Pour Some Sugar On Me.
Pairing: John Morrison/Miz (do I write anything else now???)
Rating: R18
Warning: Nope.
Disclaimer: No, they don't belong to me, because LIFE AIN'T FAIR!!!! lol
Author's Notes: Alright, another addition to my M/M series, really absolutely started off with a plot......that somehow went south......lol. What can I say....it's a great, glorious chunk of M/M. Hope you enjoy! Inspired by the episode of SD where M/M had their match against Kane and Punk, and the Def Leppard song.
BTW, I have to tell you all.....M/M's song is "Too Lost In You" if you wanna have a listen, by the Sugababes. I like to have songs for my long term couples.

“Bet you don’t think busting Punk’s ribs was such a fucking good idea, now, do ya?” Miz called out.

Kane, who had been walking along the other side of the corridor, minding his own business, stopped suddenly, his gaze whipping in Miz’s direction.

“You obnoxious little piece of crap!” he growled, taking a menacing step in his direction.

Miz had a split second of thinking his mouth had just written a much bigger fucking cheque than he could hope to cash, when Kane just as quickly changed his mind, and kept walking, disappearing from view.

“I’m not even going to ask” said a very familiar voice behind him.

Miz managed not to jump, just. He’d been so caught up in taunting Kane that he hadn’t even heard John come up behind him.

“Fuck….I was just trying to get all up in his headspace” he responded, turning around to face his partner. “It’s a delicate art…..even with him”

John shook his head.

“I’m sure it is…..just makes it a little hard for me to appreciate when I’m the one always pulling your ass out of the fire”

Miz shrugged.

“We both have our strengths” he paused. “Where the fuck have you been, anyway?”

John cleared his throat.

“Oh……around. Nothing really important. You ready to get out of here now?”

Miz thought about giving him ‘the stare’, then weighed it against them being alone in a hotel room together.

“Sure, let’s get the fuck out of here” He started walking, then was surprised by a sudden tweak of his ass.

“Definitely worth saving though” John commented, his hand already innocently back in his pocket.

Miz threw up his hands.


John just laughed, shaking his head as they walked out of the arena.


“What the fuck? Come look at this!”

John wandered out of the bathroom, and came to stand behind him.


“That” Miz stabbed a finger at the screen.

“Oh….Kofi’s blog”

Miz frowned.

“You knew?”

“Yeah, so……Kofi’s ok……in small doses anyway”

“Sure, he is…..but what the fuck? We were there too…..we being the hosts of only the fucking most popular show on WWE.com!”

John heaved a sigh.

“Let him have his five minutes, babe” he leaned over Miz, kissing his neck. “It just would have meant more work for us, and besides we had better things to do” he flicked his tongue inside Miz’s ear. “Much better”

Miz couldn’t help but feel mollified. John had a point. Who the fuck would want to waste their time writing a stupid fucking blog, when they could be sharing a bed with John Morrison.

“I guess you’re right” he leaned back against John’s bare chest. “Who needs a fucking blog when you’ve got the Dirt Sheet anyway?

”Mmm” John slid his arms around his neck, kissing his cheek. “And the belts”

Miz nodded.


“And the most important thing we have” John added. “Each other”

“Yeah, Kofi ain’t getting none of that”

John heaved a deep sigh.

“Romance really is dead with you, isn’t it?”

“Hey!” Miz felt indignant, though not enough to break free of the warm, strong arms wrapped around him….or John’s bare chest. “I got you flowers on Valentine’s Day”

“Babe….you do remember they were dead, right?”

“Huh……can I get away with the ‘it’s the thought that counts’ line on this one?”

John kissed his neck.

“Just be glad you’re cute” he responded. “I know I am” he broke away from Miz, and walked over to the dining table where their bags were sitting. “Speaking of romance”.

Miz yawned, shutting his laptop down and closing the lid. “Is that what we’re doing?” he swivelled his chair around, admiring John’s finely muscled back and ass, as he reached inside his gym bag for a T-shirt.

