Little Engines
Rating: PG13
Warnings: m/m slash
Characters: Dave Batista, Shannon Moore
Summery: Shannon & Dave have some problems on a road trip
Note: Written to the prompts “trading places” and “cars”
Written 3/12/08

“There’s something wrong with the engine.”

Dave Batista glared at his lover. “And how would you know? You didn’t even know where the spare tire’s kept!”

“Well I never had to change a tire before!” Shannon glared right back at him. “I’m telling you, that noise is not right. We should stop in the next town and have a mechanic look at it.”

Dave rolled his eyes. “Right Shannon. Let’s stop and pay some mechanic for repairs on a rented car, and miss our autograph signing in Seattle! Good plan.”

“We’re not gonna make it to Seattle if we don’t stop!” Shannon huffed. “I was driving with Jeff one time and his car started making that exact noise, and we ended up stranded on the side of a highway for five hours!”

Dave just signed, ignoring his boyfriend and concentrating on the road.

Shannon sat in pouty silence for several minutes, then a slight smile curved his lips. “Ok,” he said slowly, “so you think that car’s gonna be fine?”

“It will be fine,” Dave stated.

Shannon grinned. “How about a bet?”

“A bet?” Dave glanced over at his boyfriend curiously. “You want to bet that the car’s gonna break down?”

“Yes,” Shannon affirmed, “because it is!”

“Ok. So what’s the bet?” Dave asked, humoring his lover.

“If we don’t stop, and the car breaks down,” Shannon grinned broadly now, “I get to pop your cherry!”

Dave choked, his eyes slewing over to his boyfriend in disbelief. “You’ve gotta be kidding me.”

“That’s what I want.” Shannon crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m not some little bitch in this relationship, Dave. I know I’ve let you be in charge a lot so far, booking our rooms and our cars and driving to shows and topping me in bed, but you’re not the boss, and I’m telling you know that either we stop or you take this bet.”

Dave just shook his head in belief. “Ok, fine, honey,” he capitulated, having no desire to hear a ‘twinks rights’ speech from the little southerner. “But it’s a good thing the car’s not gonna break down, because you know I don’t bottom!”

Two hours later, the bet was far from Dave’s mind. He was busy trying to get the rental company’s national hotline to direct him to the nearest office.

“Three hours!” he exclaimed. “Are you kidding me? You don’t have an office within three hours of here?” He paused, listening to the voice on the other end of the line. “Well I know I’m driving through bumfuck Iowa! But even here there are cities!” He sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Yes, call the tow truck. Ok. Well we’ll wait there for the car. Please call my cell as soon as it’s getting close! Yes. Thank you.”

He snapped his cell phone closed, growling in annoyance. “It’s gonna take three fucking hours for them to get a replacement car here! Apparently there’s a town a few miles down the road, they’re gonna tow us there. God, I can’t believe this!” He kicked the car savagely, glaring angrily at the faulty vehicle.

Shannon was oddly calm. “Don’t worry, Dave. We’ve got time,” he assured his lover.

Dave just growled, leaning against the car with arms crosses as they waited for the tow.

“I don’t think they have a restaurant in here,” Dave was saying on Shannon led him into the little motel. “We should’ve gone the other way.”

Shannon ignored him, leading him up to the reception counter. “Hi. Do you have any free rooms?” he asked politely.

“Rooms? Shannon, we’re not staying overnight, just a couple of hours!” Dave exclaimed.

“It’s been a stressful day and he’s cranky,” Shannon explained to the clerk behind the counter. “We’re waiting for a rental and we’d like a place to lie down for a few hours. We’ll pay for the full night.”

“That’s really a waste of money, Shannon,” Dave complained, but he sighed and shrugged when Shannon offered his own credit card to pay. “Fine, if you’re that tired,” he muttered.

“Thank you,” Shannon said as he completed the rental, taking the key from the curious clerk. “Come on Dave, let’s get you to bed.”

“I can’t believe you’re throwing your money away like this.” Dave paused, looking curiously at Shannon. “Are you feeling ok? I mean you look fine, but if you’re sick and you really need to lay down - ”

“I’m fine,” Shannon replied calmly, taking Dave’s hand and leading him into the room. “We just needed some place to do this.”

Comprehension slowly dawned on Dave. “Ah, I see. You figure, we’ve got some time, why not get in some lovin’?” He chuckled, pulling Shannon into his arms. “Mmm, I’m gonna make you forget all about that car, baby.” He leaned down for a kiss, his hands sliding down to grasp Shannon’s ass.

Shannon returned the kiss hungrily, a broad grin across his face when he pulled away. “That is gonna be great,” he whispered, his eyes sweeping over Dave’s muscular chest and arms. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle with you.”

“With me? Wha - ” Dave’s mouth fell open, his color suddenly draining. “Oh honey, I didn’t mean - I mean, I was just joking about that bet. You don’t really - you can’t seriously - ”

“I am TOTALLY serious,” Shannon replied, kicking off his boots and pulling his shirt off over his head, fluffing out his streaked blonde hair as he unbuckled his jeans. “We got condoms and lube and plenty of time. Don’t worry, Dave, it really feels good. You’ll like it.”

Dave was frozen. “Shannon, really, I don’t do that,” he stated.

“Never tried it, you mean.” Shannon flopped down onto the bed, giving Dave a sultry look. “Come here big boy. I’m gonna rock your world.”

Dave shook his head. “I wouldn’t have made that bet if I thought there was a chance I’d lose,” he said nervously. “I really don’t want to do it, Shannon.”

Shannon frowned, sighing deeply and turning away from him. Dave fidgeted uncomfortably. “Baby? I’m sorry, I just - ” He fumbled with words, feeling his heart race as he gazed at the back of his disappointed lover. “I never have,” he whispered softly, taking a deep breath.

Shannon turned, looking at him with a trace of hope. Dave fiddled with the hem of his shirt, taking another fortifying breath before pulling the garment off over his head. “Be real easy on me?” he pleaded softly, crawling onto the bed with Shannon.

Shannon smiled, tracing his fingers over Dave’s cheek, then drawing him into a sweet kiss.


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