A Game of In & Out
Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash, m/f content
Characters: John Cena, Katie Lea Burchill, Paul Burchill
Summery: John doesn’t know what he’s getting into when he goes out with a Burchill
Note: There is some m/f in this story, but the NC17 part is m/m
Written 6/5/08

“You are coming in?” It was barely a question as Katie Lea led John towards her hotel room. They had just shared a night out dancing, and there was no question in John’s mind what would happen next.

John’s eyes swept over her short skirt and down her legs. “Oh yeah,” he murmured, letting her lead him into the secluded room.

Katie Lea leaned against the door as it closed, grabbing the front of his tshirt to pull him against her. “You want this, John?” she murmured, running a hand down her curvy body. She kissed him hard, letting his hand cup one of her breasts. They were both breathing heavier when she drew back, letting his big body press her against the door. “You wanna fuck my pussy?” she growled, taking his lip between her teeth and biting lightly.

“Yeah.” John set his hands on her hips, one hand moving down to her thigh.

“Mmm.” Katie smiled, her eyes almost predatory with hunger. “Come over here, on the couch,” she whispered. She pushed him down onto the cushions, climbing onto his lap and beginning to make out with him. Her thighs were rubbing against his crotch, making him even more aroused.

John was just about to try and unlace her skimpy top, when the door to the bathroom opened, and out stepped Katie’s big brother Paul. John gasped, staring at the burly Englishman. “Hello Paul,” Katie purred, grinning at her brother and tossing her silky hair, then climbing off of John. “Don’t worry, baby,” she murmured, pressing a finger over John’s lips before he could speak. “We’re going to give you exactly what you want.” She sauntered around to the side of the couch, running her hands down her body once more. “You want me to take this off?” she purred, untying the lace holding her top closed.

John couldn’t help watching as she slowly pulled the fabric open, revealing two gorgeous breasts. He turned over to see better, tensing when he felt Paul settle onto the couch behind him. “Relax, baby,” Katie cooed, her fingers trailing down to rub one nipple. John’s heart was thundering in his chest as he felt Paul’s hands move around his waist, unzipping his jeans and pulling them down.

“Mmmm,” Katie murmured seductively, her hands sliding down to the button on her skirt. “I bet you like cock, don’t you John?” Her voice was entrancing. John couldn’t tear his eyes away from her, and couldn’t bring himself to move as Paul’s big body settled onto his back. Katie let her skirt fall to the floor, revealing not a trace of panties, just pure beautiful skin. She ran a hand through her dark hair, the soft strands falling onto smooth perfect flesh.

“Ah!” John gasped, dropping his head momentarily onto the arm of the couch as Paul penetrated him.

Katie moaned erotically, rubbing her breasts as she watched Paul slide inside of John. “You like that, don’t you John?” she purred. “You want his big, thick cock to fill you.” She slid a hand between her legs, gasping as she trailed a finger between her lips. “Rock those hips, baby,” she groaned, spreading her legs to give John a good view as she stroked herself. “Take that cock.”

John was panting. It was intense having Paul inside him. He knew he hadn’t exactly agreed to this, but he wasn’t objecting either. Katie made an erotic sight, one hand moving between her legs while the other stroked her nipples. “Ohhh yes.” Katie threw her head back, her chest moving heavily. “Oh, fuck him Paul! Mmm!”

John bit his lip, his cock now straining. He reached around to stroke himself, surprised when Paul swatted him away, taking over the job himself. Paul’s hands were big and warm, driving John’s pleasure even higher with fast strokes. Paul dug into him deeply, jabbing at a spot inside him that made stars explode behind his eyes. John could only take a few hits to that spot before he was crying out, spurting all over Paul’s hand. He felt Paul pull out even as he was orgasming, feeling something hot and sticky land on the small of his back.

He dropped his head onto the couch arm, forgetting where he was for a moment as his brain tried to recover from his orgasm. He took deep breaths, trying to reconcile the warm but stretched feeling inside his ass.


John looked up hazily as Katie trailed a finger across his forehead. He didn’t feel he could speak at the moment.

“You were marvelous, baby,” Katie whispered in his ear, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. “I think you should go rest now, hmm?” She helped him climb to his feet, pulling up his jeans and fastening them. She led him to the door, flashing him a coy smile as she pulled it open for him. “Night, darling,” she murmured, giving him a chaste kiss to the lips, then closing the door on him.

John swallowed. He slowly began to trudge towards his room, wondering what on earth had just happened to him.


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