Rating: PG13
Conent: m/m slash
Characters: Christian, CM Punk, mention Elijah Burke, Edge
Summery: My two favorite bottoms talk about sex in their LTRs
Written 3/19/08 & 6/6/08

“Ok, who wants to play Wii?” Edge asked, grinning broadly as he led their guests away from the dinner table and into the lounge.

“I’ll clean up,” Christian called after them, chuckling and shaking his head. “Boys. He’s lucky I don’t like video games, or the dishes would never get done.”

“Can I help?”

Christian jumped, surprised when he turned and found one guest still standing by the table. “Oh.” He took a deep breath to calm his startled heart. “Sure, Punk. Sorry, I assumed you’d be following the Wii.”

“I’m not really in the mood tonight.” Punk smiled, starting to stack up the plates. It was quiet for a moment, Punk occasionally glancing over at Christian as they cleared the table. “Uh.” He cleared his throat. “I know I don’t know you that well, but, uh, can I ask you a question?”

“Shoot.” Christian carried the plates into the kitchen, setting them on the counter and filling the sink with hot water.

“Well, uh.” Punk carried in a load of glasses, clearing his throat uncomfortably. “It’s kind of personal.”

“Ok.” Christian waited for more, watching as bubbles filled the sink.

Punk cleared his throat once more. “You and Edge have been together for a long time, right?”

Christian grinned. “More than half our lives.”

“Yeah.” Punk licked his licks, clearly very nervous. “And that’s, that’s really awesome. I mean, it’s great that you’re still so in love after so long. And that’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Don’t worry, Edge told me about you seeing him in the shower,” Christian stated as he began to scrub the plates.

Punk flushed. “Oh.”

“It’s no big deal.” Christian shrugged. “It’s a communal locker room, stuff like that happens all the time.”

“That, uh, that wasn’t exactly it.” Punk sighed as he rinsed the first clean plate. “It’s kind of about that, though. It’s just that - well, Elijah and I are really hot right now.” He cleared his throat, again, letting his hair fall forward to cover his reddened cheeks. “I am just so in love with him, Christian. And I want to be with him all the time. We’re together every night, and in the morning, and a lot of the time in the afternoon.” He hurried on before he was too embarrassed to continue, “The thing is, Elijah’s - well - big.” He glancing over, finding Christian grinning broadly as he listened. “And when I saw Edge in the shower - well, even when he’s not, you know, he’s still pretty, uh, impressive.” He took a deep breath, pushing himself on to the most embarrassing bit. “And I was just wondering if you ever get, uh - sore.”

Christian nodded, handing a plate to Punk. He could tell Punk was relieved to have gotten that out, but he was still tense as he waited for Christian’s response. “Honestly, yeah, sometimes I do,” he admitted. “Really I think the best thing to do is to change it up; Edge and I have been having sex for almost 20 years now, and there’s a heck of a lot of things we enjoy doing to each other.” He grinned, raising his eyebrows at Punk. “You ever top Elijah?”

“No.” Punk focused on the dish he was rinsing, setting it carefully in the rack. “You think I should?”

“Well, you don’t have to. But it might be worth exploring. Edge topped for the first couple years of our relationship, but when we started experimenting - well, let’s just say Edge was a very happy boy.”

“Really.” Punk nibbled on his lip. “I guess I never thought to bring it up.”

“Try doing it gently,” Christian suggested. “I mean, he might be up for it, he might not. You never know. But if he’s willing to switch it up sometimes, that could help with the soreness. And make sure you use plenty of lube, that’s a biggie.” He thought for a moment. “As for changing it up, that can go a lot further than just topping. There are soooo many satisfying things too male bodies can do together, you wouldn’t believe!”

“Yeah?” Punk looked at him curiously. “I haven’t been in too many long term relationships, I’ve never really thought to - experiment.”

“You know I don’t mean kinky, right?” Christian chuckled at the look on Punk’s face. “If you wanna try handcuffs and whipped cream, they can be fun, but I’d say just trying new positions you can fit your bodies together in. You’d be amazed how satisfying sex can be without penetration.” He lowered his voice, glancing around then leaning in close to Punk. “You know what’s amazing? Lie on your stomach with your legs together, and get him to kneel on top of you, then put it between your legs. It feels like he’s fucking a hole without actually being inside you, and it’ll rub against your taint and your thighs and your balls. Or you can kneel and bend over a couch cushion, and let him rub it in your ass crack, rubbing against your hole but not actually going in it. It sounds a little funny, but I’m telling you, you don’t need him actually inside you to get some amazing stimulation.”

“Really.” Punk licked his lips. “Man, I wish we were at home now so we could try that!” He grinned as his thoughts trailed off, then he frowned slightly. “You don’t think he’ll mind, do you?”

“Are you kidding?” Christian chuckled. “Doesn’t every guy want a partner willing to shake it up in bed? And it’s not like you can’t do good old anal whenever you want.”

“Right.” Punk hugged Christian, not even noticing the wet handprints he left on Christian’s shirt. He squeezed him tight for a moment, then drew back with a deep breath. “Thank you so much Christian. I’ve been worried. It sounds stupid, but I didn’t want to have to tell Elijah we can’t have sex as much. I love being with him.”

“No problem.” Christian patted Punk on the back. “I have lots more suggestions, feel free to give me a call anytime. Or come up with your own new ideas.” He winked. “You and Elijah are beautiful together. With his body, I bet you can have a lot of fun.”

Punk was already thinking about new things he could do to Elijah, and have Elijah do to him. He grinned at Christian as he handed over another dish to be washed. “Thanks for inviting us over,” he said. “I heard you were a really cool guy.”

“Thanks and you’re welcome.” Christian beamed. “There’s nothing like helping a boy in love.”

They continued with the dishes in a comfortable silence, Punk already thinking of a few more relationship questions he might pose to Christian. This was definitely a resource he could use.


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