“Yes” John found what he wanted, and turned around, drawing the plain white T-shirt over his head. “I need your help with something”

Miz stretched, yawning again.

“I’m all yours, baby…..you know that”

John smiled, tossing his dark hair back from his face.

“I was hoping to have the use of your mind…….as well”

“Ah” Miz leaned back in his chair. “Not as much fun as some of the other parts of me, but ok”

John laughed.

“You’re incorrigible”

Miz shrugged.

“You knew what you were getting” he paused. “You know, I’m sure you’d be a lot more comfy on the bed……say, lying next to me”

“Oh, no” John held up a stalling finger. “We’re not getting any closer, not until I’ve picked your brain”

Miz rolled his eyes.

“Fuck, whatever…..just make it quick, ok? You know how hard it is for me to resist you”

John nodded, blushing just the tinniest bit.

“I promise I’ll keep that in mind” he paused. “What I want to ask you is, do you think Jeff’s happy?”

Miz frowned.

“Jeff……fuck, I don’t know. Why wouldn’t he be?”

John raised his eyebrows.

“Why would he?”

Miz shook his head.

“You’ve lost me”

“Think about it, babe. He’s just come back, after going through a really rough time, and it’s not like he had someone to come back to. I mean it must be hard for him, being surrounded by all the happy couples. He’s probably finding it difficult, don’t you think?”

“Fuck….I don’t know……I mean, I guess so”

“Right” John nodded. “Then we should help him”

Miz shook his head.

“I don’t like where this is going…….help him how, exactly?”

“By finding him a man, of course”

Miz groaned.

“I knew it”

“Come on, babe” John crossed almost all of the distance between them, leaving about half a foot. “If you want……you can think of it as a……..personal favour……to me”

“For you, huh?” Miz got up off his chair and closed what remained of the distance between them. “You know I’d do….fucking anything, for you” he got a hold of John’s T-shirt and slid it off, casting the garment to the floor. “I don’t even know why the fuck you bothered to put that on” he added, trailing a hand down his partner’s washboard chest, stopping just shy of the waistband of his black jeans.

John bit his lip.

“Someone might have looked through their window…..seen me”

Miz cupped John’s left hip with his other hand, pulling him tight against him.

“Now you’re playing the modesty card? What about all the photo shoots, matches, etc, etc, etc?”

John laughed.

“You can talk, Mr. Chick Magnet” he stroked his hands down Miz’s back. “That’s not the real me, and you know it. Only you get to see the real me with no shirt on……or anything else on, for that matter”

“Yeah” Miz stepped back a little. “How about we try for……nothing on”

“Nothing…..hmmm” John’s lips formed a familiar smirk. “I think that can be arranged. Why don’t you go and sit on the bed?”

For a second, Miz thought about telling John just what he could do with this suggestion, then just as quickly reconsidered. John+bed=only good things. He walked backwards to the bed, and sat down on its edge, never taking his eyes off John, not really feeling like he was able to.

“You better be going somewhere with this, baby”

John raised his eyebrows.

“You doubt me?” he said, but didn’t give Miz a chance to respond. “Cause, I was thinking something along the lines of this” he flicked the dome open on his jeans. “And then maybe….” He unzipped them, revealing a tantalizingly glimpse of red silk underneath. “Followed by” with a grace Miz had not thought possible, John shimmied out of his jeans, and leaving them in a pool on the ground, took a few steps towards him.

“More, babe?”

“Fu…” Miz swallowed hard, struggling to find his voice. “More”

John smiled, a somewhat wicked curve to his full lips. In mere seconds, his jockstrap had been discarded to the floor, leaving all of him, from his chiselled chest and stomach, to his cock, already beginning to stiffen among dark curls, gloriously bare.

Miz shook his head.

“Fuck, baby” he stood up, and with none to steady hands, stripped off all his own clothes, with none of John’s sensuality or finesse, rather with the speed that only lust can produce. “Fucking….fuck me”

John tilted one dark eyebrow.

