talk, because he didn’t know what he would say. He just lay there, enjoying Heath’s body heat and trying not to think for a while.

It was some time later when the door opened. John was glad that he had pulled the covers over himself and Heath, Heath still held tightly in his arms. Justin glared at them as he closed the door. “You know, you could’ve let me get my bag if you wanted to fuck,” he snapped, dropping his newly made keycard on the table.

John just glared at him, keeping his arms locked around Heath’s back so the redhead didn’t try to leave his embrace. “Fuck off, Gabriel,” he spat.

Justin rolled his eyes. “This is my room,” he stated, flopping down on his bed. “In NEXUS, we share.”

“Didn’t I tell you to fuck off?” John kicked off the blanket, wrapping the sheet around him and Heath as he pulled the other man to his feet, keeping Heath’s body in close contact with his. He led Heath to the bathroom, shutting the door on Justin’s resentful gaze.

“What was that about?” Heath finally spoke, eyeing John curiously as the older man dropped the sheet, moving to the shower stall and turning on the water.

John shrugged, feeling a bit more relaxed as the hot water got going, filling the bathroom with steam. “Just needed to see you,” he murmured, pulling Heath into the shower with him and closing the curtain.

“Mmm, well you keep fucking my ass like that, I’m gonna get sore.” Heath wound his arms around John’s neck as the hot water cascaded down their bodies, the two sharing a sweet kiss.

John indulged in several moments of gentle kissing, then drew back with a sigh, his arms still wound around Heath. “I had a shitty night,” he murmured.

“He made you sleep with him?” Heath’s response was more a statement than a question.

John frowned. “I wasn’t going to. That is NOT part of the deal. But he said he’d make you do things, if I didn’t.”

“Oh, John.” Heath shook his head. “You didn’t have to, I’d be okay.”

“He said he’d make you fuck all of NEXUS!” John exclaimed. “No way I’d let him do that to my boyfriend.”

Heath’s face softened, reflecting both surprise and happiness. “I’m your boyfriend?” he questioned.

“Well, yeah.” John’s hands moved across Heath’s skin, rubbing his back softly. “What did you think we were doing together?”

Heath shrugged, smiling shyly at John. “I wanna be your boyfriend,” he whispered. “But Wade’s gonna kill us.”

“It’s not his choice.” John leaned in for reassuring kiss. “I wanna be with you.”

“Oh, John.” They began to kiss, getting lost in each other, so lost that John completely forgot about the things Wade had told him about Heath.

They dared to hold hands in the locker room, and Wade didn’t initially acknowledge it. Heath was uncomfortable with the open recognition of their relationship, but John was insistent, wanting all of NEXUS and the roster to see that they were together. Justin and David gave them looks, but didn’t comment.

John was separated from Heath by a meeting he had to attend, and when he returned to his hotel room, he hoped Heath would be there. He didn’t expect all four members of NEXUS. When he saw that Heath was on the bed, naked, his heart dropped into his stomach.

“Good evening John,” Wade greeted him, sounding polished as always. “Don’t worry, we waited to start the party until you arrived.” He gestured to Heath, who looked nervous. “I think you need a lesson in how we work. In NEXUS, we share.”

John swallowed hard, but he steeled himself, trying to keep the worry from his voice. “Let him go,” he demanded, pointing to Heath. “This is between you and me.”

Wade shook his head. “Have you not understood any of my lessons?” he chastised. “In NEXUS, we are one unit. When you try and keep one piece yourself, it will not be tolerated.”

“To hell with that, this isn’t part of the deal!” John exclaimed.

“As we’ve already established,” Wade stated, his voice hissing like a snake, “it is. Now we’re going to do an exercise in unity.” He tapped Heath’s shoulder, commanding, “Turn over.” Heath briefly met John’s gaze, then lowered his head and complied, turning onto his stomach. “Get a good hold,” Wade instructed, tapping the metal bars of the bed frame, “and spread your legs.” Heath visibly swallowed, but obeyed.

“No.” John stepped forward, but Justin and David blocked his path. “Heath, you don’t have to do this. Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“He’s not going anywhere.” Wade was smirking as he removed his clothes, taking a handful of condoms out of his pocket and tossing them on the mattress. “And neither are you, if you want to keep your job.”

“No!” John surged forward as Wade knelt behind Heath on the bed, Justin and David holding him back.

