Insecure & Horny
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: Lij has to reassure Punk about his new look
Written 8/30/10-8/31/10

"Oh, my god."

Punk groaned as Elijah's teeth grazed his neck. "Oh, baby." Elijah's lips moved across his chest yet again, the black man's tongue snacking out to trace the lines of his man's new tattoo, then slipping down lap at Punk's nipple. Punk's eyes were half lidded with arousal. "Baby, are you ever gonna let me out of this bed?" he moaned.

"Hell no, I got way too much of you to touch," Elijah growled, his lips moving down Punk's stomach, tracing over the much-loved Straight Edge tattoo.

"We've been in bed since I got home," Punk pointed out, his breath catching as Elijah's tongue delved into his belly button.

"Not true," Elijah got out around his efforts, "we started on the couch."

"Mmmm." Punk stroked the back of his lover's head, fingering the dark curly hair there. "Your braids are getting messy, I should redo them."

Elijah just shrugged, his tongue occupied in tracing Punk's hip bone.

"I can't believe you're still this hot for me," Punk panted, "even with this hair."

"It bothered me for like a second." Elijah slid back up to Punk's eye level, his million dollar smile curving his lips. "Then I got turned on by the new sexy you. Hair, tattoos, whatever, you've still got this fucking sex vibe I can't get enough of." He claimed Punk's lips in a kiss, his hand slipping down between Punk's legs.

"Baby." Punk's voice was muffled by Elijah's lips still on his. "Baby, really." He pulled his head back, trying to look chastising. "We should really get up, at least to feed Mail Call."

"I got him an auto-feeder," Elijah replied, trying for another kiss, but thwarted by Punk's hand on his forehead.

"He still likes it when you jiggle the dish. He won't eat from that thing when we're home unless we pretend to give it to him," Punk stated.

"Mmm, but I wanna give it to you," Elijah growled, his teeth nipping at Punk's neck.

"Fuck, you better not leave a mark!" Punk groaned, his fingers digging into his lover's back as Elijah continued to tease his neck. "Oh god that feels good."

"I'm too fucking horny to think about anything but you," Elijah murmured, grasping for the lube on the mattress beside them. "I really really wanna fuck you."

"But then we're getting up," Punk insisted between his lover's kisses.

"Yeah," Elijah groaned, his slicked fingers moving between Punk's legs. "We'll see."

Punk was lying on his man's strong chest, gazing off into space with a happy, sated grin on his face. He shifted his weight so he was lying half on top of Elijah, using his hands as a brace to rest his chin on so he could gaze up to meet his lover's eyes. "Do you think our relationship has gotten more sexual?" he queried.

Lij pursed his lips, thinking for a moment. "Maybe. Not that we weren't hot from the beginning, but you're right, its hard to drag myself out of bed when you're around. I think I'm actually more horny now than I've ever been in my life."

"Why do you think that is?" Punk wondered.

"Not sure." Elijah shrugged. "I don't see you as much, that probably builds it up. And I swear I just fall more in love with you every day." He grinned, stroking Punk's dark and prickly head. "I'm actually glad this happened, because it really showed me how much I love you. Even a change I - we - didn't want makes you sexier to me."

"Really?" Punk rubbed a hand over his fuzz of hair. "So you like this?"

"Well, I wouldn't have picked it." Elijah smiled softly, his fingers stroking Punk's wild beard, "but I was surprised how little it matters. It just can't change our chemistry." He moved his fingers to his lips, kissing them, then transferring the kiss to Punk's lips.

Punk raised an eyebrow, his grin growing wider. "You worn out, baby? That was a little tame."

Elijah chuckled, an amused grin on his face. "If I kiss you, we both know where its gonna go. Thought we were supposed to get up and feed the dog?"

"We should." Punk showed no sign of moving, besides his fingers walking up and down his man's chest. "You're not just being sweet about this, are you?" He raised a hand to indicate his hair.

"Baby, you are way too concerned about this." Elijah's arms locked around Punk's waist, holding his lover tight. "I am sweet within the confines of complete and total honesty. I liked your long hair, I'd like if they let you grow it back, but as far as my loving and wanting you, it just doesn't matter."

Punk was smiling, although he still looked insecure. "Is it awful that I make you say everything 20 times before I believe it?" he murmured.

"For the record, it's been way more than 20 times," Elijah stated. "It's been 2 months, baby. But I'm flattered that you think I'm so damn desirable, I deserve the best, and you wanna be that for me. I know when to give you a kick in the ass to remind you that you're the only man I want." He leaned forward, giving the tip of Punk's nose a little kiss.

Punk wrinkled his nose, although he was grinning broadly. "Forgive me for being so fucking insecure?" he whispered.

"Ain't nothin' to forgive, you know that baby." Elijah kissed his nose again, Punk batting him away.

"Let's get up and feed the dog." Punk stood, pulling his resisting lover to his feet.

"We can try," Elijah murmured, his body pressing against Punk's back as they strode slowly toward the bedroom door, "but I don't know if we'll make it past the couch!"


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