“If that’s what you want”

“Want….” Miz ran his hand down John’s torso, just brushing his palm over his swollen cock. “Fuck that……I fucking insist, baby. Just…one second” he opened the drawer in the end table next to the bed, and took out a small plastic bottle, handing it to John, then pulling against him for a kiss, feeling John’s cock rub against his hip. John groaned into his mouth, just before Miz drew back, dropping kisses along his collarbone. “Where do you want me, baby?”

“On your back, babe” John breathed the words out. “I wanna see your face….when I fuck you”

“Yeah….fuck…..love it” Miz sat down on the bed, then scooted himself into the requested position, spreading his legs, then drawing them up towards him, his knees bent.

John came after him, kneeling at his feet, he flicked the cap off the bottle and poured some of the lube onto his palm. He tossed the bottle away, then took his cock in the same hand and smeared the lube over his entire length.

“Fuck” Miz couldn’t take his eyes away. His whole body was hot, his cock straining against his belly. “Baby.....come on…..give me some of that”

John smirked. He slid his hands under Miz’s ass, lifting him slightly and drew his cheeks apart, affording him the perfect angle, then he slowly drove his swollen cock into Miz’s hole, burying his full length.

“Oooohhhh” Miz dropped his head back. “Fuck….yeah…..more, baby, more! Fuck me!”

John groaned deeply, his long fingers clenching against Miz’s ass. He withdrew, then speared all the way back in, hitting Miz’s G-spot with a jolt that went clear through him. Miz cried out, but was given no quarter to catch his breath, as John drove into him again and again, unerringly touching the same spot with every thrust. Miz lost coherency, the ecstasy searing through him sweeping all thoughts and words away. He thought he was crying out, but the only thing left clear to him was John’s face above him, his dark eyes half-lidded, pouting lips parted, cheeks flushed with a mixture of pleasure and exertion. Miz never took his eyes from John’s face, even as the orgasm began to take him, building in the pit of his stomach, and spiralling outwards through his whole body. He felt his balls tighten, but his own release was eclipsed as John exploded inside him, voicing his name in a long, guttural cry. Miz surged upwards, wrapping his arms around John, who was shaking from the force of his orgasm, crying out himself as his own orgasm shuddered through his body, the feel of John’s cock still writhing inside him, like a string of exquisite aftershocks.

Finally John was spent, but Miz didn’t let go. He kept his arms around him, nuzzling at the crook of John’s shoulder.

“I love you, baby”

John smiled.

“I love you to. Are you trying to give me a hickey?”

Miz nodded.

“Working on it. Think of it as payback”

“Payback? For what?”

Miz sank his teeth in, just a fraction, then licked the impression he’d made in John’s tanned skin. John drew in a sharp breath.

“For the bruises you must have left on my ass, baby”

“Miz!” John caught Miz’s head in his hands, stopping him and forcing him to look John in the eye. “I didn’t hurt you, did I? At all?”

“Babe” Miz stroked a hand through John’s sweat dampened hair. “No…..not at all”

John let out a relieved breath, letting go of Miz’s head and sliding his arms around his neck instead.

“Thank God”

“Besides” Miz added, going back to his hickey creating work. “I like it rough”

John shook his head, the faintest hint of a blush fanning across his cheeks.

“I….I don’t know what came over me. I just wanted to….to be inside you. I couldn’t wait”

Miz felt himself blush slightly, and he did not do fucking blushing. He quit nuzzling John’s skin, for the moment at least, and kissed him.

“Well……you know, you never have to fucking wait, baby. I’m yours, all of me, all the fucking time” he kissed John again, flicking his tongue over those pouting lips. “Even……my brain, if that’s the only part I can interest you in”

John laughed.

“It does prove useful, sometimes” he paused. “Not to break the moment, babe, but…..parts of me are going to sleep”

“Yeah?” Miz stroked his tongue along his John’s jaw line. “Tell me which parts, baby, maybe I can wake them up for you”

John laughed again.