“It’s nothing I haven’t done before,” Heath whispered, receiving a sharp smack on the ass for his words.

“You shut your mouth,” Wade growled. “Not another word. You’re just going to lie there and enjoy it, while your boyfriend watches.” He held up a finger at John. “You fall into line, or I will fire you right now. You want to lose your entire career over this slut?” He slid on a condom, tapping his cock against Heath’s exposed ass. “Take it from me, he enjoys this.” With that, he shoved his cock into Heath, the redhead groaning loudly.

“Yeah.” Wade growled, doing a few slow thrusts for show, his hands settling firmly onto Heath’s hips. He settled into a fast rhythm, his cock slamming deep into Heath’s receptive body. John had ceased struggling, watching on in sick mortification. “Justin,” Wade grunted after a few minutes of fucking Heath’s ass, “you’re on deck, suit up.” He growled as he came, pulling out as soon as he was done and gesturing for the South African to move in. Justin did, sliding his cock into Heath’s already stretched hole. He groaned as he sunk into the heat, beginning to rock his hips.

John felt sick, but he couldn’t look away, feeling that not knowing would be worse than witnessing it. When Justin finished, David moved in, giving Heath no break at all. John’s heart ached as he watched Heath’s hole getting filled by a third cock.

“It’s your turn,” Wade told him as David pounded into Heath. The Englishman pressed a condom to John’s chest.

“No.” John shook his head, his heart pounding in his chest. “I won’t.”

“You will,” Wade stated coldly, “or he doesn’t get to come.” He directed John’s attention between Heath’s legs, where the redhead’s hard cock was bobbing with every thrust of Otunga’s hips. When John didn’t move, Wade smacked Heath’s hip. “You wanna come?” he asked.

“I wanna come,” Heath moaned.

“I don’t think he heard you.” Wade stared down John challengingly.

“I wanna come!” Heath cried.

“I’m almost done,” David groaned, his hips rocking urgently.

“Well John?” Wade prodded. “Wouldn’t want to disappoint that ass, one more cock and he gets to come.

John hesitated another moment, his heart thundering in his ears. As David’s back arched with orgasm, he tore off his clothes, ripping open the condom and putting it on, leaping on Heath as soon as David was out of the way.

He desperately wanted to flip Heath over and kiss them, but he refused to show that kind of intimacy in front of NEXUS, so he shoved his cock in Heath’s hole, pounding him hard. He reached around Heath’s body to grab his cock, stroking him swiftly to try and get him off as quickly as possible. It only took a moment, the flushed redhead letting out a guttural moan as his orgasm tore through him. John was mortified to feel himself coming as well, the tight heat of Heath’s ass around his cock sending ripples of pleasure through him. They collapsed on the mattress together, Heath finally letting go of the headboard.

Wade’s mocking laughter cut quickly through John’s post orgasmic haze. “That was lovely,” Wade stated, patting John on the ass. “We’ll have to do it again sometime. Now clean up boys, we’ve got more to do today.”

When John rose, his face was burning with shame. He couldn’t look at any of them.

“How could you let them do that!”

A hallway was a lousy place to have a fight, but John couldn’t wait one second longer. He was glaring at Heath, Heath frowning at him. “It’s no big deal!” the redhead hissed through his teeth, glancing around the temporarily deserted hall. “Can we not talk about this here?”

“It is a big deal!” John pinned Heath against the wall, planting his hands to either side of the redhead to stop him escaping. “It’s a very big deal to see my boyfriend gang raped by a bunch of guys, and have to participate in it!”

“It wasn’t rape!” Heath argued. “I didn’t say no!”

“So you wanted to do it?” John shook his head in agitation. “You wanted to have four dicks shoved in your hole without a break?”

“It wasn’t my choice! What am I supposed to do, give up my whole chance at a career?” Heath retorted.

John’s face was like thunder. “So it’s true, then?” he growled. “You fucked Edge and Jericho too?”

“No!” Heath denied, scowling at John. “Justin fucked Jericho.”

John threw his hands up in the air. “And how many others have there been?”

“A few!” Heath snapped defensively. “What does it matter? I used condoms.”

