Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke (aka Pope D'Angelo Dinero), mention Shannon Moore
Summery: Punk has a very special present for Elijah
Written 10/15/10 (tech 10/16)

When he got home, Punk was swiftly in Elijah's arms, as always. But he pulled away after only a few minutes of sweet kissing, smiling up at his lover. "I got something for you," he whispered.

"Mmm, what's that?" Elijah murmured, his hands slipping under Punk's shirt to play across his Straight Edge tattoo, then sliding around the back to grasp Punk's ass.

"Something new," Punk stated with a grin. He caught Elijah's hands before they could explore further, flicking his lip ring with his tongue as he met his partner's gaze meaningfully. "I'm sorry I've been so frustrating lately. I hate to give you drama, when you're so good to me."

"Baby," Elijah chuckled, eyeing Punk's lip ring with a clear desire to lick, "you know all's forgiven, you don't have to get my anything."

"It's already done." Punk kept flicking his lip ring, one of his habits that revealed a bit of nerves.

"Is it something scandalous?" Elijah raised an eyebrow curiously. "Maybe something for the bedroom?"

"Something like that." Punk looked slightly apprehensive, although he was grinning. "You wanna see it?"

"Hell yeah. Is it in your bag?" Elijah started to rise up, but Punk's legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him back down.

"Unzip me first," he murmured.

"Ok." Elijah chuckled, sliding the zipper of Punk's jeans down as asked. "Should I keep going?" he murmured.

"Yeah," Punk breathed.

Elijah slid Punk's pants off his hips, his fingers caressing Punk's legs from his thighs to his calves as he pulled the jeans down Punk's long legs. "Further?" he whispered against Punk's lips, his eyes feasting on his lover's black silk boxers.

"Mmmhmm," Punk purred.

Elijah slid the silk over Punk's hips, his brow furrowing when he found a small bandage taped over a spot on Punk's groin, just to the right of his cock. "What's this?" He looked up sharply. "Baby, did you get a new tattoo?"

"Have a look." Punk licked his lips, poking his lip ring again.

Elijah pulled off the bandage, his mouth falling open as he took in the black ink tattoo, a small, stylized heart with a cursive L inside.

"It's for Lij," Punk murmured. "I figured that was more intimate. Plus it can stand for love, too."

"Baby," Elijah gasped, shaking his head, "I thought the first rule of tattoos was never get one for a lover?"

"It is. But I've been wanting you on there for a while." Punk grinned, his hands stroking Elijah's braids as his lover gazed at the tiny heart. "I mean, I have my dog's paw print and the Pepsi logo on my skin, I really thought you should be there."

"Baby." Elijah's voice was soft as he finally looked up to meet Punk's eyes. "You'd do that for me?"

"I did." Punk couldn't stop the huge grin which spread across his face. "And I know you'd never ask me to, which shows how much you love me. I wanted you to see how much I love you. Even when I have doubts, I'm doubting me, not you."

"Oh, Punk." Elijah had tears in his eyes as he pulled Punk into a fierce hug, squeezing him against his chest. "Baby, this is amazing." His million dollar smile had overtaken his face as he drew back, his eyes again glued to the new tattoo. "I love it." He glanced up to meet Punk's eyes, a mischievous look on his face. "Can I lick it?"

"It's still a bit raw, but maybe tomorrow." Punk chuckled, cupping Elijah's cheek to keep his lover's gaze on his face. "But don't worry, it won't stop us from having some fun today." Elijah didn't need any more prompting to dive into kisses, his lips starting on Punk's neck and working their way down to the recent tattoos on Punk's chest, heading toward the older ink on his shoulders.

"I had Shannon do it," Punk murmured as he enjoyed his lover's lips on his skin. "I didn't really want a stranger working down there. I figured, he's seen yours, he might as well see mine." He sighed softly as Elijah's full lips traced the Pepsi tattoo. "Plus I figured it'd be a nice peace gesture between us. I know I've been jealous and he's been hoping you might change your mind, but I think this really got through to him. We're both inked up enough to know how much it means. And me breaking the first rule of tats, that means a lot."

Elijah raised his head briefly, fixing his lover with that brilliant smile. "I'm glad to hear that," he murmured. "I definitely don't need him falling in my lap again, it gives the boys ideas."

"He apologized for that." Punk wound his arms around Elijah's neck, guiding his lover up for a kiss. "I love you Lij. I love you so much."

"I love you too," Elijah whispered, his fingers feeling under the couch cushions for the lube as he drew Punk into a sensual kiss.


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