Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash, humor
Character: CM Punk, Elijah Burke, mention MMG & Beer Money
Summery: Two fabulous boys, horsing around at home
Note: An all dialog fic I wrote for a smile
Written 10/6/08

Punk: Ha! I finally beat you!

Elijah: Shyeah, thereís a first time for everything!

P: I knew Iíd kick your ass at the TNA game, when Iím playing a tag team as kick ass as the Motor City Machine Guns!

E: Beer Money could take the Gunís asses.

P: Maybe in bed!


E: Thatís actually a nice image. You think theyíve ever done that?

P: I donít know. Letís call Ďem.

E: Yeah, right. Baby? Are you actually calling?!?

P: Hey, Alex! How ya doing? Good, good. Yeah, Iím great. So, Elijah had a question for you.

E: Donít you dare! Punk!

P: Quiet, honey, Iím on the phone. So, Alex, we were wondering if you and Chris and the Beer Money boys everÖoh really? All eight of you? Nice! Ok. I will. Good talking to you!

E: What did he say?

P: He said they have, and then some.

E: What was that about Ďall eightí?

P: Oh, nothing. He just said that Jay and Sonjay and Christian and AJ had some fun with them too.

E: Youíre making that up.

P: Well, he offered to send me the video, but I figured we could wait for the DVD.

E: *laughs* Now I know youíre joking.

P: Maaaayyybe. But you canít check; you donít have Alexís number!

E: I do if I use your phone!

P: Leave it alone!

*sounds of scuffling, then some soft groans*

P: How do you always end up on top of me when we roughhouse?

E: A complete coincidence, Iím sure.

P: Is that your cell phone in your pocket, or are you happy to be on me?

E: What do you think, baby?

P: Mmm. I think Iím happy to be under you. I just wish I werenít wearing so many clothes.

E: They get in the way, donít they? We should just start hanging around naked.

P: That would be awkward when company comes over.

E: They can deal. *sound of kissing* I love you, baby.

P: Youíd love me faster if you took off your pants.

E: *laughs* Ho.

P: Youíre one to talk. *more sounds of kissing* I love you, E.

E: *whispers* I love you, too.

*more intimate sounds*


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