John growled, red flashing in front of his vision. He drew back his hand, intending to strike the indignant redhead. Horror overcame him as he realized what he was doing. He dropped his hand to his side, giving Heath a little shove against the wall. “Fuck you,” he hissed. “I don’t need a whore, we’re done!” He marched away, hands balled at his sides in angry fists.

“John!” Heath called after him.

“You’re nothing but a whore!” John yelled, feeling utterly mortified when he saw several wrestlers coming down the hall toward them. Shoving past them, he ignored their stares, hustling into the elevator and angrily jabbing a button.

He was ashamed of himself. He had never acted like that before; he had demeaned someone he cared about, participated in what he considered to be a rape, and worst of all, he had almost struck a significant other. He never thought he could be that kind of guy, but today he had come terribly close.

No one could’ve guessed where he went for comfort. After an hour of tearing into a punching bag in the gym to get some anger out, he went to the man who had been his secret friend and confidant since they were rookies. They had never told anyone about their friendship, so no one could use it against them. People thought they were adversaries, and they kept it that way. Truly, this was the one man with whom he could share his deepest emotions.

Randy didn’t look surprised to see John outside his door. The news of the explosive hallway fight had traveled like wildfire. He ushered John in quickly, pulling him into a comforting hug. John took a few shaky breathes before bursting into tears, and unmanly act he would never have allowed himself in front of anyone else. Randy rubbed his back soothingly, holding him tight. After John cried himself out, they settled onto the bed and began to talk. John told Randy everything, from the secret romantic start of his affair with Heath, to the heartbreaking fight in the hall.

“I gotta say, I know where he’s coming from,” Randy said softly after listening to John’s story. “I was in Evolution, those bastards put me through hell, but it made my career.” He shrugged. “Not that I’m saying you should be okay with this. I sure as hell didn’t have a boyfriend back then, and if I did I’m sure he would’ve had a problem with a lot of things I did. Even if you fell for him, John, maybe you shouldn’t be with Heath. He sounds a lot more casual about sex than you are.”

“Maybe.” John sighed sadly. “But isn’t there a way to make him see? He shouldn’t be okay letting four guys gang rape him, Barrett’s just brainwashed him into thinking he has to!”

“When I was in Evolution, I knew they were taking advantage of me,” Randy shared, “but I just didn’t care. I was okay letting a few old guys fuck me if it meant getting a world title in a year. I’m not condemning or condoning what Heath’s doing, I’m just saying.” He shrugged.

“Am I handling this badly?” John let out a deep breath. “I almost hit him, Randy. I was so mad, I just wanted to smack him. I’m not that kind of guy.”

“John.” Randy took his chin, meeting his gaze sincerely. “You’re NOT that kind of guy. All this happened really fast, and you got totally overwhelmed. You’re not gonna turn into a guy who beats his boyfriend. Even as angry as you were, you stopped yourself.”

“Yeah.” John stared off into space for a moment. “I don’t know what to do. Half of me wants to wash my hands of him, and the other half still wants to be with him. But – but how do you think he feels?” He looked questioningly Randy. “How would you feel?”

“Hard to say.” Randy thought for a moment. “If you called me a whore like that, I’d be pretty pissed, but really I’d know that I deserved it. I’d want you to stop making a big deal about the other guys and just understand it. He’s dating you, and not any of the other guys he’s slept with, that does say something. But if you want to keep seeing him, you have to make sure that he wants a relationship too, and that it wasn’t just you wanting to be a couple.”

“How the hell am I supposed to know that?” John groaned.

“Don’t ask me.” Randy snorted. “Every relationship I’ve ever been in has been a disaster. I ‘dated’ Hunter after Evolution, only to find out I was nothing but a convenience fuck. In this case, you have to ask yourself, are you just a convenience fuck to him?”

“Fuck, Randy, I don’t need that thought!” John covered his face with his hands, groaning in frustration. “Why can’t I just have a nice, normal relationship?”

“Because you’re a wrestler,” Randy told him. “Nothing in our lives is normal.”

John sighed deeply. “I can’t do this NEXUS shit. What am I supposed to do when Wade calls me in to gang rape someone else? I’m not that guy!”

“Wish I could tell ya.” Randy just shrugged.

“You know what?” John shook his head, his jaw hardening. “I won’t do it. I won’t be with a guy who plays games and’ll sleep with anyone who walks in the door. Heath and I are done!” he stated resolutely. He just hoped he could stick to his resolution.


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