If You Wake Me...
Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash, sweetness
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: Punk is not a morning person, but today may be an exception
Note: For Punk’s birthday, October 26
Written 10/26-10/27/08

“Wake up, baby,” Elijah whispered into his lover’s ear.

“Mmm.” Punk pouted, his eyes remaining closed. His arms wound up around his lover’s neck, pulling Elijah closer to him. “Don’t wanna get up.”

“Aren’t you hungry, baby?” Elijah kissed Punk’s eyelids gently, brushing a lock of dark hair off his lover’s cheek.

“Lij,” Punk groaned, “can’t you wait an hour to wake me up for sex?”

Elijah chuckled. “You don’t even know what time it is.”

Punk shrugged. “Too early to turn 30,” he muttered.

“Maybe I can ease the blow.” Elijah lowered his head, engaging Punk in a deep, sweet kiss.

“Better.” Punk let his arms slide down Elijah’s torso, his fingers caressing the muscles of his lover’s lower back.

“Sure you don’t wanna open your eyes, baby?” Elijah whispered into his ear.

Punk grinned teasingly. “Nope.”

“I made you breakfast,” Elijah whispered, his lips still nearly touching Punk’s ear.

“Really?” Punk’s hands began to slide further down Elijah’s body.

Elijah snatched his hands, pinning them to either side of his head. “Real breakfast,” he chuckled, “and it’s getting cold.”

“It better be good for you to wake me up at - ” Punk finally opened his eyes, glancing at the clock. “10:00?” He grinned up at Elijah. “You let me sleep ‘til 10:00?”

“Mmmhmm.” Elijah sat back, releasing Punk’s wrists. “You said it’s the perfect sleep-in time; not too late, not too early.”

“It is.” Punk grinned, sitting up and yawning. “Should I get dressed?”

“Don’t have to. It’s your birthday, baby.” Elijah held up a big, soft white robe. “For you.”

“Aw, Lij.” Punk pulled the robe to him, rubbing his face against the impossibly soft fabric. “Thank you.”

“I thought a fluffy white robe might remind you of the snow if Chicago,” Elijah murmured.

Punk grinned, leaning in for a kiss. “Thank you, Lij,” he whispered.

“You deserve it all and more.” Elijah took his hand, kissing the back softly. “But your breakfast is getting cold.” He shifted to the side, drawing Punk’s eyes to the tray he had set on their desk.

“Lij!” Punk licked his lips as his eyes moved over the feast laid out for him. “Are those fresh pancakes?”

“Made from scratch.” Elijah climbed out of bed, holding out a hand for Punk, then holding the robe for him to slip into. “They have fresh cut apples in them, with blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries as your choice of topping, and a fresh bowl of whipped cream.”

“Aw, Lij.” Punk took a seat, looking back at Elijah, who came to stand behind him. “You’re making me feel bad about your birthday.”

“My birthday was wonderful.” Elijah placed a kiss on his cheek, offering him the fork.

“But all I came up with was sex and a movie.” Punk decorated his pancakes with a spoonful of each berry, then a few spoonfuls of whipped cream. “Man, this is good,” he breathed after taking a bite. “You are such a good cook!”

“Thank you, baby.” Elijah beamed. “Remember, for my birthday you also got my favorite takeout, and you told me you’d been learning to braid. That’s been a fantastic gift.”

“I have enjoyed that.” Punk took another bite, savoring the delicious taste. “I love sinking my hands into your hair.”

“I love it too.” Elijah leaned in to steal a kiss between bites. “I was thinking I’d draw a nice hot bath for you, in that big tub that made us so keen on this house.”

"I can't believe we've been here for months and never used it!" Punk exclaimed.

"I thought today would be the perfect time." Elijah grinned.

"You wanna share it with me?" Punk scooped up another bite, offering this one to Elijah.

"You wanna share a bath on your birthday, instead of having that whole huge tub to stretch out in?" Elijah teased.

"Gee...have a tub to myself, or share it with a hot, sexy, and presumably willing man...it's a hard call!" Punk took a final bite of pancake and berry, setting down his fork. “Can we put on some romantic music while you fill the tub?” he murmured, looping his arms around Elijah’s neck.

“Like?” Elijah leaned in, his lips caressing Punk’s neck.

“Judas Priest? Remember I burned a CD of their – um – “romantic” songs.” Punk gasped as Elijah hit a sensitive spot on his neck, clutching his lover to him.

“I’ll put it on.” Elijah tried to pull away, chuckling as Punk held him fast. “You wanna come with me, baby?” he cooed, locking his arms around Punk’s waist and pulling the slightly smaller man with him.

“Yes.” Punk leaned in for a kiss, enjoying the heat of his lover’s lips as they backed towards the master bath. “We should do this more often,” he murmured. “It doesn’t have to be my birthday. I think Sunday’s a good enough holiday, hmm?”

“Definitely,” Elijah whispered, continuing to kiss his birthday boy sensually as he turned on the bath, and steam began to fill the air.


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