"You did quite well out there," Regal announced with a smile, turning to look at Tajiri. "Quite well indeed." Tajiri grinned and bowed, glowing from the commissioner's praise. He frowned and said a few words in Japanese as the commissioner grabbed his bag and headed for the door.

 Regal turned around, frowning in confusion. "Where am I going? Why, back to the hotel of course!" Tajiri kept frowning, saying some more words. Regal put his hands on his hips. "What do you mean leave you here? I assumed you already had a ride; you've managed to find one every night up to now." Tajiri made a pleading face, taking the commissioners hand in his and saying a few words.

 Regal sighed, then nodded. "Alright, you can ride with me. But you do have your own room, don't you?" He frowned when Tajiri shook his head. "What do you mean no? Why the bloody hell not?" Tajiri said a few words, then shrugged. Regal sighed again. "Well, it's alright, everyone forgets sometimes. I suppose you can just room with me tonight."

 Tajiri grinned, clapping his hands and jumping up in the air, looking very excited. He followed Regal out to the parking lot and climbed into the passenger seat of his rented car, glancing excitedly around the interior of the vehicle. His eyes fell on Regal as the commissioner started up the car, and he kept gazing at the other man until the car came to a stop in the hotel parking lot.

 Regal fidgeted, glancing at Tajiri uncomfortably. "Is there a reason you're staring?" he demanded. Tajiri said a few words and bowed repeatedly, a big smile on your face. Regal sighed. "Well, you're very welcome. It's no trouble at all, although you really ought to remember to get your own room next time. Come on then." He climbed out of the car, motioning for the smaller man to follow him. Tajiri happily followed the commissioner into the elevator, still grinning broadly and looking very excited.

 Regal headed for his room as the doors slid open, Tajiri following close behind him. The commissioner unlocked the door and held it open for the smaller man, who was nearly bouncing with excitement. "Really," Regal chided as he set down his bag. "You ought to calm down! I don't know why you're always bouncing all over the place." Tajiri murmured some excited words and bowed, drawing another sigh from the commissioner.

 "I'm very tired from tonight, I'll be heading right to bed," Regal told Tajiri. "I suggest you do the same." Tajiri grinned and bowed. Regal just nodded, heading into the bathroom to prepare for bed. As Tajiri took his turn in the bathroom the commissioner turned off all but one light, stripped down to his boxers, and climbed into bed. He settled down on his side and closed his eyes, preparing to drift off to sleep. What he didn't expect was a warm body to slide into bed behind him, a soft hand caressing his side.

 Regal's eyes shot open. He turned around, frowning at Tajiri. "What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?" he demanded. "Get out of my bed immediately!" Tajiri frowned, saying a few words to the commissioner. Regal scowled. "Well I don't care if you think I look lovely! Get out this very minute!"

 Tajiri put his hands on his hips, saying a few words in an annoyed and confused voice. "Well, there has certainly been a misunderstanding!" Regal huffed, sliding as far away from Tajiri as possible. "I certainly have no intention of doing any such thing!"

 Tajiri frowned and spoke, looking very displeased. Regal continued to scowl, crossing his arms over his chest. "I don't care what you heard about me and Chris Jericho!" he snapped. Tajiri said some more words. "Or Raven!" Regal added. His scowl deepened as Tajiri spoke again. "Or Test!" he said indignantly. His eyes widened as Tajiri spoke some more. "Well that certainly isn't true!" he denied. "Trish and I were never anything more than friends! As for the others, well...well you should be ashamed of yourself for listening to all those backstage rumors! The idea of I, the commissioner, having affairs with all those men! What kind of a harlot do you think I am?"

 Tajiri's frown turned into a pout. He reached out to gently caress Regal's cheek, saying a few soft words. Regal's scowl softened a little. "As sweet as that is, it really isn't appropriate!" he replied, unable to stop his eyes from moving over Tajiri's bare torso. Tajiri batted his eyes coyly at the commissioner, scooting a little closer to him and letting his hand slip under the covers, resting on Regal's thigh. He said a few more quiet words in a voice that was almost a purr. "Well..." Regal's eyes swept over Tajiri's chest again, the commissioner quickly swallowing as his throat become suddenly dry. "I - I suppose it couldn't hurt to try, just one time."

 Tajiri grinned and nodded enthusiastically, sliding a little closer to the other man. Temporarily letting his inhibitions go, Regal pulled the smaller man into his arms, licking his lips before he leaned down to give Tajiri a chaste kiss. The dark wrestler wound his arms around Regal's back, gently stroking the commissioner's soft skin as the kiss grew more intense and passionate. He rolled onto his back, using his hold on Regal to pull the larger man on top of him.

 "After this, you know we have to maintain a professional relationship," Regal murmured between kisses, letting his lips brush across Tajiri's jaw and neck. Tajiri nodded, smiling and sighing happily as Regal continued to kiss him. "Good," Regal continued, "But we will still have to work side by side, and - " Tajiri brought a finger up to Regal's lips, silently shaking his head, then pulling the commissioner into a heated kiss. Regal moaned into the smaller man's mouth, forgetting all the things he had been about to say. Tajiri continued to kiss Regal, his legs winding around the other man's waist as he reached up and flipped off the light.


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