“Thanks for the offer…..but I really want to have a shower” he took his arms away from Miz’s neck, drawing his thumbs over his cheeks. “Sorry, babe” he slid his cock out of Miz, and climbed off the bed, then stopped, turning back to face him. “Don’t you need one too?”

Miz grinned.

“Well, now that you mention it” he got off the bed, and just brushed his palm over John’s supple ass. “Now that I think of it, I should probably show you my blowjob in the shower trick. Just to make sure you’ve got it……down”

John sighed.

“Damn…..I am such a slow learner. What is this…..the tenth time, you’ve shown me?”

Miz shrugged.

“Tenth, fifteenth? Whose fucking counting?”


“Ok, I have to know”

“Know what?” Miz asks, actually taking his gaze off the TV and looking at him.

“When exactly did you put the lube into that drawer?”

“I don’t-“ Miz began, then, aware of the look in John’s eyes, changed his vague response. “Just after we checked in. Course I had to throw out the Bible to make room”

“Make room?” John raised his eyebrows. “What else have you got in there?”

Miz shrugged a little.

“Just some liquid refreshment, I thought you might enjoy…..afterwards. Speaking of which” he leaned over, opening the drawer and taking out two Mudshakes, handed one to John. “There you go” he uncapped his own bottle, taking a swig. “Much rather have chocolate and vodka, than a fucking Bible any day. Right, baby?”

“Yeah…..much” John’s voice was subdued, almost sad. Miz put a hand on his shoulder.

“What’s the matter?”

John shook his head.

“It’s just…….you know, it’s nothing, really” he paused. “You have anything else in that drawer?”

Miz shook his head.

“Nope, that’s it” he took another swig. “How come you’re not drinking?”

“I’m gonna save it for tomorrow” John replied. He put the bottle down on the other nightstand, then rolled over on the bed, right up close to Miz. “Hold me, babe”

Miz was puzzled, but obliged anyway, taking his Mudshake in his right hand and wrapping his left arm around John.

“You sure you’re ok, baby?”

John laid his head on Miz’s chest.

“I can’t go over this tonight. he closed his eyes. “I just want to sleep”

Miz nodded.

“Ok” he lifted his free hand and stroked his fingers through John’s dark hair. “You want me to turn the TV off?”

John didn’t answer. Miz glanced down and saw that he was already asleep. He smiled, and bending down, kissed John’s cheek.

“Sweet dreams, baby”


(two days later)

“Jesus…..I can’t believe I forgot!”

“Huh” Miz fastened his jeans, then delved back into the mess that was his gym bag, looking for a shirt. “Don’t be so hard on yourself, baby…..you are only human, after all. Besides” he added quickly, before John could get in a no doubt annoyed response. “I hear Jeff’s found his own man”

“Really?” John ran a comb through his long hair. “Who?”

Miz finally found the shirt he was looking for, right at the bottom of the bag and pulled it out.

“I don’t know. One of the Raw guys……you know, that guy whose always running his mouth”

John snorted.

“If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is”

“Ha, ha, fucking ha” Miz pulled the crinkled T-shirt over his head. “Very funny, baby”

John pursed his lips.

“Sorry, babe” he paused. “You must mean Kennedy”

Miz shrugged.

“Yeah, that sounds like it” he frowned. “What now? You look like someone just gave you an invitation to a Diva slumber party…..I thought that was your fucking plan, to get Jeff a man. Well, he’s got one”

John sighed.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s just….I don’t know. I don’t know anything about Kennedy” “Well, Jeff knows him……pretty fucking well from what I hear. Isn’t that what counts?” Miz shoved the contents of his gym bag down, enabling him to pull the zipper closed.

“I guess. I just want him to be happy, babe….that’s all. Like we are”

Miz shook his head.

“I’m sure Jeff’s fine. I’ll even ask him for you when we see him next, but baby, try and be realistic. There’s no fucking way Jeff could be as happy as us” John frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“Well…..you know, Jeff has to settle for this Kennedy guy, whereas you……you, have me”

Miz ducked the comb John threw at him, barely.


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