His Other Arms
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash, domestic violence, angst
Characters: John Morrison, Edge, Miz, Batista
Summery: Fate can be cruel and sweet
Note: This one’s been brewing in my museland for a while, I finally got it put to paper
Written 7/1/08

John Morrison flopped bonelessly onto the mattress, his cheat heaving. “Oh.” He took a deep, fortifying breath, then climbed out of the bed. “That was great.” He breathed in deeply once more as he fished his pants off the floor. “Thanks.”

Edge rose up on one elbow, his rumpled golden hair hanging in his eyes. “You set on leaving?” he asked with a mix of amusement and disappointment. John looked up, at a loss for words. “I wouldn’t mind if you stayed,” Edge offered softly. “I’d like it.”

John bit his lip, looking down at the pants in his hand. Then he dropped them, crawling back into bed. Edge welcomed the smaller man into his arms, holding him affectionately. “You used to running off after doing that?” Edge murmured.

John shrugged, closing his eyes and enjoying the warmth of Edge’s arms around him. “I guess I haven’t picked the best guys in the past,” he muttered.

Edge didn’t respond to that, simply raising a hand to stroke John’s soft brown hair. “Can I ask you a question?” he asked after several minutes of comfortable silence.

“Sure.” John yawned, nuzzling against Edge’s chest.

“I got the impression that you were…more than partners, with your tag partner,” Edge stated.

John sighed sadly. “I wish. Miz is…he’s great. I wish we could be more. But he’s got a boyfriend.”

Edge could feel John’s pouting lips against his chest. “Is it serious?”

“I guess.” John raised his head, gazing seriously at Edge. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but…” He stopped, swallowing hard. “Never mind. You probably don’t need to know.”

“I’m willing to listen,” Edge offered, his hand reaching up to fondle a lock of John’s dark hair. “I do believe in intimacy, no matter what certain exes of mine will tell you.”

John chuckled, but his face quickly grew serious again. “Miz is my partner,” he began, his voice revealing how upsetting his found the coming subject, “and I know, I always know exactly what happens to him in the ring. So when he shows up with bruises…I know if they aren’t from a match.” He lowered his eyes, shaking his head. “I don’t know what to do,” he whispered. “I’m afraid to say anything, because I’m afraid he’s get defensive and shut me out. I - I - ” He paused for a calming breath. “I kissed him.” He hugged Edge against him, pressing his wet eyes into Edge’s shoulder. “It felt so right, and I know he felt that too. But, he pushed me away. He was - scared. He said I could never do that again, because if Dave found out - ” He shook his head, his breath hitching. “He didn’t saw what, but I knew.”

Edge held him tight, his fingers rubbing gentle circles in John’s back. “I wish I could tell you what to do,” he murmured.

“I don’t know if there is anything I can do.” John shrugged, cuddling closer to Edge’s body. “He’s the guy I’m meant to be with. I just feel it.”

“If their relationship is like you suspect, it won’t be easy for him to leave,” Edge whispered.

“I know.” John was holding Edge almost painfully tight, but the Rated R Superstar didn’t object. “I haven’t been handling it well,” John confessed. “I keep hooking up with other guys, trying to forget about him for a while.”

Edge listened to his confession in sympathetic silence. There was little he could do but hold John.

“Fuck. Dave. Uh.” The noises were more out of pain than pleasure. “Baby, ease up,” Miz pleaded, squeezing his eyes shut as Batista pounded into him. Batista just snorted, continuing with just as much force. Miz was just trying to breathe, holding onto the thought that got him through moments like these; soft brown hair, sculpted abs, and a beautiful little smirk beneath designer shades.

It didn’t take long for Batista to come, after which he promptly rolled off Miz and settled down to sleep. Miz used to long for cuddling, but the more time went by, the less he wanted Batista to touch him. He had once been in love with the man. He wasn’t sure when exactly that had changed, but it had been some time ago, even before the first time Dave struck him. He had been in denial for ages, passing the bruises off as wrestling wounds and pretending that he was happy. It had all started to change when he had been teamed with John. The more time they spent together, the closer they grew, and the less he could hide the dark side of his relationship.

He had panicked when John kissed him. He knew he wanted it; he wanted desperately to be with John. But he didn’t know how to end his relationship with Batista, and he was terrified to try.

He sighed, biting his tongue as tears slipped from his eyes and into the pillow. He had always been so good at getting out of trouble with his quick mouth, but this time, he didn’t know how to save himself.

“Dumping me?” Miz was staring at his boyfriend in disbelief. They were backstage at RAW, the show featuring the draft having ended just minutes ago.

“It’s been great, really baby,” Dave told him. “But we’re never gonna see each other now. Once a month, maybe. I know we’ve been together for like a year now, but it’s really never gotten serious. It’s not like we’re moving in together like Punk and Elijah.” He shrugged his massive shoulders. “I’ve got a new sea to explore on RAW, I’d just rather be single again.”

“Oh.” Miz swallowed, hardly able to believe that the man he desperately wanted to get away from was letting him go. “Ok. That’s cool, I could go for being single again too.”

“That’s my boy.” Dave smiled, patting his shoulder. “Let’s both go sow some wild oats, huh?” He chuckled, scooping up his bag and heading out of the locker room.

Miz was still in disbelief. How often in life did a problem solve itself? He couldn’t feel grateful enough to whoever had decided to draft Batista to RAW. There was only one thing to do now. He stood, grinning as he made himself stand a bit taller, feeling as though a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He went to find his partner.

John was shocked when Miz grabbed his arm, spinning him around and laying a big kiss on him. He wasn’t about to argue, wrapping his arms around Miz’s neck and returning the passionate kiss. Miz was grinning when he finally forced himself to part from John’s lips. “He dumped me!” he enthused.

John gaped at him. “He what?”

“Dumped me.” Miz was beaming. “He wants to spread himself around on RAW, so he dumped me. He dumped me!” He was so happy, he was almost bouncing. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be the one to do it, John. I was just…I don’t know. Do you really still want me, knowing that I couldn’t?”

John was grinning as well, taking Miz’s hands and squeezing them in reassurance. “I didn’t know what to do either. I’ve…I’ve been with a lot of guys, since I started falling for you. Can you forgive me?”

Miz didn’t answer with words, leaning in for a kiss. John wrapped his arms around Miz’ neck, not able to get enough of his kisses. They both knew this was the start of something beautiful.


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