"That was quite a victory, Citizen Kane!" Hurricane announced happily as he bounced into their hotel room, proudly wearing his title around his waist.

 "Yeah, it was." Kane nodded as he held his title up, gazing at it for a moment before setting it over a chair. "And how ‘bout me kissing Terri, huh? God that felt good! The look on her face was classic."

 "It was, indeed, unforgettable," Hurricane agreed.

 "From now on, things are gonna be different," Kane stated. "When I want something, I'm not gonna be afraid to take it, I'm just gonna go ahead and take it!"

 "As it should be, Citizen Kane," Hurricane agreed again.

 "So." Kane stepped towards his tag team partner. "Ready to celebrate our victory?"

 "Indeed. Celebration is most definitely in order!" Hurricane replied.

 "Good." Kane walked up to Hurricane and picked him up, throwing his down on one of the beds and crawling on top of him. "Let's get started exploring that Hurricave, then," he growled.

 "Citizen Kane!" Hurricane cried, his eyes widening as Kane pushed down the straps of his red singlet. "I believe there has been a misunderstanding!"

 "You invited me into the Hurricave, didn't you?" Kane ran his hand up Hurricane's thigh, letting his fingers come to rest on the curve of his partner's ass.

 "I didn't mean THAT!" Hurricane objected. "Citizen Kane, I must ask you to cease this activity!"

 "Oh no. From now on, I'm taking what I want!" Kane yanked his own tights the rest of the way off, revealing himself in all his naked glory. Hurricane just stared for a moment, jumping when he felt Kane's hands on him again. His pants were yanked off in a flash, his shirt quickly following. "This is nice," Kane growled, settling on top of Hurricane and pulling him into a rough kiss. "God I can't wait to explore that Hurricave," he growled.

 "Citizen Kane!" Hurricane cried, finding it a little hard to breath normally with a naked Big Red Machine between his legs. "If you insist on doing this, I must ask you to use some Hurrilube!"

 "Hurrilube?" Kane asked, not sounding thrilled with the idea of moving from his current position.

 "There's some in my Hurribag!" Hurricane told him. "I'm afraid I cannot allow the Hurricave to be accessed without the Hurrilube!"

 "Fine, I'll get it." Kane stood reluctantly, quickly finding his partner's bag and pulling out a bottle of green sparkling lube. "Nice lube," he commented, quickly applying some to himself, then moving back to the bed and getting on top of Hurricane.

 "Please, Citizen Kane, go slowly," Hurricane requested. "The Hurricave is not used to having guests of such a massive size!"

 "No problem." Kane licked his lips, bending his head and capturing Hurricane's lips in a passionate kiss as he moved his hips forward.

 "Ohhhh, Citizen Kane!" Hurricane moaned, his legs wrapping around his tag team partner's waist.

 "God that feels nice," Kane growled. "I think I'm really gonna like this partnership!"

 "Kane! Oh!" Hurricane bucked his hips against Kane's, moaning into Kane's mouth as his lips were captured yet again, Kane's tongue invading his mouth and muting his moans.

 Their bodies continued to move against each other, Hurricane finally letting out a soft gasp, his nails digging into Kane's back as his body tensed. Kane, in turn, threw back his head and let out a feral roar as his own body tensed.

 "God, that was good!" Kane exclaimed, moving off his partner and flopping onto the bed beside him. "Damn I love that hot, tight Hurricave!"

 Hurricane took a deep breath, gathering his thoughts once more before speaking. "I did enjoy your visit, Citizen Kane. Will you be visiting again?" he asked hopefully, glancing over at his partner.

 "Are you kidding? Of course I'll visit again!" Kane told him. "I'm gonna want to celebrate every title victory in the Hurricave!"

 "I will enjoy that, Citizen Kane," Hurricane replied. He glanced at Kane, looking a bit unsure. "Would you perhaps be up for a bit of Hurricuddling?"

 Kane grinned. "I'd love to be your Hurriteddy. Come here." He held his arms out, Hurricane settling into them happily. "Night, partner," Kane murmured.

 "Have a good Hurrisleep. Goodnight." Hurricane signed happily, closing his eyes and letting himself drift off into contented slumber.


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